I have not played the first doom, because I was then only 7 years. I have not played in any further doom, until the last weekend.

I have heard very good reviews about this game, but I decided to not buy it due to decisions Bethesda not to issue copies of the game to reviewers before the official title release. I do not penetrate the cause of such a state of affairs. It is simply bad for consumers – players who will not be able to base their purchasing decisions on the basis of the opinions of people who have had the opportunity to play game data. It does not mean that BETHESDA commits generally good games.
Only and it made me do not want to support their pieniążkami. However, I got a free copy of Doom from the publication Cenega.

The first meeting was not quite pleasant. My computer was not asking the Council with the graphics settings that I got at the very beginning. I was forced to set them at an absolute minimum, so that at every moment of the game avoid the drop of FPS. Overall, the game went acceptably on the settings of "medium", but the fixed number of frames was more important to me and I did not want to risk zakrztuszenia my PC at any time.

Worse, all Settingsy were so hidden that I had to ask Googli where to find them. It turned out that first you need to start a new game and just look for them. What was the purpose of this treatment? I'm not sure because I don't dociekałem it too much. I suppose every campaign slot can have its own separate settings.

I knew more about what to expect after the game Bethesda and did not rozczarowałęm. In the game, I met a lot of bugs. For a few of them I was forced to load the last checkpoint, because I was stuck in a place from which could not go out. A few times I happened to fall under the floor. Clip the camera at Glory kills are the standard, and the inability to catch the edges or the transition after the cornice and invisible walls stopped me wondering after a few minutes of fun.

And now the things…

From the first moments of Doom gives a sense of power. Each action that our hero performs kipi from power and aggression. Every >, I mean, every <. Collecting Znajdziek, falling from height, pressing buttons. Don't przepuszczono any opportunity to show us that Doom-guy is a piece of Skurczybyka. It is not possible to miss Glory kills, which is the power to a whole new level. Trampling the head of the demon-please. Heart breaking and puttinging to the throat-a clear affair. Jaw Urywanie-everyday life. Despite the fact that each demon has several animations intended for Glory Killsów, which are played according to our approach, they are quite repetitive. Repetitive, but not looking for options to turn them off. So? Firstly, they are an integral part of the game-with their help we get HP, ammunition and armor. Secondly, they are great animated, juicy and give a damn lot of satisfaction. They are so short that they do not adversely affect the pace of the game.

It is worthwhile to point out that our hero says nothing. We get to know him only through his actions. The lack of voice in any case does not bother, but merely emphasizes what it is… (For a long time I was wondering how to avoid swearing in this text, but it is not possible)… Hard Skurwielem.

The Secrets of Doom is a cool thing. Although unfortunately there are little secret behind the skill and the map, which is very often quite concretely shows us where the secret is. It receives a lot of pleasure from finding them alone. Same Secrets Podzieliłbym into several categories.
In the first-weakest, we find the dolls doom-dude in different color variants. Exciting as the flags in Assisynie Creedsie.

The second category is booster. We can find faster better weapons, ammo, extra skill points and so on.

The third one-the most exciting is the hidden levels from the first doom. After discovering such a secret, we unlock the level of classic, on which we can later play.

On the occasion of the secrets it should be mentioned that the information about how we managed to find them is shown in the map screen. There, we'll see a few other things that were added to the game to encourage the player to replay a particular level: secrets, tokens, challenges, etc.

One problem was the level design for me. In part because of what I mentioned earlier, some places were unavailable, even though they looked as if they could get there. After the second divide to which quite easily fall into made, that I often retreated to the last point of entry. It was quite annoying.

A problem was also with the challenges of runes, which enable us to incorporate some character improvements. These are quite a variety of challenges in which we need to do certain things within a certain time frame. Their structure enforces a several approach to them, but the UI here was structured so that the button for retrying was placed right next to the one who returned us to the main game. Zawyłem with anger several times. Luckily loading is not too long.
Ignoring this aspect of the challenges, it was a pretty cool experience.

improvement. An interesting thing is the progression system. In Doom, we improve the weapons with the tokens obtained, and the final improvements are gained by taking the appropriate challenges. We also improve the same costume doom-dude, which can increase our dexterity, resilience and other interesting things. Going further on levels we find power balls increasing our HP/armor/ammo capacity. Well, there are even these runes. The biggest impact on the game have weapon upgrades. Each of them, except for the super shotgun, has two modifications, which will later be able to change dynamically during combat. This adds a bit of gameplay depth. However, I usually only used one upgrade for each weapon.

About the story I do not want to write too much. However, I will say that it is satisfactory, though for the pain of foreseeable explanation of why we need to make demons:)
For me, the cool thing was the descriptions encountered Poczwar, which we find in the world.

No way to mention music. At the time of the fight changes to some hardcore metal, in times of peace to move to a slightly less hardcore metal:) It's simply great to fits in the atmosphere of the game.

You can not hide that the latest Doom, is a piece of great game. It can be seen that the designers had in mind the fact that in the first place must become what makes doom to doom, or bloody shambles. The question is whether, despite all the advantages I should recommend you this game? Surely I it if it weren't for marketing practices Bethesda. For the moment, I can only tell you to decide if you want to support things that could potentially harm our players.

The game still has a multi mode, which I had no opportunity to touch. Take this into account:)

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