Nostalgic: Childhood games

You-will-never-live-in-the-good-old-days-thumbNote. You will not learn from this entry anything interesting. It is just a memory of games that I had the opportunity to play as a kid and a teenager. This is not a complete list, because simply part of the titles do not remember. In part in these games I had the opportunity to play only because my brother 'udostępniał my Commodore and Amiga. If I remember correctly, my first computer had a processor with a clock time of 166 Mhz, 16MB RAM, 4MB of graphics and a drive with a capacity of 150mbps. I never had any console, but I was only going to play on Pegasus to colleagues.

So here's my nostalgic list:

Alien vs Predator. While playing this title the first time I fell out of the chair. The lattice from the wall was dropped.
Age of Empires. The first time I stumbled on this game in CD-action, which was her demo. For its time it was a revolutionary game. The two was good, but I had not done such an impression.
Army Men (1998). Apparently the concept of the game was at first different. It was decided to change the characters in the plastic soldiers after I found out that the more real characters just look bad.
Baldur Gate. The first role-playing system based on D&D, in which I had the opportunity to play. Very nice to mention one, two and add-ons. I guess I still have a CD purchased in a series of Extra classics.
Boulder Dash (1984). I remember little of this game, I guess I was too young.
Cannon Fodder. Nice shooter. My cemetery was richly by graves.
Caesar. Mostly I was playing in the second part of the series. I was terribly irytował element of randomness, which was in the form of humanoids who walked in completely unpredictable directions. After all, you could easily improve! Civilization. The first parts watched only from the side seat. I started my adventure as a player from three. Great series, however, suffered from problems with user-friendly. The case only improved in the top five.
Colin McRae Rally. It was the only ścigałka that swallowed me for a long time.
Command and Conquer. Cool game, but only Red Alert I really liked it. Furore made videos with the participation of the creators of the game.
Commandos. The first part of the game was great. Unfortunately I never completed the last mission. Some time I played with the creation of maps in Notepad. Unfortunately, the next series reads more me Rozczarowały.
Delta Force. I was in the memory of the mission in Egypt. I liked Snajpić.
Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. Another tactical game, which I worked. I remember her mainly that I played it as well as in Commandosa.
Diablo. The only thing I played a little, for it in the two played many, many hours of great fun.
Duke Nukem 3d. Great lyrics. The ability to destroy and interact with the environment made electrifying impression. It is a pity that the next game in the series we waited for so long. The profession was even bigger when the new prince was found to be a disaster.
Dune 2. That is the first known to me RTS. With this game I memorized a few things. The first was the tragic interface, the second flooding of tanks, and the third pictures with dialogues. Thanks to this game, I read F. Herbert's book.
Dungeon Keeper. Revolutionary in the approach to the theme of RTS. Too bad they had so many mistakes that hindered the game. Good to be bad.
Fallout. The first time I was in contact with this game from Pouffes, which stood next to my brother's chair. I looked at how he played this game. In memory I fell into a scene in which he was asked not to walk with weapons in a city. I could immerse myself in one only after I graduated a few times. Both of these games have shown warmth in my heart, mainly because of the freedom and the history they have offered. Fallout tactics was also a great game… However, it could not be considered as part of the series.
Pharaoh. Heir to Caesar. A good game that has not brought much in the development of the genre.
Franko. Polish brawl. Like nothing interesting, but the memory was.
Future Cops L.A.P.D. was not an extraordinary game, and yet it occupies a privileged position on this list. Her demo was once attached to the CD-Action and it was in there, on one compiling I played with my friends. Anarchy and Mines!
Gorky17. If I remember correctly, it was a game of Polish production. Her full version was accompanied by some newspaper (I think). I liked her dark Klimacik, but the story seemed to me a bit stretched.
Gta. In jedyneczkę I played a lot. Before I was able to get the full version, I played a demo that had a time limiter. Two swallowed even more of my time. The next parts no longer claimed me so much.
Heroes of Might and Magic. One watched from the side of the chair. I only played in drójeczkę. In the top three, I spent days, hours, weeks, a lot of time, just like in four and five. It's possible that the same time I spent on creating maps for these games. It is a pity that the new parts of the series were no longer such a good.
Hospital Theme. I played a little in this game, but my memory fell.
Icewind Dale. I picked up the games from this signboard, though they were such younger brothers Baldur. A bit too linear and geared towards the fight.
Incredible Machine.
Jagged Alliance. Great series of games in which I was tragically weak, which, however, did not bother me in great fun. I managed to complete only I 2.5, which was probably weakest installment of the series.
Jazz Jackrabbit.
Larry 7: Love the Tide. Śmiechowata Adventure, which I got from my brother.
Lemmings 2: The tribes.
Might & Magic. My adventure with the series began with the sixth part.
Monster Truck Madness. If he remembers, this game was included in some magazine. Strong Przeciętniak.
Mortal Kombat. I have never learned to perform Fatalitów:(
The engines of Pegasus. Great game. The biggest fun gave me the creation of GRAS for buddies.
Mu Online. I lost this game a lot more time than I would have wanted. I loved to kill Haxów and lead the war against the Brazilians.
Oddworld: Abe Oddysee. I played only in the demo… Which I so allowed me to have a great time.
Planescape Torment. Probably the best RPG in which I had the pleasure to play. Epickość beats with every line of code…
Populus: The Beginning. This game I liked the spells, which allowed to do cool things.
Quake Arena. I played only in this part of this series, probably because, because my time for the FPS completely took Duke, and later Unreal, which in my opinion was much better. Somehow I have never convinced myself for this production.
Robin Hood. Very similar to Commandosa, but promoted a game in which you do not killing opponents.
RollerCoaster Tycoon. I loved to build the long queues which przyprawiały the guests about vomiting.
Minesweeper with Windows. I Umilał time when I did not know what to take, or when I waited for the page to load.
Settlers. I loved the first part of this game. Planning for the perfect state infrastructure was not easy.
Shogo. Great (despite some bugs), which allowed us to incorporate a giant mech.
Sim City. Because of my age I have not played too much in the first part, but I really enjoyed the concept of city management that attracted me to the next titles in the series.
StarCraft. I spent long hours on completing the campaign, and I had to go to the final mission several times. A lot of time I spent in the editor to create missions in which they played my buddies.
Shooting the Ducks on Pegasus. Completely did not embrace this game, although I played great… Although this is probably the case with buddies, not the game itself.
Superfrog. Młóciłem this game to boredom. Today I would have said that I had grown speedrun. I could complete it without losing my life.
Syndicate (1993). I barely remember this game unfortunately.
Tanki from Pegasus. Unfortunately, I do not remember what title had this game. Creating maps, which I played together with my friends was a great experience.
Unreal. In his time it was a breakthrough production, which had many interesting elements. Unfortunately, the first part had a very weak multi, which became the core of the game in the Unreal Tournament, which is sometimes played today.
Ufo. The biggest impression was that I was able to create alternative methods for solving problems with holes in the walls.
Warcraft. I guess I have never played in the first part of this series… Or I do not remember. In two and three, I played long. I also spent some time playing in the editors that were included in the game.
Worms. I liked to play all parts of this series, largely thanks to a friend.

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