Philosophically about design

During my work as a designer I noticed a certain thing. Always ask questions.

When developing a mechanic or system, it is necessary to ask whether it makes sense, whether it will be readable, how it will be played with the general assumptions of the game. Does the work in the element contribute proportionately to the end result?

In level design, these questions seem to intensify even more, because we with something that the player will feel directly. For example: The behavior of the character on the stage must be natural, and by the way to support gameplay. So, by setting up the NPC, we need to ask ourselves what the character is, what it does, what its motives are, and so on.

But it's easy to fall into the trap… Let's say blindness to the stupidity of what's done. For this reason, you have to give someone play what you have created. If you get on his face this grimace saying what The?!, is to know that you fell into this I trap.

It's possible that the blog will take the form of such shorter entries. Written more under the inspiration of the moment and about some small things. After all, design is in the details:)

What do you think?

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