MiniRecenzja Mark of the Ninja

HeaderNinja is a great topic to play. They are strong, agile and damn cunning. Who wouldn't want to? I always have this secretly dreamed, but long sitting at compiling does not improve my fitness…

Anyway, I had the opportunity to play Mark of the Ninja, which is a skradankową platformer.

In the first moment, this game associate to me with Ronin about which I have already written here. Although they are similar, it divides them very, very much, but to not drag, proceed to things.

The story here is narrated addictive. It is interesting, has the twists of shares, is told in a great way using very well made video clips and a monologue of our mentor during the proper gameplay. Importantly, the levels are designed in such a way that the talk does not distracted us at important times. Unfortunately, the game spoils us ourselves. By reading the objectives of the mission we get information about what happens somewhere further during the game. Thanks to this spoiler I was able to guess that our mentor is only the product of a crazy character mind, which we guide the end of the spoiler. Stopped is a bit of a surprise effect I could have.

The game is great for telling us what's going on. Whether we stay in the shadows or not immediately, and whether or not we can hear our actions, it's great to see the circles on the screen. We get all the information we need to effectively play.Maxresdefault

The image is at the highest level. I didn't have what to do. I felt (I do not know if rightly) the climate Przyczajonego the tiger and the Hidden Dragon. Former Japan, martial arts etc.

Thanks so much, super. There is nothing to write about what is good.

But I'll write about what others annoyed me through the whole game.
Entering the game saw the icons (AYXB), which suggested to me that the game was created with a view to consoles. Glanced then the game manufacturer and everything became clear-Miscoroft. This game was designed for their console, which quickly confirmed in the gameplay, because I often saw in the background figure X-Boxowego pada, which had me to suggest what I had to do. Damn, I thought (really, I thought something worse). I do not play on the console! This design made it a few times I had to look at the control settings to see how to perform the action the game expects me to do. Problems also appeared in the configuration menu of our opponent. The game did not predict that I would do some things with the mouse, and not in a fixed order. It was very annoying.

The problem was also sometimes misset checkpoints, which forced me to perform several times the same action. It also happened that checkpoint was included when I did something very bad and I wanted to unscrew… But it was too late and I had to reset the whole level.

Design levels are generally very good, but it is a pity that the game does not allow to remain on them after we reach the main goal. For example, in the first mission I wanted to find the last ninja, but it turned out that I have reached the end and I have to start everything from the beginning…

Overall the game is great. Addictive and gives you lots of fun with moments of annoyance. The flits next to the guards triggers the desired emotion, and the points counted at the end of the level make you want to achieve the highest score. Preferably without killing anyone and without initiating an alarm. Strong 8/10.

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