My first game…

It was a monster created on the basis of tutorials for Unity with ready-made assets. He had only a residual menu, and it played badly. For this reason, I closed the monster in a folder on the desktop, and when only similar folders with rubbish got too many flew to the trash.

I was ashamed to show it to anyone.

Now it’s been a few years since and I have a bit more experience. I know my shame was simply stupid. At the great events of the likes of Digital Dragons, whether the PGA saw this type of game-underdeveloped, niedopieszczone, simply wrong. However, their creators did not ashamed to them, because they actually have nothing to be ashamed of. This is their work, something that is probably still working, so why would they be ashamed?

You also do not ashamed your first games. Show them to people, your friends. If Opowiecie an interesting story related to the creation of your game, it will be I here:)

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