Problems with VR

Virtual reality has long been to come into our daily lives. Prorokowano is already in such films as Jhonny Mnemonic or hackers. The interesting thing is that both of these films were created in the same year – 1995.

People have long been keen on VR technology. You can use it when designing a variety of objects, especially architectural, in sales, where the customer could "enter" the store and choose the goods from the shelves, to treat phobias, in the cinema, and probably above all in games, especially those pierwszoosobowych, In which we could actually incorporate into our hero, which would greatly immersion experience. But what goes wrong? Ano reasons is pretty much.

The first one is the fairly high price of VR devices. They usually cost more than a thousand zlotys for the most basic models. This price, of course, has its justification. These devices need to display two high-resolution images, which requires two good quality displays, and at the same time a large computing power that will generate the two images.

The second reason is the low comfort of using these devices, usually they are quite large boxes that need to be worn on the head. In themselves, they do not weigh a lot, however, enough to have discomfort or even neck pain during prolonged use. This effect is further compoundeded by the fact that in many models most of the mass of the device is only on one side-the front. Of course, you still have to fix it all to the head, most often with the use of strips, which quite heavily oplatają czachę and make the head simply sweats… And the glasses themselves can also get a little heat.

The number three charges are the controllers. Head control is often inconvenient and inefficient. All kinds of motion detectors and cams are quite inaccurate. The sticks are a bit better, which we can encounter, for example, using PlayStation VR. There are still slightly larger devices that przymocowują the player to the ground after which they slip, but their disadvantage is (yes, guessed) size. Keyboards, mice, and pads while they give advice, but it intensifies another problem that is motion sickness.

And that is what Motion Sickness is the issue number four and according to me most. No But what is MS? It can be said that it is motion sickness, dizziness and everything else these magnificence. What causes these ailments is dissonance in what we see before the eyes, and what feels the rest of the body and what our brain expects. Low image resolution or poorly selected lens spacing also does its own. Software developers try to fight this in many ways. They bring control of the head, as I mentioned in the text of the WGW game Eagle. They create games in such a way that the player does not have to change their own location, and only changes their surroundings. This way of fighting MS was used in Keep Talking and nobody Explodes (the way is a great example of an asymmetrical game in which the game is fun at home posiadówie). It remains to teleport the player to the board from place to place. Such a thing I saw for example in the game Alice. But it is a big problem with him, ie, terribly affects the immersję, and yet it is one of the main reasons for which we decide to VR.

What will it look like next? I think it gets better. People are an idea and can overcome or steer clear of obstacles that they encounter. Technology will go forward, making the devices cheaper, smaller and more comfortable to use. The problem may however be to bypass the motion sickness problem in a way that will eventually free the heads of the game's designers from continual thinking about the nausea. However, with the progressive popularization of the VR solution may be closer than we think.

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