Shackles on freedom

I today a video on the GDC channel dealing with diversity in games. I thought it would be something interesting to help me introduce new, interesting things into my projects… How wrong I was.

Before reading my text I encourage you to take a moment to watch this recording and make your own opinion on the subject.

Thus, the film treated racism, feminism, integrity in games, about new sexes, the fact that games do not have to truly map reality, about prejudices and openness to criticism. I generally agree only with the fact that these things are important in games… And with nothing more, what fell from UST Meg.

Meg tried to convince us that everyone, or at least most of us are racists, because in the games we present too few colored people, or present them in the framework of certain stereotypes that we have in our heads. It is possible that sometimes we will introduce blacks as thieves, but few wonder how many whites were presented as serial killers. Finding out racism where it's gone is not a good solution. To solve the problem of racism you should simply forget about these diconvinces, and not to others that they are racists. A hard vision to realize, because, as if there were some stereotypes, they are strongly rooted in our minds. I myself have certain beliefs about the individual breeds, to which the brick has placed people such as Meg. I liked the statement of Morgan Freeman on this subject, which is noteworthy.

Meg mentioned also something about the fact that games do not have to be fair, but they are, because the games are doing mainly whites, cisgenderowi guys from the middle class. More foolishness has long since not heard. The Games are fair, because they expect the players. The rules of the game must be fair, otherwise the player will not be able to determine how it should behave. Of course, there may be exceptions to this rule, but usually they are in some way sanctioned, for example the fact that we do business with a scammer.

Feminism is another issue raised by Meg. It would like equality in the depiction of game characters. She wants women to were half of the noble achievements in games, but completely ignores the differences between the sexes and their aspirations. Women are by nature milder and physically weaker than men, and are less likely to be depicted as barbarians with great swords. Less often they devote themselves to science, not for this, because they can not, but because they have other things that interest them. For this reason, we see more nurses in hospitals than nurses. Women and men are not equal, no lepszości or worse. Is otherness.

Authentic mapping of reality is another thing that did not like Meg. Would to adjust her to her worldview where everyone is equal (I think). I am telling you to present the worlds and stories in your games in a way that suits you. If you believe that there was no slavery in your game embedded in the Civil war, it is your choice. It may be like someone and oburzyć. Such games are already by nature, that will not satisfy everyone, so do the game according to your conscience… or portfolio. The same applies to the presentation of the different sex society invented by today. You can do it, but you don't have to.

Once, I have mentioned that creation is an art. Do you think that the Mona Lisa would be better if Leonardo painted her as a ebony? Art is not a measure which should be used to impose another's worldview, although I totally understand this temptation.

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