Warsaw Games Week. Dzień1

As some of you know this week, Warsaw Games Week was held. Event aimed at the most avid players thirsty. The attractions were quite a lot… Although not everything I liked (whining leaves me best).

On the first day I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Heródem – the one who runs the gracz.org page. Officiated on the position of IMGN.PRO, where I had the opportunity to play in Husk-promising a great game-horror. The biggest impression in this production made me level design. There was no place for chance. As a player I was run where I should go (apart from one small moment at the railway station)… And I didn't feel that there was something artificial. However, I will not play more in Huska. Horror games probably are too heavy for me:) In the same place I played a moment later in the Seven, or parkour RPG. The game I've seen before on Digital Dragons. After a few minutes with her, it became clear that this type of fair is not a good place to present a role playing game in which you have to empathize in the climate and read the dialogues. These conditions are not conducive to this. After an additional moment of pleasant conversation the team exposed by IMGN.PRO went to visit further.

I went to the position of you Games, where the game was presented by Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Before we were given to join the game we saw a movie with her presentation. I was struck by the words that were told, "we present to you a level which is not presented anywhere else." Łyknąłbym This honor if it was not that a few days ago I saw this level on YT, so instead of an honor was created disgust. We were given in the end to get to the computers, but at the start there was an error that force me to restart the mission. Bugs before launch should be let the amphibian (in most cases). When I was able to start having fun, I had a problem with mastering the control, which in combination with limited time made me really had no chance to be seduced by this game, though I wanted to…

During my Szwendania after the fair took place several tournaments in Rainbow Six, Tekken, FIFA and probably something else. But in no way interested me, so I (not) Unfortunately I can't tell you about them. However, from what I heard a few people got there quite an interesting prize of type 10.000 for the team.

From interesting things also took place meetings with Polish Youtuberami. Out of curiosity glanced how these meetings looked, but none of them even recognized. Well outside of the Lord of the Arhn.eu Canal, although at first I did not zakumałem that it was him. Simply not enough to watch Polish YouTube.

Later that day I visited Indian zone: Games Republic. A little saddened me a poor organization of this zone. Usually after I got to the computer, I did not even know what the title I play. It was also sad to have a little interest in players that place. However, I fit it, because I did not have to get in the queue. In addition to the small exceptions of the game, which were shown here at a damn high level. Were interesting in terms of mechanics, as well as topics. I will briefly introduce these titles there:
Book of demons-the game clearly inspired by Diablo, but with an interesting twist, which are the cards and that all the time we can move only after the selected paths. I don't know if it will be an interesting title in the long run, but definitely worth checking out.
Tower 57 – Assuming it was probably supposed to be a shooter-type game, dual stick. The version I saw on WGW was, however, not playable because of errors that caused the blocking of the character. Such a fate of the early version of the game thrown into the world.
Beat Cop – A game about police daily life. Shows the life of an average (not exactly) curb with life problems. Many times I appeared to Smiley on my face because of things that showed up on the screen. On the other hand, Beat Cop shows the less ridiculous part of the COP's work. Already added the title to your wishlist on steam and wait for the premiere.
This is the police – another game related to the police theme. This time, however, shows us the fun in the management. The game does not sucked me much, but I see its potential-is directed to specific people.
Light Spear – The game uses the prehistoric mechanics of throwing spear. But here we throw magical dzidami that can do magical things. The primitiveness of mechanics in no way translates to the primitiveness of fun… otherwise. The fun is primitive, but it's fun. The view of my white-dressed hero and Griffin (?) Odgryzającego his head, making my face a smile, not anger.
Serial Cleaner – about this game the cool thing told someone who stood next to me when I played something else. In this game you do not produce bodies, you get rid of them. And it fully captures the content of this game. In this game, wykradamy the body and evidence from the crime scene avoiding the imposition and pał policemen.

End of the first day.

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