Not quite wild animals

It is a turn-based strategy game where animals are the main role. The game takes place on small maps divided into square fields between teams composed of various animals. The combat System is based mainly on special skills and a variety of characters.

The game includes several game modes:

Single battle


Multiplayer – hotseat, online (cooperative and combat mode)

The game has a strong humorous aspect, which is evident mainly in the form of animals, their attacks and skills.

Player's role.

The player is responsible for controlling the team of animals on the battlefield-moving, attacking, using skills. With the promotion of the character, the player will be responsible for the selection of new skills and characteristics of animals.


The main role in the game is the crazy antropomorfizowane animals. Each animal may have several different attacks, abilities, special features and attributes.

Parameters describing the characters are:

  • Movement-describes the number of actions that can make a character during your turn
  • Life – A numerical value that determines the amount of wounds that the figure can endure. It usually falls between 2-8
  • Eye-sharpness-Defines the view range of the character in meters.
  • Hiding – This parameter talks about how well the character is hiding
  • Interrupt-Sets the chance to interrupt your opponent's turn

The characters advance to the next levels. With each level earned, a player can select one card to improve his character. Every few levels the pool of available cards is magnified.

The list of characters and skills is on a separate page.

Movement and execution of actions

Each action that is to perform an animal costs a certain amount of movement points. Moving in a straight line costs 1 point, after Ukosie 1.25, the trading of characters is cost 0.25. Interaction with the environment (doors, levers) costs 2 movement points. The cost of all other shares is individual for each animal.

Characters can squat, which makes them harder to spot.


Each animal usually has several attacks. Each attack can only be targeted at specific fields that depend on the direction in which the character is looking. The attack power is usually 1 or 2. Attacks can often have additional effects, such as paralysis and poison. The standard character can only attack once in one turn. Some characters cannot attack when they have moved on this turn. Distance attacks, when a character was hidden from an opponent, reveal his position.

Detect and Hide

Each character has a maximum view range in which it detects the enemy. Hiding decreases the effective range of view of enemy characters by the value of hiding (example: The enemy has a view range = 10, our character has the ability to hide at level 4, which makes the opponent can detect us only from a distance of 6 meters ). In addition, the hiding ability is reduced by 1 for each turn within the enemy's view range. Animals can only see things in front of them. The angle of view is 180 degrees.

Standing without movement, at least one turn gains 0.25 hiding bonus, a character that Przykucnęła receives a bonus equal to 1.

There may be dark spots, bushes and other elements in the map that affect the chance of enemy detection.

Skills and attacks

The game is based largely on animal skills. Most animals have unique attacks of varying strength, pattern of attack area, range and special action. The character develops with the levels gained, which opens its access to new attacks, improvements already owned, the growth of traits, or other special skills.

The list of characters and skills is on a separate page.

Game modes


Single battle. Allows you to start a single battle in which a player can select any character that will have a level that is identical to that in the campaign. The player can choose the map, the ratio of enemy strength and the number of opponents. Team power is the sum of all character levels. The single battle offers two game modes:

Deatch Match – Two teams must eliminate all opponents

Capture Tha flag – two teams that need to take over and bring the frag to their base. Depending on the map, there may be two flags located in the bases, or one placed in the central part of the map.

The campaign will be discussed in a separate topic.


In multiplayer modes, the following game modes occur:

Hot seat DM

Hot seat CTF

Online DM

Online CTF

Character levels in multiplayer modes are set at the start of the game. Players have a moment of time to give their skills before they start the match.

The round can be followed or both players can perform the movements in the same turn (multithreading turns)


The campaign is arranged in a series of missions, which are executed in a certain order. In addition, by completing certain help tasks, the player can unlock the side quests. During the campaign, the player unlocks more and more animals; They may be released in the course of a mission, recruited when a player finds special documents, or is made available with subsequent missions.


Characters have a chance to break the enemy's turn in case they entered their view range. The opportunity depends on the distance, the direction of the opponent, the interruption statistics

Skills development.

With the promotion of the character, you can expand it by selecting the profit. Most of the perks are individual for each character, except those that cause an increase in basic features and some exceptions.


Indian antelope. Fast and crazy. She wears a Indian plume, uses Toporkiem and dmuchawką with arrows that can stun enemies or poison them. R7, H2, A17, U4, P3

Brock Leopold. Old veteran. The war lost one eye and both hands. Now instead of one hand has a śrutówkę, and instead of a second sharp hook. R5, H4, A13, U2, P4.

Doctor of Beaver. He is a highly educated doctor, always willing to give an injection, which uśmierzys the pain of his companion, or terminates the life of his enemy. R5, H3, A16, U2, P4.

Alfred Bison. It has long been interested in Sf-Fi. In his helmet, assault had to cut holes for the horns. From an unknown source, he bought a laser blaster with which he never disappears. R4, H6, A13, U1, P4.

The Beetle Zenon. He always has a little dung with him, which polishes his armour. For this reason, it works hard. R4, H8, A11, U2, P5.

Dingo Daddy. All Suczki in the area are his. It does not leave the house without the comb, and its gilded Pistoleciku. R6, H3, A17, U1, P5. The basic attack is to shot with a pistol.

Crazy Professor Dolphin. He moves on a Segway (probably because he has no legs). Instead of the eye has a flamethrower of death rays. There are always some lobsters around. R5, H2, A19, U1, P2.

Ferret Perfumerka. You never miss it, because you always feel when it passes in the neighborhood. R6, H2, A16, U1, P5

Gorilla Patrick. He always dreamed of joining the ballet, in achieving this goal did not prevented him even is a wielgaśnaing defect of the view. His graceful movements delight on the par with his outfit. R7, H5, O10, U1, P2

Leopard Professional. He took training in the secret training Department of the Ninja in Prague. Always loyal to their club. R8, H2, O15, U6, P7

Anonymous alcoholic warthog. For many years he tries not to fight with sowim addiction and very well it goes out. His aura Kloszarda the hardest. R4, H6, A11, U4, P2

Hyena a laugh. He constantly tells jokes and can not stop laughing. The victims of her torture die with a smile on their lips, even connected to the battery. R5, H3, O15, U3, P5

Reverend Hippopotamus. He preaches the good news from behind his great belly, with the cross in one hand, and golonką in the other. R4, H7, A13, U1, P1

Lonely porcupine Eric. I have never had any girl. Whenever poróbwał to a hug, this byed many wounds from his spikes. R6, H4, A13, U3, P3

Eliza Cow. She fought in the guerrillas. Her favorite weapon are small Kociaczkis, which litter in enemies, and these zdzierają them skin. R5, H4, O14, U5, P5

Puss in Boots. Extremely charming and dangerous by its swords. R7, H2, A16, U4, P2

Krokodylica Mathilde. It is a world-famous engineer, and also a huge steampunk fan, which can even provide her weapons-wielgaśna shotgun-a gun powered by a pair of engine, which wears on the back. R3, H3, A12, U3, P4

Goat Piromanka. Eats everything that falls to her hooves, and then soot terrible bąki, which delight the ignites. R5, H4, O14, U3, P3

Paranienormalny Lion. From a little happening to him strange things. He talks to the spirits, and once reportedly kidnapped him aliens into something wszczepili him. R4, H4, O14, U4, P2

The Lemur Julian. Eternal Imprezowicz, never will the opportunity to dance. R5, H2, A16, U2, P6

Ruda Lisiczka. Coquette with Ore kitką. Do not be fooled by her seductive eyelet and moving, in stockings she wears sharp knives. R6, H2, O15, U2, P6

The lazy Edmund. One of the most hyperactive leniwców in the world. Damn knows what he's doing here. R2, H6, O9, U6, P0

Moose techie. Nerd with blood and bones, great pingle on the nose, shirt in the card, and on the corners Hang screwdrivers, keys and old white pants… R3, H4, A12, U3, P1

Hate Monkey. Eternally dissatisfied. He casts crap on online forums and in the real world. R5, H3, O15, U4, P4

A karate Bear. As a youngster, he went to the Far East, where he was trained by the old sage Igayim. R5, H5, O14, U3, P4

Borubar Rhinoceros. Hard Skurczybyk. Member of the special lighting unit. She loves heavy gnaty, especially her minuguna. R4, H5, O15, U3, P4

The Sheep Urszula. Terribly Gadatliwa, to the point that he can talk to death. Always everywhere it is full. R4, H3, O15, U4, P6

PandaMonium. occultist full mug. Casts curses on the order and without. He has a childhood trauma when his older sister has dressed him as a girl. R4, H5, O14, U3, P4

A penguin from the gentlemen's Club. Always impeccably dressed, always in the cylinder, with a cane and cigar. R3, H4, A16, U4, P4

Reksio Dog. Always faithful, always on duty. The years of the Communist indoctrination wyprały his brain. Will do everything you tell him. R5, H3, A16, U5, P5

Shark JewJaw. It moves on the mechanical prosthetic legs. The gills is fitted with special breathing apparatus, which allows him to survive on land. R3, H4, A12, U3, P2

Skunk! Najstraszliwszy from the terrible. In his hand holds a deadly stench putter connected to his butt. R4, H3, A13, U3, P3 carries a gas mask, is insensitive to attacks based on gases.

SmrdoStrzał. Shot with a butt. 25% chance of 1 damage. R2 note. Each additional skill has its own chances of success. It is possible that none of the attacks will not be effective, or they will all.

Contaminated zone. Spray the area, let it stink. Spryskujesz one field faecal. No one will want to go there and the animals are fleeing in a random direction. The effect lasts for 2 turns.

Acidic aroma. New composition of aroma "Smrodek in the Morning". SmrodoStrzał gains a new attack shot: 25% chance for an additional 1 damage point.

Paralyzing Odorek. The stench of your secretions paralyzes your opponents. SmrodoStrzał gains a new 25% chance to cripple the enemy for 1 turn.

Poisonous fumes. Your secretions are terribly toxic. SmrodoStrzał gains a new 25% chance to task 1 poison point in the next turn.

The sky in Mouth, hell in the butt. Recently you ate too much kebab. SmrodoStrzał gains a new 25% chance to target arson and task 1 damage point.

Elephant Sniper. He mastered the art of shooting nuts from the trumpet to perfection, and the protective colors make it very hard to notice. R3, H6, A17, U1, P2. He can only attack if he did not move in that turn. Initially it cannot use hiding places on maps

Shot. Customs and deadly. Damage 2, Movement 3

Super Camouflage. The secrets of cloaking taken away from ancient Indians. After spending two queues in one place, the value of your camouflage doubles!

Falcon's eye. Never Chybiasz a goal… Never

Hide the snout! Heavy gymnastics makes you able to push your Dupsko into the hideout.

Shot out of hiding. When you're in hideout, you can take a shot of it, but you'll probably betray your position. Chance to mark the Hideout 65%.

Gripping trumpet. Proboscis is a force. Pick up and discard the enemy by 1 square back. 15% chance to stun an enemy for one turn.

Gunslinger Hose The lack of hands prevented him from achieving the dreams that would be the fastest gunslinger. R3, H3, A17, U5, P5. No hands, so you can not use on it handcuffs.

Shot. Gunslinger revolves his enemies. Ranged attack damage 1, Movement 2

You're skinny. Because you are very skinny it is hard to hit you. 25% chance of a missed ranged attack.

The fastest revolver in the west. There is no faster than you. Reduces the cost of a shot of 0.5 movement.

Fast trigger. Reloads gun as soon as no one else. You can shoot two times in one turn!

A duel in the morning. You have great experience in the morning battles. In the morning, the range of your shot increases by 1.

Two gnaty. Which is better than one revolver? Two revolvers! You can attack two different targets during a single attack.

Slippery Bastard. Your slippery scales prevent you from immobilising, or grabbing.

The Turtle Stanislaw. Somewhat lethargic and witted. Once, the Panków group made a graffiti on his crust. R2, H8, O10, U4, P1. Attacks in the back do not give any bonuses.

Piącha in the face. An ordinary attack piąchąs the opponent's face. Damage 1, Movement 2

Barricade. Stanislaw's attitude is well set in a narrow passage. Reduces damage by 1 when the object is on the right and left.

Spikes on the armor. The armoring of the spikes was a great idea. When Stanisław is attacked, deal 1 damage to the enemy.

Stability. Reduces the chance of collapsing by 50%

Supply of lettuce. You always carry a little bit of lettuce for bad times. Every three turns renews 1HP

Cannon. Most achievement amateur DIY-a cannon built in its own shell. Spend 3 turns to build your cannon on your armor, dealing 2 damage points. Movement 2

Soil! Soil! The exercises made you fall quickly to the ground. Explosion damage is reduced by 1, minimum to 1.

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