Cooking Sim

Cooking Sim

Hey folks!

The Merchant games from Wastelands Interactive, because they gave me a sandwich with lard and alcohol and it’s a cool team!

It’s not really…

That is true, they gave me a sandwich and alcohol and they are cool, but that’s not a reason to buy anything from them:)

And yet their game-Cooking Simulator-has it in itself something. Like it’s just a cooking simulator, but cooking, it’s probably the least important part of this game. I found fun in cosmic interactions with the environment. Well, because in what other cooking game you can catch the TV and throw it in the window so that the windshield falls?

The WI team also proved that the game made in Unity does not have to look like a bunch. Most people at that it was the EU. respect for it. Stupid I was that I didn’t ask them how much time it took them to odpicowanie the graphics (but they could write in a comment).

Premiere Q1 2018
Cooking Simulatorn on Steam
Wastelands Interactive

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