Balls Crusher

Balls Crusher is a simple, two-dimensional, time-consuming and very fast game designed for the mobile platform. It involves zbijaniuing other balls using your. For the inconvenience of the player's part of the ball there is a weak zone, after hitting which the player loses HP. Completion of the level occurs after the destruction of all the opposing balls. The losing conditions are usually HP's loss.

Player role

The player uses the finger movements to control the ball, which must properly strike the other balls on the board.

Control and UI

Control with touch panel with one finger. The application must be able to change the position of the HP indicator so that left-handed people can switch to it. There should be a timer in the middle of the upper part of the display indicating whether it is in the time that was foreseen for the level transition
It should be possible to control the Joyem.

Difficulty levels

There should be 3 difficulty levels in the game. As the level of difficulty increases, the speed of the enemy balls should increase, their resistance, and decrease Illość HP at the player.

Physics, mechanics, feedback.

Physics game is very simple. The player's ball should have a weight felt by the player, which would have to include limited acceleration of the ball and its ability to maneuver. All balls should have a specific spin (rotation relative to their own axis), outside the basic balls of the enemy. The maximum spin of the balls should be limited, the player more than the other. All balls after hitting should behave according to physics, except for the ball of the player, who immediately after the bounce should try to reach the player's finger. The maximum and minimum speed of the opposing balls should be limited. The opposing balls should slowly lose their speed until they reach the lower limit.

After successfully damaging the opposite roll, it should shine for a while and then slightly change the color so that the player can recognize that it has lost HP. If the damage is failed, the sparks should be sprinkled.

Rewarding the player

After completing the level, the player will be awarded up to six stars.

1-3 Stars for completing the level depending on the selected difficulty level.

1 star for not receiving damage

1-2 Stars for the time in which he beat the level.

With the increasing number of stars, the player can unlock additional options for the appearance of balls and the board. However, this does not affect the game itself.

Opponents and levels of play

With progressive progression of the game, a variety of opponents will be introduced. At the beginning of each level where no known player appears, the opponent should see his brief description.

The proposed opponents are:

  • The ordinary ball does not have a spin because its entire surface is vulnerable to attack.
  • Panzer. Part of her surface covers the armour uodparniającying the blows.
  • Impulse. Every moment, it accelerates or slows itself. This allows the player to know this by increasing the aura.
  • Prickly. Touching its spiked zone causes damage to the player.
  • Fire. It periodically lights up, which immunitys it to blows and can then deal damage to the player.
  • Samonaprowadzająca. When it reaches the weak side of the ball, the player changes direction to deal damage.
  • Confetti. It periodically sends small projectiles in a random direction. When hit, the player's weak point deals damage. Projectiles disappear after hitting the obstacle.
  • Gravitational. Every moment, it generates a gravitational impulse that attracts all balls in its side.
For example, additional game modes placed as bonus levels can be:
  • Requirement to nailing balls in correct order
  • Protecting the ball from damage
  • Destroying the other balls beyond the one whose destruction means losing
  • Asteroid mode. The edges of the board are removed. When you reach the edge of the board, the ball is transferred to the opposite page.
Main Menu and options
It should be as simple as possible. When the application is enabled, the player moves directly to the level selection menu. This Menu should be scrolled from top to bottom. The view should be loaded in such a way that the last available but not completed level is displayed in the middle of the screen. The top of this level should show 2 levels that are not yet available, and the bottom 2 last completed. Next to each level, you should be informed about the number of stars you have earned and what level you have completed. When you select a level, a dialog box will appear which will ask you to select the difficulty level.
At the bottom, there is a button in addition to the levels list that move to options. In the options there are 2 sliders for audio (music, sound effects), HUD position settings, and options to modify the appearance of the game.
I provide a place for advertising at the bottom of the menu.


The music in the game should be fast, probably electronic. A good model can be Super Meat Boy, or There is no time to explain.

Other sounds in the game will be made to the noise of hitting the balls on the edge of the board or each other.

Earnings Model

The game further funds from the display of advertisements. One ad will be displayed at the bottom of the main menu. I also predict the display of the whole screen every 15 minutes of the game before the start of the level.

Created 14/04/2015

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