Game Jam in WSF-Friday

At the Warsaw School of film I appeared long before the planned opening time of Jammu. Even so, there were already a few people who had begun to put up their gear. Reminded me of a little time when packed the whole computer and went to a friend on a LAN party:)

On the site I met Magda, who deals with graphics. As she was not from Warsaw, I asked her what attracted her here. The answer somehow did not surprise me. Build a portfolio and gain experience.

The registration was opened at 19 o'clock. From that moment through the entrance began to roll over more and more people. I noticed a lot of friends face the polygon. The opening of a room with piwerkiem and snacks made people start to integrate quickly.

Somewhere in the middle of the room I heard:


At about the same time, I guess he started the Polish-Denmark match because I noticed that a few people have disappeared somewhere. People interested in the ball were probably grateful to the organizers for creating a small cinema, where this game was displayed, which later became an interesting topic of talks.

At 22 the second the topic Jammu-time was selected. I thought that after that people would move to their computers and they would start working on games. But I was wrong. Most people focused to strengthening social contacts, playing Kerbala and Raczeniu pizza and Piwerkiem. Only some groups have begun to do small brainstorming and plan what they are going to do. I tried to ask, a few people, about whether they already have any ideas, but nobody wanted to share them. Probably thought that I came there too, jammować and I could steal their idea:)

My impressions after Friday?
Cool thing. I learned a little thing about engines, graphics, I met a few new people and met with old friends.

Plan for Saturday:

  • Talk to someone from WSF about what you can learn from them.
  • Ask the participants about what they do and how.

I hope that the next material will bring you more specific information.

And here is a Bonusik-photos made available to me by WSF.

On one of them you can see me:)

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