About Tools

To make a game you need the appropriate programs and tools. That's a pretty obvious statement. Times in which you could create a game that was written only in C probably have gone forever. Of course, maybe there will be someone who will do it, but I doubt that this game has any success.

Today, we use engines, frameworks and other advanced programs to make your work easier. However, I would like to cite some more specialized tools. A great example is the level editors, which got with Hirołsami, Warcraft and other productions. These are tools that save the work of designers. Perfectly depicted this Feargus Urquhart telling about his work on Falloutem2. The tools used the map designers did not have the copy-paste option, which meant that they had lost a lot of time to create the same things. And from what I learned from the developers adding this functionality to the editor it would take a maximum of 3 days.
As you can see, the tools are able to save a lot of time, nerves, make things simpler to do, and hence will leave you more time to refine your game. Of course, it is not always profitable to invest time in such things. The decision to create a tool should be rethinking whether it pays to devote time for it. In the case of larger production, the case seems obvious. It's also possible that something that you're creating is useful too when working on a different title.

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