Ninja Goes Home

It is a two-dimensional arcade game, consisting of the control of a ninja warrior. The goal of the player is to reach the home as soon as possible and collect as many points as we get for killing opponents and collecting stars. The target platform of the game is mobile devices.

 Player role

The player uses his finger movements to control the character of a small Ninja, who constantly runs and can not stop. With the appropriate moves jumps, turlas and inflicts blows.


The game will be divided into 8 levels: forest, Castle, city, circus, desert, Volcano, Cave, Glacier. From this forest, the city, the desert and the cave will be the long levels, and the other short ones.

Each level has a unique appearance, obstacles and opponents.


For example, in the woods we can find opponents such as bees, HEDGEHOGSS, wolves, hunters. The static obstacles are: spiked bushes, snares, bloodthirstyed plants, falling nuts from trees.


I think that here you can partially be modeled on the game Superfrog.


Each level contains checkpoints, so that the player is not forced to go through the entire level from scratch.


Each level contains interactive elements that make it possible to complete it in several ways. e.g. The player can mow the tree or jump them, can cut the bushes, or jump them, can kill the enemy, or go past it.


Navigating and controlling

The player cannot stop the character or freely change the direction of movement. Character control is done by drawing appropriate movements on the device.

Pull your finger up – jump/climb

Swiping right-accelerate

Swiping down – Turlanie

Swiping to the left – sword attack

TAP – Throw Shirukenem

Draw a boomerang wheel with sword throw


The player can climb the walls or bounce off them. This is the only case where a player's character can turn around. In this case, the game after a while gives you a know and returns the figure.


Once you have earned a certain number of points, the player can activate the special ability of the 'Droga Falcon, which turns it into a bird allowing him to przelecenie over ground obstacles. At this point, the control changes. Flight of the bird is still falling slowly. Pulling your finger upwards will raise your flight, down leaving, right acceleration and left to slow down. In this mode the player can not attack. Kontentuje only on collecting points, avoiding strong winds and other birds, and wlatywaniu in favor of winds.


Player's goal and reward

The goal of the player is to collect points and complete the level as soon as possible. These results are prominence in the level selection menu. Depending on the result the player is rewarded with an appropriate comment from the character. Comments in any case should be funny and adjusted to the player's score. Ninja also responds with comments on certain actions or player achievements during the game, such as when they kill an enemy, or perform a very difficult jump or die. In such cases, the game instead of comment can display a funny icon on the side of the screen showing what happened.

The loser is the loss of three heartss that represent the player's strength. The player loses them when he has wounds.



The graphics should be maintained in friendly pastel colors and in comic atmosphere.


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