It's time to kill a monster

Wherever The Witcher appeared, he did furore. I had to finally tempted to play this so often awarded production. I'm somewhere in the second half of the third Witcher. It's probably a moment in which I can comment on this game…

I will start with the fact that the previous villages did not do me any impressions, or even more-I did not even want to finish them because of the inelegant gameplay. I was simply wrong in not playing. The trio finally made me jump into a world that I previously imagined only on the basis of the books and fragments of the movie (very… Interesting).

So the first thing that I pass to the positives is the improved control and the entire UI. However, this changed when joining to collect crates and interact with some objects. I often had problems to do something… And sometimes I did it even when I didn't want it-it's about accidentally igniting or quenching flares/candles, which were in the vicinity of the containers.

I also had trouble moving, especially when I was riding on horseback. I could block on a pole that extends from the ground or between trees that were placed too close to each other. Kind of small things, but extremely annoying, and interestingly also easy to improve. It was enough to determine the minimum distance between the trees in the script that generated the vegetation or edit the hitboxy groupings trees. Some problems had also with the control of the horse itself, thanks to a system that very often rescued me from even more frustration. Specifically, I mean searching for a path hurdle. Sometimes I was persistently holding my chosen path, not the one I wanted. But this can be explained by the fact that the horse is not auto and thinks on its own… So Przymykam eye on these little shortcomings and give plus for the general operation of the system. Well is still the case with Kuniem, who appears on the roof, flees before the Witcher or runs on the front legs:)

Design and execution of the world is wonderful. This world is actually alive and reacting to our actions. The execution of the site is also great. I can only attach to some caves in which we raczeni a lot of senseless backtrackingu, but we can see that most of the site was created so as to avoid it.

Bugs… Those I've seen very much, especially in the rest of the game. Characters that disappear or Teleportowały. levitating book. With strong wind, hairs, hands twisting into unnatural poses, jumping animations during dialogues. However, nothing that zakłócałoby the actual gameplay… But such mistakes effectively decreaseded my immersję.

Attack of the Clones. I had this feeling when I spoke with Trzecioplanowymi characters. You can see a terribly limited number of faces, especially in the case of female figures. Many times I was wondering if this particular figure Maczała hands in a few cases, or maybe my eyes are mistaken…

Music is good. It does not interfere, but in addition to one piece it completely does not fall into the ear. I was using the Witcher Award for Best Music… Now I know I have not deserved it. Crypt of the Necrodancer has much better music.

Finally, I leave a history and our influence on her conduct. My actions have actually changed the world, my choices decided about whether someone died or survived. I felt that the story I had attended was not imposed on me, but I could create it myself and it was great. If in the future I find so much time to start this game again, I will certainly do this, just to see what might happen otherwise. ps. I don't love Yennefer – it's all through this genie, and she's a silly suką. Overall story, narrative is one big PLUS and the biggest advantage of this game.

In the history I have to mention the quests. I happened to perform the task in the style bring, enter, sweep, but they were created in a way that was not so annoying. I felt that I didn't have to do every job and I could live with it. However, once I decided to look for flowers for a druid, it turned that this trivial quest with time changes into a damn interesting story with an even better ending. Over time I could not pass any quest in order not to leave something.

If I were to rate this game, I would say that this is Planescape Torment 2015 year with little objections in the form of more bugs. Who knows what I think of PT, this one already knows that it is a damn good rating:)

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