About the blog and about Me


All friends call Jimmy on me. Since the child I loved the game, and in the primary school I started to create them, although unfortunately not in the digital version a on the table or in notebooks. When a little older a lot of fun in creating maps for games like Starcraft, or HMM3 and simple mods for games, which I learned to create thanks to reverse engineering, because my knowledge of programming was negligible. After that, it was time to work, which unfortunately was in no way tied to the games.
Only somewhere in the beginning of the year 2015 I decided that I want to do what I always wanted and loved, ie games. Therefore, the programming itself did not amuse me as much as the same combination of how to make another person was specific emotions interested the design of games. So created this blog, which is to some extent how nicely defined the person with WARSZTATU.GD: masturbation (Sincerely yours!:)), but it is also the logo of what I have learned and the base for people who want to come into the world of design game. Expect information for people who want to be a game designer and things related to game devem.

So far I have had the opportunity to support the following games:

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3-game design, level design, testing
Epic Kingdoms-game/UX design, testing
Madness of Little Emma-game design, testing
Gorwen.pl-Game design, testing
On the way
Best Hacking Software-Own production

I am also working to popularize the use of games in schools

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