Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks

I played recently in Hidden folks. This is a simple game of looking for objects on the board. It was this simplicity that made me write about it here. Spending time with this title I still thought:

„Why I didn’t do it…”

After the first gameplay.
Searching for objects is not so ornery, as in dozens of other games of this type. In Hidden folks, we don’t have enough of our eyes. Because of the great boards we also need to think. The things we are looking for are accompanied by short descriptions, which are an indication of where we should look for them. Often we are forced to perform some actions first, so that the object wanted to us appeared.

Secondly, graphics and animations.
The graphics are minimalist, slightly childish but neat. Character animations are a great distraction, making the search for items even harder.

Third sound.
A childish genius idea. Reminded me of the sound noise on the cruise. All the sounds were made in the face, which into very well in this slightly frivolous world, which is presented to us.

Word of the end.
Minimalism, lack of seriousness, mutual support of all elements and simplicity. These features have made this game brilliant. Recommend.

Hidden Folks

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