The Hunt-a story from the world of fantasy

And at night

I woke up a piece of tiles crushed from the roof. One and then another. It was not unusual, because the roof of our tenement house was already quite old, and each passing after him was making the poultry Staczały down. However, the children's imagination, which was additionally supported by terrible stories narrated by an older sister, did her. Every time I heard a clatter of pebbles about the roof, I imagined a monster that walked around our house.

This time actually something czaiło in the darkness. Behind the wall there was a twang of the bite glass and the sound of something entering into the room. I heard the thin cry of his mother, and immediately followed by the order of my father "flee!". After a while the feminine voice disappeared. Together with her sister Wyskoczyliśmy from our room. Running through the corridor that leads to the exit we had to pass the parents ' bedroom door. I mom lying on the bed in an unnaturally twisted position, the father on the floor czołgającego to our side and it stood above him. Black slender silhouette reminiscent of a griffin who looked at me with black Ślepiami. Although it was only a moment, it seemed to be eternity. He quickly threw himself into our side, on the occasion of a significant floor with traces of claws. We to the flight, further towards the stairs. Hitting the frame didn't hurt me, but it made me lose my balance for a moment, which was enough to fallen the stairs. In flight, nothing in slow motion I heard rales my sister and I saw a red foam bubbling from her mouth. After hitting the floor on the ground floor my body refused to obey me. I was lying there by and I looked up at what was going on. The monster pressed my sister to slain on his claws. I saw that I was gearing up to jump in my side when my father stuck him a knife in the back paw. Croaked and Wierzgnął, whereupon one kłapnięciem bow separated the head of dad from the rest of his body. This last act probably saved my life, because and did not attack me, but only caught the ruins of the father and evacuated. After a while home fell into the city guard… However, too late.

This dream haunts me since those events. The years have gone unworried. With Płaczliwego puppy I had to quickly change myself into a resourceful man. I don't want to believe that it's been three years. In memory I still play those scenes and try to recall every little detail: slender silhouette, black lightly shiny, and tangled feathers, which blendeded with the surrounding darkness, beak marked with several scars, two pairs of black Eyes, long claws. It must end…

I, Biann Rókur sworn revenge on Poczwarze, who killed my family! Tomorrow I go to find it.

Orle socket

From the very morning I course at the residence of my Uncle Fejna Rókura to give him the keys to our… To my house and ask him to keep my property. He was not very amazed by my request, after all, he is not foolish, otherwise he would never would at the forefront of our family and this city. He had even prepared two things for me. The first was a dagger length of 15 centimeters. It was a pretty special item with a semi-hollow handle where several gold coins were hidden. "It's in case you had to solve someone's lips… amicably or forcefully. " The second was a map with points marked on it. "I was able to find out where I was seen poczwarę similar to that which killed your family. I guess you might want to start searching in one of these places… However, I must say that even though I understand you, I do not support this expedition. To be honest I doubt that you will return to the Orlego nest even though I would love to believe it. The story knows a lot of accidents when this desire for revenge has brought too much harm than it was worth. Think again, because neither your mother nor sister nor father would like you to sacrifice your life to avenge them. "

Actually, when I left my uncle's mansion in my head, they began to appear in doubt: Is it worth it? But odganiałem them quickly, because it's worth it! After all, this beast might just kill a different family, and I couldn't afford it. Time Pack Pack: Dagger, map, packed, clothes, tinder, string, hooks, needle, pipe and herb, medicinal ointment, bladder, buzzwords, blanket, sheet and Dragger-axe, which Usiekam poczwarę. It's probably all, sleep time.

The sun has already omiataed the whole city and the surrounding mountains, invades to the house and reminds me of the expedition that awaits me. Goodbye with a bed. I eat the last meal before I travel and I embark, after revenge and justice.

Apparently, the news of the fact that I go east around already a city. On the street, I met many countrymen who wished my luck and that I returned healthful. From a few ladies I even got a wreaths with a flower of Fiera (1), so I'll have to choose when I can go home. In the distance I also a few Stigrów who were rather hoping that there would be one Rókura less. After a while, I got to airy, in which I was alone. The last time I could admire the spectacle of the rays of the Rising sun, which zakrzywianeed through the ice crystals at the tops of the nearby Mountains Rozświetlały this page Orlego the nest of colors of the rainbow. Somewhere half way down he started to assert me the stench of the slums. It forced me to look down, to be mired still in the shade of the hut.

Very rarely I was here at the bottom. I never liked this place, no bo who would want to live here. Poverty, sickness, cold and depending on the wind matter falling on the head. The people of the pit don't fall behind those in advance. It could be felt when I was walking famed. Dwarves sitting on the side of the cast zawistne me. She jumped to me one more old shouting that inevitably die even before the fullness. Stupid Baba! Yet our future is not established in advance. As I came to the edge of the city, in the end my nostrils began to reach the breaths of fresh air. I already had enough of this stench. With me, everything I knew, not yet so long ago had my future, and in front of me the road to the east designated by the Ciemnobrunatne slopes of the mountains, the rock landslides and the statues of Bejsona (2). I was hoping I could take a trip with a caravan, but I chose a bad time. Most expeditions to these areas arranges in the fall, when the harvest of the more fertile lands is brought to the north and exchanged for what has been achieved from the scattered mines here.

To the first point of the map

The road to the border point has passed me calmly. I had a lot of time to admire the views and to meditate on how zgładzę the beast I saw. On the border taken news about what's going on in the steel veins. The guards said that the travellers would tell about the Utopcach, who are increasingly boldly entering the territory of the Republic, especially around the guardian of the North and lonely. However, I'm not going there, or at least not now. First I have to go to Kilgoblin, in which it lives someone who can know something more about the Poczwarze I am looking for. So he goes north, towards the Kil valley.

Equipped with the name of who I was looking for I had no problem with his discovery, she knew him the whole settlement. Kurdran DzikiMłot was an old, yet brawny dwarf. When I came to him from the threshold hugged me and invited to the middle, then handed a pitcher of beer. He didn't ask what I came from, nor what I am. Because of it, his hospitality gave me a bit strange. He talked like hired, did not give me to interject in his statement more than two or three words, annoyed it. He told mainly about the times of his youth, Dziewkach, drinking, chędożeniu, working in the mine, hauling the army, his military career, and advancing to the commander of the Griffin Riders division. Then I had no strength, I had to stop him and ask if he did not know the beast, which I started to describe to him exactly as I. Kurdran from the beginning terribly poirytował that zakłóciłem his story, but he began to smile when he heard the words: "Kind of Griffin, but the whole black." In the end, he silenced me with a voice that did not zniósłby the opposition and began to talk again…

Of course I know what you are talking about Szczeku (3). You talk about the night neck, or how you prefer Sowim Lionheart. This is a very rare variation of these noble creatures. It moves practically at night, which is very hard to see, and during the day hides in inaccessible areas. With two pairs of eyes he sees perfectly in the darkness. An ideal assassin equipped with a strong beak capable of cut steel and claws that can penetrate armor. Once I just saw one, when some five years ago I was returning from a ship from the North Guard in the area of an old rock. He flew for us by watching us for several tens of minutes. Ehh… Many would have given to be able to see it again…

At this point, I broke my nerves and exploded.
How can you get so excited this monster? That carrion a year ago I fell into my house killing all my family!

You lie Szczeku! Night griffins avoid sediment like fire. They are not silly! They know that they are very narażałyby to attack in a large group, much less wszedłby to the building. Spieprzaj from here and don't waste my time!

He grabbed my shoulder and brought him out of the door, and then popped them with all his strength. I still hear from the middle of the word, which he already spoke to himself, "a dull jaw, unless the dog had his mouth chędożył, since he thinks that any griffin would be so stupid."

Even before the nightfall of darkness, I went to the marina to look for someone who would choose to go with me for a small fee with me to the Old quarry (4), where I hope to find what I am looking for. I didn't have to look around for a long time for someone to help me. The first person I've talked to – the owner of a boat about 6 meters long has asked only when I want to go to the sea. The preparation of Łajby took us about two hours, and then immediately we, still at night, to make the seats be possible as early as ever.

With the moment when the sky began to lighten up, a strange spectacle began in the water. Somewhere in the depths began to gleam a weak green light. First one, then two, three, until finally they were so much that they could not be counted, and the whole surface of the water began to beat the Green Luna. "Bad omen"-he exclaimed the captain. After a while, the water started to boil from millions and perhaps even billions of small pop-up fish. Definitely something afraid. Somewhere in the distance he could hear a great cielska to the water. It must have been something really big, because the whole łajba after a while to Zakołysała. Less than a minute later the neighborhood of our boat began to brighten up the greenery more and more, until… From the water straight up fired Wielgachna Roździabiona Snapdragon from which the interiors emanowało to terrifying light. The large Cielsko sublimely above the surface of the sea for about six meters, with the total lack of graceful runęło down, thus evoking a large wave which almost outed me from the deck. I've never seen such creatures. Much larger than a whale, gills, several rows of fins, small grooves along the whole body, and this shining Snapdragon, in addition filled with hundreds of small teeth. This whole spectacle fascinated me so much that I did not notice that the Sun Wychyliło already over the horizon, and we've reached almost the old quarry.

Old Quarry

At first glance, it could be said that the glory years, this stronghold has gone by. Over water only protrudes a few buildings. Many walls have already collapse, probably by the przegniłych of boards and waves, which constantly shattering the walls. Certainly not a safe place and the shaft does not think here about the beast, which I hope to meet here. Przycumowaliśmy to one of the buildings on the west side, which was in the best condition. The boat I alone. I have learned stories that I have heard in my youth to one of the stones Przywiązałem string that will point me the way back. In my blood, adrenaline began to arrive from seconds to a second. The climate of this place did his own. Walls covered with moss, seaweed and mussels and a roar of waves hitting the walls, creaking old beams. Slowly and cautiously I started to traverse the fortress corridors. I was still accompanied by the stench of algae and the Ścierwa.

In this thing I grabbed my foot in such a way that my face was on a moist floor. In the first reflex, just after the fall I wanted to catch his Draggera to Sieknąć poczwarę, which got me so insidiously, but flying to the snout upuściłem it somewhere, so I started to look desperately for it. I was able to spot the poczwarę! A damn piece of twisted cord! I have a lesson for the future to get a better look at what I have under my feet. On the occasion of how I on Earth, I was able to see something interesting: black feather. It doesn't look fresh, but it's a heck of a time. Richer about new experiences and knowledge I went on to explore the fortress. For several hours I wandered through the corridors, not finding anything except the old feathers, zdechłymi fish and rubbish. It was so until I landed a large hall, flooded with water to a depth of about 40-50 centimeters. Like nothing special, except perhaps a hundred bodies of rocking by the waves that miraculously found their way to this place. I stood so for a moment, stopped by the stench, and by the way I was wondering what was able to happen here and whether I should try to go here. Forearmed always insured, as they say, after the border I heard about Utopcach haunting the northern sites. I caught a few pebbles and started throwing them in the truposzczaków in the hope that if they are not dying, they would wake them up to some sort of action. One pebble was deaf in the body-no reaction. The second and the next few – no reaction. A little longer calmed, but I did not leave Garda. The last Pebble had to hit a piece of armour or a helmet, because a metallic tap was to echo all over the room. And then it started. I didn't expect that the undead can be so fast in their movements! At the moment, most of them stood already on their feet looking at my side. Another second is gone, and I've rwali in my direction. The one that was closest to me managed to even catch me as a shirt, but he had so przegniłe hands that I was able to snatch him without much difficulty. I had no intention of fighting such a chord, I immediately threw myself to flee. But I forgot the string that I was constantly developing, and when I realized it was too late. I ran in front of myself, not knowing where I was. I did not even dare to watch for myself, because the back I still heard skrzeki and howling Utopców.

After I ran Ucichli I guess another ten minutes, until I was out of breath. I found myself on top of the western tower. You can see stand łajbę, which I arrived. But there is something else… Eggs. And not just any eggs, these are huge, but cracked. What hatched in them was long ago. I began to call in the hope that the captain would hear me and be in my side. None of this, it is too far away, and the waves effectively chokeed me. I hope I did not pay attention to dead. As I was not smiling back to the sunken twilight corridors, I decided to move around the rooftops. Well, I took a rope with me. Slowly I left myself down on the outer wall. But I didn't have time to rest. The courtyard began to pour out the undeads, who very efficiently shortened the distance between us. This time I waited a lot heavier gear. The wall that came to me was in a very bad condition – lots of holes and loose stones. One bad step and I'm miserable. In such a thing, no dwarf is good. Few times I have not fallen down, and my life I owe only strong hands. I was able to finally reach the building where Zacumowana was our boat. The problem was, however, getting inside, because the door that oddzielały me from the interior seemed not tired sometimes. It did not budge under my kick. Time was not enough, because topielce already piled at the base of the wall. They only missed a few centimeters so that they could catch me. Time in the end to Dragger a little bit worked. Booty! Booty and screeching! I didn't I it right away, but the hinges were quite przerdzewiałe and gave way to the second hit of the axe.

Clumsy zeskoczyłem down through a hole in the floor. The boat was already a few meters away, which I defeated probably faster than the dwarf has befits. I was expecting the captain's hairy murder, which should greet me here. However, I met something completely different. Two utopce pałaszujące a joke of Ragdoll, which once was probably the owner of this łajby. My luck was that they were odwroceni back to me, but there was no time for long figuring out. The first blow flew towards the one who did not possess any armor. I did not want to accidentally stuck weapons in the armor of an opponent. The flow was powerful, rozłupało it from the top of the head, to the place where the ribs end. The other will no longer be so easy. He's wearing heavy armour and I didn't have the slightest chance of surprise. You had to pull back and give yourself a box to maneuver. Zeskoczyłem from the boat back to the building. Pokraka did not wait and immediately jumped behind me. That was her mistake. At the moment when landed, I struck with all the force, losing my balance and collapseding on the floor. Without wasting time I cut her parts leg. Armored Pokraka seemed not to feel pain, because her desire to murder did not Ustawała. I had a moment to think about how to utłuc her. My gaze fell on a mighty stone lying nearby. Dźwignąłem it and upuściłem directly to drowned. One hundred kilos could not, however, end the life of this creature, but it caught the good to the floor. After entering the boat, without any unnecessary desensitization, I said goodbye to the captain too. I simply threw it overboard in fear of the fact that it will change into the undead.

To the second point of the map

I don't have much experience in sailing. Honestly I don't have it at all. I put the sail only when I feel that the wind blows from the right side. Fortunately, I have a paddle here, because without them I could have big trouble. The time I had in abundance I spent mainly on Roztrząsaniu events from the near past. Is it worth to annoy Kurdrana? Is it my fault that the captain is dead? Should I throw stones in the corpses? I also thought about what would happen next. Can I find this night Griffin? Will I be able to reach the marina? These rethinking interrupt only from time to time the fish pop up over water and the fires of Pyrusa at night… Thousands and maybe even millions of falling stars. A rare, terrifying, yet captivating sight.

In the end, however, I started noticing other boats coming from the marina. I reached the next goal. My cruise around the Rdzawego Claw lasted a week. At that time I almost did not eat. Very osłabłem and thin (like the dwarf). As soon as the przybiłem to the marina, there was a supervisor next to me, putting me in touch with the rules in force. I wasn't very interested in his ględzeniem. He looked at Pazerną Mendę, who did not leave the opportunity to earn. I told him that he would be able to take my boat if I answered a few questions. I wanted to know which inn I could eat well and relax and where to find a great Niedźwiedzicę. On the second question of the murder he wykrzywiła in the grimace, disgust and misunderstanding. But after a while the hesitation answered me.


The atmosphere of this place is overwhelming. Old Zamszone wooden huts, mud on the streets and not very interesting inhabitants. And above all, dominate the gates of the North (5), flooding the entire area steady the magical buczeniem. Despite all this, there are signs of increasing prosperity, probably mainly due to this teleport. Freshly built barracks, a commercial point, Rich Inn. You can see that money is pushing through this way, but as usual, it only goes to the chosen one. A few minutes it took me to the inn, which was pointed to me by the supervisor of the marina-Bella Badonna. Durna the name, and the appearance of the building did not have me optimistic about what I would think inside. However, I had no strength or inclination to find another better place.

Amazingly it wasn't that bad. Food I got quickly and was not at all the worst. When eating, I had the opportunity to listen to the natives. However, I did not hear anything interesting. Still, the same chants about Utopcach of flooded land, Upierdliwych goblins, money and Dziewkach. A moment after I walked away from the table, I was already in my room on the floor of the inn. It was not too big, ot the bed and two meters of free space in which I pressed his backpack. The dream came fast…

As my board had no window, the morning sun was not woken up like this przywykłem. I got up only when the hype in Inn began to grow. He upset himself quickly seized to look for the Great Bear. From what she said Mend, the easiest way I could find her on the market in the western part of the marina. So I went there. After reaching the place I began to him about her being encountered here. Nobody, however, was able to help me, I did not want or be afraid. Two more long hours have passed to Rozpytywaniu. In the end, she found me. Surely Zasługiwała your name. She was overwhelmed, and her body covered the average length of silver-grey fur. Part of her snout was once severely zmasakrowanaed as evidenced by numerous scars and a steel tusk in her jaw. The full image filled her warczący voice when called. "What do you want to robaczku and why Wypytujesz me?" Without a second thought I replied to her that I was looking for a Griffin night, which was once seen in this neighborhood, supposedly by you. Her eyes narroweded into a tight stomata, her lips even more unveils her fangs, and her wielgachna paw she a hug on my hand. Come with me, robaczku – Wymruczała pulling me in one of the streets. We entered a small hut before which two other giants happened. Wyszarpała Draggera, who Przytroczony was into my belt, and then catching behind my backpack picked me up like a rag doll, whereupon her, so that hands argued me with harness, and I landed on the floor under the wall. That's probably what it was, it was just raised and Cisnęła to the Clipboard, which was under the floor. Wait here – barked and Zaryglowała the flap. I still heard as she said to one of her comrades to watch me, and she goes on Garraycha. You didn't have to be a genius to understand that wdepnąłem in the crap and if you didn't wydostanę from here, I could drown this crap. Fortunately, the Dwarves are good at seeing in the dark. This helped me to discern in the situation. The walls of the wine cellar were solidly made of mortar-bound stone. Some probably did not know about it, because there are many vertical bloody traces that arose when someone attempted to scrape their way to freedom, I certainly do not have time. My attention was focused on the flap, hinges and bolt. They were fastened with thick nails like my toes that were wrapped on this side. I in this his chance, because I still have a dagger with me, which got from his uncle. With its help I began to straighten nails, first challenging them with a blade, and then my their ends into a hollow handle. Thanks to the resulting leverage, this was not a difficult task. After a few minutes I had to just push them out. I gave myself a moment to wschłuchać in what the guards do. I didn't want to pay their attention. They seemed to be preoccupied with something outside. A few strokes allowed me to loosen the flap and open it. As quiet as I I grabbed my axe and left the window. Now I've played ahead, as soon as I've been to the dwarf. I stopped until I reached the top of one of the bluffs that are located around the marina.

From afar

I decided to wait some time away from the city. I didn't want to tempt a fie. But I will have to go back there and find Niedźwiedzicę. She certainly knows something about this neck. Przyszykowałem a disguise that will give me a relatively safe again to enter the marina. This time, however, I know who and where I'm looking. I also know what to expect. After two days I was able to meet her again. I started to follow her, hoping that it will lead me to the goal. A few times I had the impression that she felt my fragrance, because she began to look closely around, but on this poprzestawała. After a few days, she left the city with two other Włochaczami and one man who had to be an important person, because the Giants clearly nadskakiwałyed him. They went east towards the short claw. In their journey several times they changed their way, they retreated, they certainly knew about me and they wanted to lose me, but they did not succeed. After two days they brought me to a small camp organized in the ruined observation tower. Around around the area and found a small grotto from which I had the perfect view. Again, expectation and observation… Long hours have changed in the long three days during which nothing interesting happened. Only the third night has happened. Kind of nowhere the Griffin appeared. He went into the air two circles, then landed at one of the Giants, who seemed to be the chieftain of the gang. In the catches he held someone's head… I already knew it had to be the same monster that killed my family. You can see it all waiting, because a moment after this camp left you for whom I walked.


Even the same night I decided to choose to beat Poczwarę. I was preparing for a long time. Using the excess of time I had been watching the camp, I created some makeshift traps that I should come in handy for this trip. The head of gang has long travelled to his tent, where he probably already blissfully asleep. And I started to approach the tower carefully. When I was already at her entrance, I left my little ostrokół in the doorway (6). It's in the event if I did too much noise on the top and Futrzak would like to prevent it. I started to climb up the steep degrees. When I reached the top, I her, lying back to me, interpreting somewhere far in the night. Apparently not to attack from behind. I have always repeated this, but the desire to survive and revenge took the top over honor. I took a mighty coup and… Flipping the axe behind his head accidentally struck him in the standing here you have. The beast heard it and broke on equal legs. Do not had. My blow reached her, though not as accurate as I wished. I cut it into a rear shave, then Zaskrzeczała piercingly. Immediately after that, she threw herself out of the tower to escape me, but she was unable to fly. Collapsed to the ground near. This whole harmider made the sleeping on the bottom of the giant to be awakened and without losing time threw in my direction. I guess I didn't notice my pitfall because I heard his moan. Coinciding up the stairs I saw him as trying to pull out the feet of a wooden grotto. I quickly we the gaze and knew that I could not go side by side. He stood up and began to hobble in my direction waving with his axe. At which the caught is one of the beams lying on the stairs. I did not hesitate and quickly planted a Draggera on the opponent's shoulder, right around the neck. He dropped his gun and tried to jump off, however he did not give advice to keep the balance and fallen down the stairs adorning everything around scarlet. When he was at the bottom he didn't seem to be so eager to fight. I turned him into mercy. A well-directed blow to my neck deprived him of life. Now it's time for a griffin. I still hear how she throws herself out. I ran out to him. Despite his wounds he did not lose much of his agility. As soon as I ran out of the corner I threw myself into my side. I was able to jump off and avoid his Kłapnięcia bow, but the claws marked my left frame. Because of the wound he gave him, he failed to land and turn around. Now to attack. Cut in advance after Ukosie to the right, then left. The Beast retreats while avoiding blows. However, between the swipes I was uncovered, which was immediately used. The Griffin brought the strike low at the ground hitting my leg and banginged me to the ground. Gruchnąłem so that I had a problem with catching breath. He stood above me on two feet, after which he tried to hit my paws and bow. He did not give advice. I fled before the blow turlając to the left, and then immediately brought the blow to the blind waving the axe. Slightly, but I ended the order by pulling the beast a piece of skin from his head. Skrzeknął and stood again on the paws. I don't know if he wanted to attack again or jump. Neither the one nor the other I gave him a chance. Dragger pierced his sternum and brake ribs. He fell to the ground. I watched him still a moment, as he tries to fight for life, no longer with me, but with his own body. It did not come to my mind to off it. I was furious and glad that I was able to avenge my family.

I sat down to make a moment of rest and cool. Then the entrance to the tent I a cage in which there were two small gryfiątka. They saw everything…

1) Flowers Fiera.

These are different flowers dyed in such a way as to look like flames. Wreaths from such plants symbolize rozpalającą or timid love. Fier was a legend of a young krasnoludzicy hiding his love for his king's son.

2) Bejsona statue

Conifers with very thick trunks and a small amount of green branches on the top and sides. On average, these trees reach a height of 2.5 meters and 2 meters of the circuit. On the sides of rare, short, coarse branches, culminating in a small few kępkami needles. Grey, smooth bark. Often twisteded because of the landslides of mountain slopes.

3) Jaw
In the bustle of the northern dwarfs slightly offensive term someone young with a small bag of experience, who likes a lot of chatter.

(4) Old quarry
Fortress-The city was founded many years ago at the site of the quarry. It was flooded during the mountain explosion. Above the surface of the water are currently only the highest buildings.

(5) The gates of the north
The northern part of the only permanent portal, which connects two points on the Noreii continent. Its other end is in the vicinity of Drahenau and is called the Drahenau.

(6) A trap consisting of a series of small, sharpened stakes, aiming to hurt the rate of whoever enters it.

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