Poznan Game Arena and GIC

Do not lied! It was thick!

I finally managed to make a moment to describe to you what happened at the Poznań game Arena and the game Industry Conefence. During the three days during which the event took place, I went 63km distance, it can already give you a substitute information about whether it was worth…

At the outset I want to thank the organizers for the media pass and the polygon team for.. General:)
The whole event took place in several great halls. In the first one were mainly located small exhibitors ' stations, gastro zone, large stage. In the second Umiejscowili Play and Twitch. In the third YouTuberzy. In the fourth GIC. In the fifth many Indians. In the sixth mostly Xbox. The seventh and eighth manufacturers of the equipment and the seller. Phew much of this. We fly in turn…

The first hall was damn great, but there were too many things that interesteded me. Certainly an interesting thing was the competition with laser tags. I watched people with glowing lights on their heads and guns. Too bad they got so little space to organize this fun, because most people are still sitting on the respawn and only shoot it. Sam Unfortunately I did not take part in this, once I found a spare moment, this leg ached me so that I do not give advice. Here I also found a large exhibition of the portal gram.pl and the stand of the magazine CHIP. With both of these exhibitors I had the opportunity to talk and discuss about the game based learning action I'm doing, and I hope that I will be able to cooperate with them in this regard. I had the opportunity to ride in a racing simulator, which was placed in a race car and was moved through the cylinders so as to give the physics acting on the vPGA2-50-of-56ehicle. Great experience. For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to look closely at the operation of 3d printers. I've already read a little bit about this technology, but see how something comes up to your eyes, but something else. The curiosity was the exhibitor, who offered the equipment to refresh old and damaged CDs. If you still use the discs and want to save any of them, know that such technology exists… Kind of obvious, but I did not think before. There were numerous contests and tournaments in this Hall, but I had no interest in them. The big scene didn't get to my attention too. Only from afar have I seen the crowds that besieged it.

The second hall was a purple color. Twitch and Play gathered here. Probably all of you know what Twitch is, and some of you may also know people who are dealing with transmissions. You could meet the stars here… Which I have never poznałbym on the street, because I do not know them:) On the stage, which was held here, a show cosplayerowców. My heart stole a friend with a dress, although it was not a costume that made the most impression on me. Below you will see some pictures, but there are many more interesting characters. The Play zone did not became me, except that you could charge your phone here. From what I've heard, this is where the CSa tournaments took place. A little further down his position had Samsung (luckily on the site were the antiterrorists who disarm the bomb), Kinguin and still a few other minor things.PGA1-43-of-45

The third Hall was designed for famous figures from Polish YouTube. I went there out of curiosity, and that's what I got there… Surprised me a little. Plenty of kids who could walk my armpit. A catwalk for the stars. I even saw someone who was probably famous, because the kids took autographs from him. This place confirmeded me in the belief that I was getting old… I haven't spent a lot of time here.

The fourth zone is a rarity for game developers. This has happened so much that I regret that I couldn't spend all of my time here, which I had for the PGA. Set the companies looking for employees, such as Huuuge, Microsoft, who presented Hololens, my friend Silviu, who deals with developing programs working with Intel hardware RealSense360, which by its way interesting to me, because This equipment can be used successfully when working with disabled people. Next, there are still positions of utility providers in the game Devie (Perforce for example).
The main part of this area was lectures and workshops. Those on whose body it appeared was too much to be found at all. I had to choose a few – here they are:
How to sell your soul and keep cool by Rune K Drewsen
Project Management-The art of finishing by Paweł Jędrysiak
Finishing levels without finishing level designer by Jakub Węglarz
Design an adventure in the game space by Piotr Mistygacz, Piotr Pawlaczyk
How to survive the Indieapocalypse by Michał Marcinkowski
Don't Hate cheaters – use them! By Robert Maroschik
How to make a game by accident. by Sos Sosowski – for this pick I wanted, but because of an accident Sosa's lecture is probably not held. I did not check after I learned that unfortunately the sauce will not appear.
Games in the fight against depression and anxiety by Aleksandra Jarosz
What happens in our brains when we play games? By PIOTR Sobolewski
Most of the lectures stood at a great level. A hit in terms of presentation was a lecture about the apocalypse of Michał Marcinkowskiego. 

The fifth Hall is a paradise for the player. This is where the Indians were nesting with their games, and these were very much. Enough that the Polish Guild of Players organized a quest that consisted of completing as many minor quests as outsourced by the Indians. The most interesting task I was able to reach was "get the HDMI cable and bring it to me". Of course there was this quest available for all characters, and only for those high-level ones like me. Of course, I managed to complete the task data by PGG and Zgarnąłem Award (t-shirt, the album Sosa, the Game Sniper and Nazi zombies and something else). There was also a retro gaming zone that was so old that even I didn't know some of them. In this hall located was also a small stage, which took place presentations of games, panels and a competition for knowledge of retro games (I won a cup). Before we go to the games themselves, I must tell you that many of them are still in the early stages of production.
11 Bit Studio
Beat Cop. It's a game I've mentioned on the occasion of WGW. I have already mentioned to you that I really liked and podtrzymujęed this sentence.
Tower 57. I did not play it here, because Odstraszyła me on WGW. I found that sit to her when I would no longer have anything better to do. I had better things to do.
Black Eye Games
Gloria Victis. It's a MMORPG produced by Indians. Before I saw this game, I thought it was suicide, but the guys go out quite well. A practical lack of magic is something rarely seen in games embedded somewhere in the Middle Ages. Do not fortunes this game of spectacular success, but I am personally interested because of the possibility of using it in education. We will live, see, because the game is still in production.
Bloober Team
Layers of Fear. This game was presented on VRze. Although I wanted to play, I did not manage to play it, because it was still besieged by the visitors.
Coffe Noir. I've already met this title on Digital Dragons. This is a great educational game maintained in the climate of detective films. However, it requires constipation to read multiple lines of text.
Evil Indie Games
Nothing. This game, along with your banana control, appears wherever you can. I am constantly impressed by how much effort they put into promotions. The game itself is very simple, because we simply walk on the platforms and we think not to fall.
Digital Melody Games
Masks. An interesting mobile game about dancing at a party. Simple mechanics, interesting shell.
Find the Melody. It's an interesting game that requires wprawnego ear. Great Sprawdziłaby for music lessons.
Handybot. In this game I had no opportunity to play.
Handmade depression.
Indigo. It's a game about depression and it attests to this in this all game. From history, through music and graphics, to gameplay. Despite the fact that puzzles are quite logical, it is done extremely hard among other things because of the graphic style. The game, however, is only beginning to evolve and many things are still subject to change.
Huckelberry Games
Edengrad. Another MMORPG (!) created by an independent studio. This is a very ambitious work. The authors promise an extensive system crafting, lack of character classes, various classes, semi random quests and much more. Unfortunately I have the impression that this is a work too ambitious and will end up at the cutting of featursów. Nevertheless, I am curious as to how it will all develop.
Hydrazine Games
Heroes of Simuria. It's a browser-game RPG. I played a minute and frankly I to get bored with a little interesting gameplay. Of course this is another game during production.
Serial Cleaner. I mentioned about this game on the occasion of WGW. Great game with great theme.
They exhibited several games, such as Seven and Husk, of which I have already written. Several games have been exhibited at the PGA. Ograłem only a few, not ruszajac any Truck simulators.
Symetry. This time manager with interesting graphics and a certain element: the symmetrical world. Unfortunately, the creator of the game in no way has been persuaded to tell me what exactly is this symmetrical world.
Expeditions: Vikings. It's an interesting RPG strategy. Resemble me in large part the Banner Saga. The main difference is the freedom to move around the map. I still hope to talk to the creators of this production to ask them about how much what we see in the game corresponded to reality.
There was one more game, which consisted mainly of waiting for it, until our spaceship will fly to anything. You can go for tea, clean up the apartment, watch your favorite show and find out that you still nowhere dolecieliśmy. Bored me so much that I did not remember her title.
Kursk. This is another game I mentioned earlier on the occasion of WGW.
Seabed Prelude. Another VR game. I had no chance to play it personally, but I just looked at what others did. Unfortunately the story-based game
Peaceful Games
Humanitarian Helicopter 1 & 2. These games was me in stupor their performance. Mechanics and graphics fixed at the level of the primary school. Nothing explains that these games are meant to teach some things that I actually did not notice in the game. There was also an interesting attitude of Mr. Professor who seemed to be convinced of the genius of these monsterss.
Qubic Games
The company has exhibited three games: Geki Yaba Runner, Air Race Speed and Robonauts. These games interesting me from a fairly mundane reason-I started on the position of designer in the company. I had the opportunity to dodge only Robonauts and this is an interesting, albeit simple 2d shooter.
Robot Gentlemen
60 seconds. This is one of the most interesting games that were presented to the PGA. The game is lots reading, but reads Nice, because the texts are funny and we learn very strange things about what happened our person. The story is simple. The atomic bomb explodes and we escape to the shelter and we have to survive there.
Overflight. VR Flight Simulator. I did not dare to play, because at the very idea I did not do well. The game itself does not glinted anything in terms of mechanics.
Space Boat Studios
Out of REACH. I already met this game on DD. Network survival. In addition to the topic very close to Edengard.
Sucide Penguin
Disco Rage. Another game with DD! This time, however, the progress of work on the game is visible. I learned about the game story. An archaeologist on the excavation goes to an ongoing event and tries to free it. I saw an interesting boss. I am eagerly waiting for the premiere.
The House of Fables
Games of this studio I had no opportunity to dodge the PGA, however I remember them with DD. They can be described as interesting casual.
John Smith
Immortal Planet. After this game, I expected something interesting. It turned out that the game is drętwo, and the person on the spot was sitting there unless a punishment, because in no way interested to what I did. Overall, I got the impression that it was a terrible gbur, until I didn't want to ask him any questions…
Archaica: The Path Of Light. Great puzzle game. Interesting puzzles, each board has hidden finders, which can be used as hints. Great gameplay.
Viking potatoes
8suns. Cool game on the engine copyright. We go robot and shoot the hordes of opponents. It's cool, but I feel that it's not enough to be successful today. Unfortunately.
White Moon
Broken ranks. Another game in which I had no opportunity to play, or even throw a peek at her.

There were still a few other Indians, but unfortunately their names escaped me. I will complete as soon as I can.

Hall Number six, seven and eight. There were many things that especially caught my attention. So I just mention the selected.
I had the opportunity to play a little more in Shadow warrior and my earlier optimism waned. It turned out that there are some completely senseless mechanics (gems and Pseudorandomowe levels), which I had no chance to notice the first game. It's a sign to not trust the opinions of other people when they have the opportunity to try something just for a few moments.
I played a little PlayStation VR. I threw up the most hardcore title (in my opinion) to play the VR. Eve Valkyrie is a game set in the world of Eve, in which we are a fighter pilot. Played well, though I really bothered me with the inverted Y-axis in the steering.

In. PGA is a great event. Compared to WGW it falls a lot better. There were attractions for gamers, for game developers and for those interested in topics that oscillate around the theme of virtual entertainment. Will I be here again? Certainly.

Review of Cosplay:
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Bonus attraction at the fair.img_7199

ps. I do not know who zarzygał the lobby in the hostel, but let them ashamed!
Ps2. For the birthday I want beer and a set of Picklocków:)

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