Game Jam in WSF-Sunday

At the outset I apologize for delaying this relationship. There has been a accumulation of various problems. To the topic:

On Sunday I appeared on the spot at the moment when most people were already indulged in relaxation after days of strenuous work. Only individual people indirect there improve in their games.

I was able to receive some answers about WSFu from Maciej Szcześniuka, who is the supervisor of the direction and lecturer.

Jimmy: What game Devów Szkolicie? Graphic designers, writers, designers, coders?
Maciej: We are set to educate great designers and developers of independent games. Once, it was thought that the designer is a person who can neither program nor create graphics nor animate. I am a designer and I think exactly the opposite. A good designer is a person who can encode, create graphics, animations and know the mechanics. A good designer should be able to make the game yourself. Working in a CD project, such people rekrutowałem to the game design department. At the Warsaw School of film, we therefore have activities both from 3d graphics, concept art, animation, programming (in Unity 3d), game design and Scenariopisarstwa. There are even paper games, in-game business, project management and even ludologii elements. We have a very wide program. We want the best way to prepare students for the role of designers and at the same time encourage them to create independent games.

J: I want to deal with game devem-what will this course give me? What will I learn?
MJ: If a student puts into learning a bit of work, he will be able to make the game yourself in Unity. Similarly, you will be able to make 3d models of objects, characters, before them (also using motion capture technology) and write a design of the game mechanics, as well as its scenario. Our students and graduates at this time are already creating their own commercial projects.

J: Who conducts lectures? How much emphasis is placed on practice?
M: Our lecturers are in 100% of the practitioners in the gaming industry, to this professionally active. Classes lead Employees of companies such as CD Projekt, 11 bit studios, Vile Monarch. The vast majority of the directional activities are conducted Warszatowo. Students have the task of creating their own 3d models, animations, own small games, mechanics projects, conceptual documents, scenarios, character descriptions, production plans, etc. In addition to the activities dedicated only to games, students have an additional range of film and art classes, which perfectly complements their knowledge and skills.

J: Can you count on the practices in the companies related to game devem?
M: School can not guarantee anything, because the adoption of a student for practice always lies with the companies of game Devowych. However, our students are sure to have a better, even because of their direct contact with the teachers employed in these types of companies. In addition, the school is expected to be fairly revolutionary in the Polish project conditions, which will make it very easy for students to practice.

J: I am already dealing with game devem. Is there a chance that such a study could give me anything?
M: The range of subjects in the studio is very wide, so even people already involved in creating games will be able to find something for themselves. Added value is definitely the whole block of film classes. This knowledge in turn is very useful in games-not only to create cutscenes, but also to conduct stories, create better-defined characters, telling stories using the environment, etc. In addition to studying, you can make friends, get to know the people with whom you may create a common studio producing games.

J: How much does it cost?
M: 1250 from October to June, 500 July-September.

J: Are you able to give me some game titles released by your students/graduates?
MJ: Here they are:

I also asked for a study on the WSFie of several former and current students. What he mentioned was the price. They believed that these studies were too expensive to learn. He also got the faculty of lecturers, and specifying lecturers from programming, for 'olewniczą ' attitude.
A few people bothered teaching the Wszystkiego_po_trochu type. Others, however, have noticed that these studios are the entrance to the game Devu-something that will allow the person to come to the one who wants to be in game Devie.
However, each student perceived the value of the contacts that can be found here.

I had the opportunity to carry a little wywiadzik with Baśką-participant of this game of and former student WSFu. The answers a little I had to modify in view of the fact that we also talked to other topics not related to the game devem:)

Jimmy: Why did you come here?
Baśka: Addiction to Jamów and senstyment.

J: What can we give the game cavity?
B: In the case of the team with whom I came, they led to the establishment of the company. You can learn to collaborate with different people, catch a lot of contacts.

J: How do you prepare for of?
B: Nohow. No preparations, no spins to complete the game.

J: Where do you start Jamowanie?
B: From drinking:)
After the announcement of the topic follows a rapid design, which later evolves.

J: Is crunch on Jamie bad?
B: Have you seen the game jam without crunch? Game cavities prepare people for crunch.

J: Any recipe for success?
B: Focus on one mechanic that will be the core of the game. There is no time for complicated things.
A good division of responsibilities between the people in the team.
The management is useful Trello, where we share things on Must_have, Should_have and Nice_to_have.
Make a game that will give you fun.

J: Is the designer useful for game cavities?
B: Yes, but its task is rather to relieve programmers from level design or assume the role of the manufacturer.

J: How to create a drilling dream team?
B: Do not take to the zombie team:)
And so seriously, it's best to go with someone you already know well, and you know you're going to be a good makeover.

The presentation of the games took place at the electronics cinema, where we welcomed US Gandalf:

Here is a list of games that have been presented NazwaTeamu/NazwaGry

1Z Games-Super Shot. Game about drinking beer for the time I played and won with the result ~ 20 seconds.
Shark and Jedi-Robozauruss-Regina-Rex
Lend me a pen? No, I already have a pencil-Black Friday
Young Carp-Lidl Wars
The Secret of Holy Pangolins Holistic Tremendous Corporation-Now and then
Adideas-Time of ingestion
Right before the Deadline-no Man no Time
How you can lose four Zejro-Super Mario bothers
Lunzaki-Miners vs. aliens
Team DROP TABLE GameJam-time to fly
Financial Intelligence Club-clock
Drummer-Not quite my tempo
⅗ Hipstercola Studio-Chong-Al Sigan
Stroch Team-Micro breeder
Winter-Vector Burn Out-unfortunately not shown:(
Byte Barrel-Time reaction
I'm not here-Harverst
Michael-The magical adventure of the Gondola by the sea
Do games-Death Mansion
The fail Bringers-Mission impossible: Home Edition
Bisztynek-Clock Tower
Cucumis Studio-WC Hero-a game about a pile that is cool
Titans of Daash'chuq-'s Watch
Mizeria-Pictures OJ
It's a long name, I won't read-DeLorean Legacy
Potion-Help ME!
Tomasz Dziuba-Knife Him
Weird, working with me-Ya Yo

It must be said that a few of these games happened at a really high level and probably a small additional cost could land on steam.

Summary of of and zwyciężców you will see here:

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