Game Jam in WSF-Saturday

I always forget something…
I did not mention the great music artwork that accompanied all participants on Friday. I was pretty damn nice to hear the Diablo soundtrack for example.
So much on Friday.

Now I will tell you about what has happened on Saturday.

Already at the entrance I something interesting. Baśka sat and zbijał something from the cardboard boxes of pizza, rubbers and condoms. It turned out that this would be a checker for their game, which is to rely on drinking beer on time. All of these cardboard boxes were supposed to make the bottles not to be tipped over. I liked the idea very much. I hope I can test this game:)

Today the climate on the hall was completely different from that which was on Friday. The majority of people worked in a concentration that I was foolish to bother with to ask what they were working on. From the beginning so I just walked around them and podpatrywałem. Probably something about 95% of people worked in Unity, 2 people in the unreal and no mantis posted in something on the C64 game of cooking eggs.

Exactly what the games. by overall platforming. The one is to change the time in specific places on the level.
Of the interesting things threw me a game about the breeding of bacteria, for example, Turowe racing. From other things I saw a game in which runs around the store and collects products in the promotion, Missile Manager (?), which Asad not understood. One team even built a VR shooter. I think it will be what to watch.

I can not deny a WSF that took care of the back of the event. Pizza and other food was plentiful. It was also what to drink, although Piwerko ended up probably again on Friday.
Unfortunately, from what I learned a lot of people did not appear on the Jammie, despite the fact that they wrote.

I was able to collect a little bit of information from students at WSF. As well as I conducted an interview with one of the Jammowiczów. But I will present them only tomorrow, because I do not have time now-getting to the exit to the presentation of games.

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