Warsaw Games Week. Day 2

On the second day, WGW I went at the beginning to the place where the representatives of X-Kom, and there I had the opportunity to play in Shadow Warrior 2. The game itself had a very positive impression on me. Śmieszkowe comments The main character can spread the blades. Sword waving and action at 100%. I liked it. Even more I liked the seats that stood at the computers. In this, I could sit and sit… I can't afford to spend 1k GBP on a seat.

Then I checked the game Kursk, which talks about, here's a surprise, about the submarine Kursk. This game, from what I was told to base the site is based mostly on exploration, getting clues, solving puzzles. However, a fragment of the game, which was presented at the beginning of the łopatologicznym escape Room, which was then turned into a series of quick events, which, combined with a fairly poorly (yet) control made, caused rage quit. However, it was still a version of developer, so everything will probably change to a plus.

Later, I even had the opportunity to play in Hitman, Dawn of War, ride in Ścigałki in the Techlandu zone, but nothing especially worth attention.

Then I went to watch the trailers of games such as Dishonored 2. Somehow I didn't have a bigger impression on me. Learned experience I do not trust such materials and probably not without reason. Many times turned that what we show people from marketing departments is often not reflected in reality. This applies not only to games.

The CD-Project stand was completely overrun by the thread. There was a tournament in this game. Knowing that I didn't have the least chance, I didn't even try it. Unfortunately, I skipped the tutorial in The Witcher, which explained the rules of the game, and then somehow I had no chance of catching this backlog. By the way, I do not remind myself that the books appeared somewhere in the description of the rules of the thread, although the memory can already confuse me, because it has passed a lot of time.

After all I started to play VR. The first was Alice, which I had seen on BuzzWorkshop. I knew this game was OK because I played it before. Here, however, was simply wrong due to technical problems.

An interesting production is the Eagle, which takes on the eagle and visit Paris. It is also a VR game in which we control the movements of the head, which helped a little feeling nauseous, but not quite. After a few moments of fun I had to finish.

Another interesting suggestion was a virtual tour through the time after Warsaw. Every few moments I've been moved to an ever-closer period of time. Every time I was offered some simple steps to do. Like nothing special, but it was fun.

In the meantime, there were different Cosplayerzys after the fair. The greatest impression was the Warhammer Marines. The character was probably roughly over two meters tall and looked massive. Somewhere there Przemykały two versions of Lara Croft. One of them bust Nawiązywała to the beginnings of the series and the other to the Najowszych part (if you know what I mean).

At the end I went to the stage where I presented the gameplay of Civilization 6. There are many changes for the better. Better diplomacy, more depth in urban sprawl and combat. Unfortunately the gentleman who presented the game was not able to answer my question on support for mods.

On Thursday I'm moving to Poznań for the PGA and GIC. Expect relationships.

At the end of a few more photos:

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