So you want to be a game designer…

Have you ever wondered if it's hard to get a job as a game designer in a company. This question is hard to answer to me, but I will gladly tell you what you must be prepared for and what skills you should have when you apply for this job.

Knowledge of games. It is important that you know a lot of games from different genres (even those you don't like). This is an important "skill" not only on design positions, but generally in the whole game devowej. On a recruitment interview at QLOC (a game-testing company) I was asked to remind myself of all the games I recently played, which was unrealistic. At another meeting I was asked to mention specific things that I did not like in certain titles and to justify my indications, and to propose alternative solutions. However, I have not heard about it, so that someone does not pass the recruitment because of too little games that ograł.

Knowledge of design theory is quite important, but not crucial. Knowing how to design games, knowledge of good and bad practices can help you to get the first job in design. Not at all praising this blog mainly treats the design theory and covers the themes that describe as a must-know. You should also know the difference between game designer and level designer. One of the people I have heard has not passed the recruitment by the lack of this knowledge.

Knowledge of the English language to a degree that will allow for free communication. Without it, or move on. Several discussions about the work have been partially or entirely in this language. This is because large companies often have foreign partners or subcontractors who will have to understand us or documentation that we create.

Knowledge of specific tools usually has secondary significance. However, this does not mean that you should not learn how to handle different programs. The more programs you learn, the easier it will be to adapt to the new ones, as you start to see the similarities between the Mini. For example, Blueprintsy from the EU are very similar to the Flowgrafów of CryEngine.

Mathematical and analytical skills. Especially useful when you a job related to the design of economics or other complicated elements of the game, which like the combat system.

Attachment of attention to detail. When designing certain mechanisms or levels very often you will of that what you have done is generally OK… But… This is > but < makes the Games are not great, and at most good. The creator of SuperMeatBoya spent more than four months only on the Tinkeringu model of movement of his character, which was then still an ordinary square.

Motivation and passion. It's a wildly important aspect. When you lack knowledge or skills, these two things let you trudge further to your goal.

Experience. This is probably the most important point of this list. Most of your future employers will be expecting you to document that worked has already made over a game that was > released. Scraping unfinished monsters into the drawer on the D drive tends to not count. It is your portfolio that will show that everything I write here is not new to you. On the occasion of each conversation I was asked about the games I worked on and about what I did exactly there.

Be ready for a practical test that you can receive before you are invited to an interview. What can they do? For example, to design a level for a game or to offer concrete solutions to some of the problems that you will be presented with. It is worth paying attention to the performance of these tests, because sloppy is the reason that most applications are rejected.

If you have any additional questions we will gladly answer you-write in the comments.

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