Designing games for Speedrunnerów

Speedrun is a very interesting phenomenon, which is the fastest passage of the game. For me, looking at what wyczyniają people who cultivate this… I guess I can say that sport is the mastery. It is worth to look at this page to take a look:

Well, but what games are most popularly chosen by Speedrunnerów?

Usually old, but it is mainly associated with the fact that the old games gave players a lot of time to get to know each other, to develop methods of crossing levels and find in them bugs to facilitate the game.

Speedrun is based on the learning of the game, the planning of its activities, and later on flawless execution. To be able to take this place the game must always behave the same way. There is no room for the RNG. The question of the inconsistency of the game is also related to its patching. As a developer you will definitely want to correct any errors that have emerged during production. Releasing the patch may spoil the SPEEDRUNNEROWI plan. This can be solved by allowing the player to control what version of the game it owns.

Given the fact that most of the games that are liked by Szybkobiegaczy are arcade games, which to perform certain maneuvers require unprecedented precision, you need to take care of the maximum responsiveness of the controlled character on what the player wants to do.

It is worth taking care to give the player several options to solve the problem, so you can look for the optimal solution to off fractions of seconds. You must also remember that Speedrunnerzy will not perform side quests, if you do not need them, thus their character may have less strength. The implementation of some difficult to implement techniques, too, can be tempting. In the event that your game generates random levels, give the player the option of manually entering seed. Something like the ability to turn the stopwatch is also a very nice nod to the Speedrunnerów. And yet the secrets… They are perfectly matched with people who are trying to spread the game to the first factors.

However, even though the Speedrunnerów community can provide an additional promotion for your game, it's not worth focusing on that. If the game is good and meets their requirements, then they will be interested in it.

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