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Somewhere on the forum I noticed the question: "Has anyone seen any lyrics about the game loops?". The answer was quite as if it were to say… Zbywająca "It's so simple that you don't need to translate." Well, kind of right, but the question fell, and I'll try to answer it as somehow.

Game loop is a regular loop in the mechanics of the game.
The end.


Game loop will be all the actions that the player performs (or is performed automatically) in the game.
The Same loops podzieliłbym on several types.
Microloops that are most easily noted in shooters or other games in which the fight occurs. Dodge the > Attack > Dodge > attack.
Makropętle, which can be a passing turn in turn games. An example of an even larger loop can be alternating between upcoming war and peace times in games such as Civki or Europa Universalis.
Dependent on the player's will – again, the example Dodge > attack seems appropriate.
Automatic – Rotates enemies ' attacks.
Hard to write something more in this topic. If you have any more specific questions about game loops-write in the comments.

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