Browser Space simulator

At the outset I want to apologize for the weak text replies, unfortunately I had little time for it. Can be hard to read.

It is a project of browser game MMO, a simulator of space empire. In the game, the player can build up the infrastructure of his planet, Colonizeing further, explore futuristic technologies, construct a space fleet and many others.

The main screen of the game is a view of the galaxy, which is divided into 5 rings that move in one direction, but at different speeds. Players start the game in the fourth ring from the middle. The goal of the game is to master the energy of the black hole, which is hidden in the center of the galaxy, which will be associated with the development of appropriate technologies and other actions (the next). Moving on to the next ring, closer to the center of the galaxy will require the discovery of appropriate technologies that protect the player's ships from becoming more difficult.
The Galaxy screen displays the movements of the fleet (ours and other players), planets, planetary systems, stars, moons and other elements. The field of view of the player is limited by the scope of scanning his radar. Other players ' movements are visible in this field only. If a player belongs to a guild, they share information about what they see. This is a peculiar fog of war with the fact that we see all the objects in the galaxy outside the fleets.
When the map is very far away the elements of the galaxy are shown only as symbols. Zooming in will replace the symbols with each item. A planetary system from afar is represented as a single object, which only after separation is transformed into separate planets and a star.
There are objects in the galaxy such as:
Lone stars – used mostly as landmarks without much importance
Quasars-the source of antimatter after the construction of the appropriate station in its orbit
Planetary Systems – The basic place of the game, there are planets in them. This item will be further described further.
Lonely Planets – Cold objects, difficult to develop, but often with valuable resources.
Other smaller objects related to missions and expeditions.

The game has a lot of resources, which would force players to search and trade them. Each planet can have between 2 and 5 different resources, not including food and luxury goods. Some of the raw materials are found in larger quantities as they approach the galactic center. Resources are assigned to a particular planet. They can be moved using a transports.
Metal – Common raw material used in most buildings, ships and other structures
Composites-common raw material used mainly in space ship constructions
Fuel – A common raw material used mainly to propel ships and power plants and in research
Crystals is a common raw material used mainly in research.
Uranus – moderately rare, used in power plants, research, advanced drives and weapons.
Gold-moderately rare, mainly used in research and advanced technologies.
Krypton-moderately rare, mainly used in research and advanced technologies
Antimatter – very rare, used in research and weapons
Eternitium – A very rare mineral, used in many high-end purposes. It can be conveyed to the populace, which will greatly improve its satisfaction.
Loans – Basic good, used in trade and in many inches. The main sources are taxes and trade. are not assigned to a particular planet.
Food – required for the maintenance of the population. Produced on planets located in Ekosferze or Terraformowanych.
Luxury goods – These are good things that are designed to improve the satisfaction of the residents. Every good has a different degree of satisfaction for the inhabitants. Each planet can produce only one good, which is assigned to it on a permanent basis.
Fur-present on the planets Ecosphere + 5
Diamonds-are found on large planets. + 6
Artifacts-occur on planets in the area Ecosphere + 11
Perfume-occur on the planets Ecosphere + 5
Echlo Oil – occurs on planets distant from the stars, or Lone + 10
Ghost Crystals – can be anywhere + 9
Spice Aran – occurs on the planets of the near Sun + 7

Planetary system
Planetary systems can vary greatly. Each hand has 15 slots, where you can find a planet, but there must be at least 1 slot between the planets. So the largest chip can count 8 planets. The Minimum is 2 planets.
Stars also can vary in size, which affects the planet. The size of the stars is within the range of 1-8. This affects the Ecosphere movement.
The table above shows the distribution of ecosphere depending on the size of the star.
SolarS1, S2, S3 is the star size designation.
The numbers 1 to 4 indicate the difficulty of terraformacjiing the planet so that it can be universally inhabiteded by people.
(E) means ekosferę, the place which may be immediately inhabited. This planet gives a bonus to the inhabitants ' satisfaction. The new player always starts the game on a planet located in Ekosferze.
X is the magmową planet, it is impossible to build on it. However, they may be the target of an expedition.
C means cold planets which are not generally inhabited, but can be used without hindrance.
Each planet can have a maximum of 2 moons that can be manageded.
The gaseous planets may not be inhabited. However, you can manage their moons.
Habitable planets vary in size, ranging from 4800km diameter to 20000km diameter, which translates to the maximum possible number of designs on the planet (maksymalna_ilość_konstrukcji = size/100). The initial number of construction fields depends on the type of planet and its shape. Water planets, mountainous, full of clefts and other handicaps have fewer initial construction fields.
The moons have sizes ranging from 1000km diameter to 60000km diameter. The formula for the number of construction fields is the same as in the case of planets, so the situation has to be the initial number. The biggest moons with gas giants.
The player learns about the exact characteristics of the planet only after sending a probe on it, or after settling on it.
The distance of the planet from the star has an influx on the efficiency of solar power plants.
Planets can be rich in deposits at different levels. We distinguish deposits:
Rich + 10% mining bonus
Usual 100% extraction
Poor-10% production penalty

Utility Buildings
You can build many different structures on planets. Most of them require credits and energy for their action. Power plants can also consume fuel or uranium.
Material Structures:
Metal mine/crystal/uranium/gold
Composite Factory
Fuel Refinery
Extractor Eternitium/Krypton
Antimatter Generator
Food pyramids
Luxury goods factories
Capitol – It can only be on one planet, it means the capital of the empire, protects the planet from takeover, and gives bonuses to production and satisfaction.
Hangar – allows you to build small ships
Orbital Station – allows you to build the largest ship
Scientific Center – allows you to conduct research, discover new technologies
Entertainment Center – Increases the satisfaction of the residents, allows the organization of holidays
Residential complex – Increases the maximum number of inhabitants
Builders Guild – accelerates formation of buildings
Operations Center – many things affect
Magazine-Increases the maximum amount of resources that can be stored on the planet
Rocket Silo – allows you to build and store interplanetary missiles
Trading facts – allows to establish trade routes
Robot Factory-accelerates the formation of buildings and ships
Artifact Obelisk – allows you to activate an artifact
Protective Shield – Creates a shield around the entire planet that absorbs damage.
School of officers-provides the experience of officers stationed here.
The structures available to build on the moon are:
Metal mine/crystal/uranium/ZłotaFabryka composites
Fuel Refinery
Extractor Eternitium/Krypton
Antimatter Generator
Solar + 25% performance due to lack of atmosphere
Factory of Miracles – allows you to produce premium items.
Orbital Research Station – allows you to combine the efforts of labs from different planets
Rocket Silo
Radar – Increases the scan range of the Galaxy
Teleporter – allows you to instantly transfer your fleet to another moon, which also has it

With the increasing fame of the player and the construction of the school of officers, he can recruit officers who can be sent to an expedition, as a support of the fleet or can be on the planet or the moon by providing various bonuses. Heroes can receive experience for each action with their participation, through which they gain more levels. With each level earned, a player can choose one special Officer skill. The maximum level of an officer is 20. The skills of officers are divided into growth (growth adjuvant) and fight (adjuvant useful in the fight).


The population can live on the planets ecosphere or on the planets in its surroundings that have been terraformowaneed. Taxes can be imposed on the population, which generates loans, but reduces the satisfaction of the population. Population may increase over time or decrease. If the basic needs (food and energy) of the population are met and the satisfaction reaches above 30 points the population is gradually increasing until the limit is reached. Enemy attacks on the planet reduce the number of populations as lack of food. The amount of tax credits depends on the number of residents.
Elements contributing to the increase in the happiness of the population are: fame, luxury goods, Ekosfera, victorious battles in the planet's area, Eternitium, Stacjonująca fleet, holidays, amusement buildings, the ability of the hero officer of the People
Elements that negatively affect the satisfaction of the population are: lack of energy and food, tax level, attacks on the planet, sabotage, disease
The satisfaction of the population usually changes slowly in response to mood modifiers. Every 15 minutes, the satisfaction balance of taxes, goods and other sources is counted, and then changed by 1 point up or down until the balance level is reached.
The instant impact on happiness has feasts, sabotages, enemy attacks on the planet, and victorious battles in the planet's area.
Satisfaction is described by a number from 0 to 1000, where
0 means the revolt of the moment of entry into revolt, the population decreases, the factories become.
50 is required to come out of rebellion
50-100 production per 50%
100-800 No modifiers
800-900 production + 5%
900-1000 production + 10%
The satisfaction of the inhabitants at 0-80 brings the threat of taking over the planet by a foreign nation.

Fame is the number of points earned by the player for damage caused to enemies, expeditions made and missions, fleet, owned buildings, population.
Fame is subtracted when the player leads his planet to revolt, loses the battle. Fame affects the satisfaction of the population and allows you to recruit officers.

Battles and attack
Therefore, the maintenance of the fleet costs, less often you will encounter great battles. Here, rather, you will count on the appropriate ships to target.
Each battle consists of six rounds. The battle may end in a draw when both sides survive or destroy each other.
The course of battle is as follows:
Both sides are attacked, damage is calculated, destroyed ships > Destroyed ships are removed from the pool of those that shoot in the next round > Both sides are attacking… And yes 6 times. The ship is destroyed only after the end of the round, so all ships take a shot in their turn. Ships whose HP dropped to 0 will not be the target of attack. When a ship has several types of guns first attack the small, then the medium and after them large weapons.
Each ship has its own pot of HP. When this falls to less than 50%, there is a chance of destroying another successful attack (which will deal any damage to the ship, not counted as an injury absorbed by the Shield)
hpEach ship has a combat unit with one or more guns. Some weapons can attack several times over the same turn, however, each time a target obierany is randomly shot. A special Officer skill allows you to choose for what purposes you want to shoot specific ships (it must be determined before the fight). If the enemy fleet does not have a designated ship type, then a random target will be attacked.
The weapons have their specific penetration, which is compared with the target's armour. Damage is only dealt when penetration is greater than armor.
Ships have the ability to avoid fire (Dodge). This parameter is compared to the accuracy of the weapon. Chance to hit% = dodge-Accuracy
Ships can have energy shields that can absorb a certain amount of damage. The shield regenerates every turn.
Ships can have fire deflectors that redirect a certain number of attacks to another random target (either a friendly or hostile ship).
After the battle, a damage field is created as long as the sum of the destroyed ship's material exceeds 1 million. The field of destruction contains 30% of the materials used to build the ships.
It is possible to surprise the enemy. In case our fleet is detected up to 30 minutes before reaching the target 5% of our ships can attack in round 0, and the enemy ships will not counterattack in the same round.
Our fleet can stay within range of enemy radars not detected unless our camouflage allows. Actual detection range = range of the opponent's-camouflage scanners.
The fleet that was detected can be attacked. Trade routes can also be attacked.

Capturing planets
Capturing empty planets occurs after the ship colonization. Colonizer disappears after the planet is occupied.
Capturing the planets seized by other players requires the use of the flagship and the satisfaction of the population from 0 to 80. The flagship does not disappear after the takeover of another player's planet.
Construction of ships.
When constructing ships, the player can choose his type (fighter, Destroyer, Battleship, etc.) and then his armament and engine (from those already invented). You can save construction schemes to use later. Each ship has small, medium and large weapon slots, in addition to the small and large engine slots, Blade slots and deflector optional special feature. The price of the ship is the price of weapons, shields and engines.
The ship data can be found on the following page
The weapons, motors and discs are listed below
These values should be considered as indicative, not correctly converted, or tested in practice.

Research and Technology
In the game you can conduct many different tests with the help of a laboratory. These studies have an impact on the technologies available to use and their effectiveness.
Energy Technology – greater efficiency of power plant operation
Production Technology – enhances mining
Electronics development – Increases the maximum number of fleets sent at one time and trade routes
Construction development-increases the number of HP structures and ships
Protective technology-increases armor of construction and ships
Combat Technology – increases damage
Fire guidance Systems – increase the accuracy of firing
Puncture – Increases attack penetration
Conventional motor – increases power every 3 levels increases ship dodges
Plasma engine – increases power, every 2 levels increases ship dodges
Warp Motor – increases power, every 2 levels increases ship dodges
Spy technology – improves probe accuracy, improves range of scanners
Counter – prevents the probe from functioning, reduces the chance of tampering
Sabotage – increases the chance of successful sabotage – initially 50%
Terraforming – allows terraformować planets
Management-Increases the maximum number of planets that are possible
Camouflage – reduces the visibility of our fleet
Radiation Protection Technology – allows populationing the planet closer to the center of the galaxy.

Trading and trade routes
The player can establish fixed trade routes between their planets, other players ' planets and neutral planets. The number of identifiable trade routes and the amount of transports that can be assigned to a route determines the level of the Guild building. The player determines how many materials from one planet are to be moved to another. The trade routes can also be used to add warships for protection purposes.

Missions and Expeditions
Once the command center has been built to the right level, the player receives access to various types of missions for which various awards can be received. The objectives of the Mission can be to provide resources, destroy the fleet, send meals, explore the planet, destroy the infrastructure of the planet. A player can have 3 active missions at a time. The mission may be canceled at any time. New missions appear from time to time, which depends on the level of development of the command center.
The first missions have the character of a game guide, they do not require the development of the command center, they cannot be canceled.
Additional missions (not counted in the previous three) can be ordered by planets Independent.
A player can send his officer to an expedition that differs from one difficulty to another. To do so, the officer must have at least one ship assigned to the task.
Expeditions are sent to uninhabited planets or other objects. The duration of the expedition is very different from a few minutes to the day. You never know what will happen to the fleet of an officer who set out on a mission, it can be destroyed in its entirety, or partially. During the expedition, the player can collect resources, go in the fight, receive a powerful artifact, receive additional ships, receive a premium item.

During the expedition or the execution of the mission, the player can receive a powerful artifact that will the action of the city or officer. To make the artifact work on the city you must place it in the obelisk. Mate every 10 levels can use one additional artifact starting from 0
Artifact activities for the city are, for example,
Greater extraction
More energy
Faster Shipbuilding/Building
For Officer:
Faster fleet movements
Increasing damage to energy/kinetic/Explosive weapon
Reduced fuel consumption
Increase camouflage

The final phase of the game consists in building four space stations around the black hole and maintaining the action for a period of four days. During these four days, no station can change the owner (except when players belong to the same alliance). Around the black hole there are 8 several slots of station construction. The alliance or the person who will make the first win.

For a game to not classify under a typical p2w, the payment system will be based on premium items, which can also be obtained through missions, expeditions and can also be constructed. The player for cash buys the premium currency, which is then exchanged for the appropriate goods or services.
Sample items:
Additional Building construction Slot
Additional Ship construction Slot
Fleet Cancellation token – allows you to return your fleet at any time
Production of XX or YY raw materials
Increase in population satisfaction over a period of X time
More experience for an officer
Reset Officer Skills
Faster ship movement between planets
Additional missions
Better chance of a successful expedition
A bribe for pirates-does not attack the player for X time
Building Construction Acceleration
Planetary engine – Moves the planet to a different location in the same ring.
The governor is a separate premium feature. The governor employed by us will self-rozbudowywał the planet in the direction we designate (mining, Fleet, defense) for a certain amount of time.