Step on the mine

Step on the mine

Recently sitting at work I was wondering about the problem of min in multiplayer mode….

Exactly the point is that the mines in the game I work on are practically invisible. Their model is tiny and very easy to overlook. This caused a problem when wdepnęło on it. A person killed by such a trap did not have a chance to see it, by which there was a WTF effect! and frustration.

Talking to other designers we could not come to a solution that zadowoliłobyed us all. Several solutions fell:

  • The red circles that would appear around the mines when the player is next to it. Mislead is a conventional gameplay element that certainly obniżałby the immersion level.
  • The second suggestion was to mount the lights on the skids. Personally, I threw away this solution, because definitely odds with the idea of mines, as traps.
  • The third proposal was to put something in the laserków of scanning the environment. I do not like it until the end, but we did not succeed in doing anything better.

Maybe you have some better ideas? We will gladly steal your idea:D

Going a little outside of the design game.
Mines is a terribly nasty affair, which was born somewhere around 1800 years. It is a weapon that does not look at who will kill or Okaleczy. Soldier, terrorist, civilian, dog, child. If the matter interested you a little more, below I throw a link to the foundation, which fights the world ban for this weapon.

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