Third strength



From the report log Salvation Mission. RATUNEK2 Ship


06/06/2030 Old Age # year 0 New era

Groups of scientists from all over the world have observed the unusual activity of our star. The new calculations show that it is the last stage of its life. Astronomers agree that over the last 30 years the star will grow to the point that life on the planet is lost. Since this year, we have begun to count the time again, everything is no longer important.


Most people on the planet have abandoned their division. Today, the organization of Peoples is established, which aims to develop a plan of salvation.


The organization of Peoples has adopted the Salvation Project. It involves building on the orbit of three ships, each of them will have the task to reach the selected planet and build a Podrzestrzenny tunnel, which will allow us to get there. The target planets were chosen based on the conditions prevailing on them and the chance to reach them on time. These are the

#105 # 51011 # 3 90 light years away from our planet. The studies confirm the presence of liquid water, and the gases indicating the existence of life. May require a minimum terraformacji. Probably has one moon.

#952 # 204442 # 6 # 2 large moon Super massive gas giant. Only 30 light years away. However, it requires a large terraformacji. It has a dense atmosphere.

#10 # 524 # 2 The planet is 120 light years old. Size and many other parameters identical to our planet. Research shows the existence of a favourable atmosphere and the existence of large global water reservoirs. Readings of atmospheric scans may indicate the initial stage of development of life. This is the most yearly goal of our mission.


Work has begun on three ships, which are built on the orbit. Each of them is equipped with a jump system that will allow you to defeat several dozen light years. However, it requires precise data about the destination, and the amount of matter between the jump points must be minimal. For this reason, a leap position is set for each target planet. Unfortunately, some of them are located up to 4 light years away from the target. Each ship is equipped with Graviton drives, allowing for a ¼ of the ½ speed of light. Each ship consists of a number of modules: laboratories, warehouses, reactors, crew modules, workshops.


First ship completed: Ratunek1. Its purpose will be #10 # 524 # 2


Ratunek1 embarks on a cruise. The planned waiting time for contact is 8 years. This is the time required to reach the planet, to build a tunnel.


Completed construction of our ship: RATUNEK2. Our goal is to #105 # 51011 # 3


On the planet, riots with global reach explode. You probably won't get to our last lots of stocks on the planet.


Our window to start. We are starting with an incomplete terraformacyjnym module, incomplete weapon stock, incomplete equipment of the laboratory. Several crew members are missing.


After the jump we instantaneous power problems that were repaired by our engineers. After calculating our position we found that we were closer to the goal than assumed. We only have a half light year. The vessel is inspected after the jump has been performed.


Repair of radio receivers that have crashed during the pitch has been performed. We started receiving a large number of signals from #105 # 51011 # 3. Most likely, these are signals sent by a medium-developed civilization. Takes Rozkodowywanie.


The discovered signals are audio transmissions. We are not yet able to determine the message body.


Strong radiation has been detected on the planet. Scientists say it might have been a nuclear reactor explosion.


We to the dust cloud. Overloading has been a shield system, probably guilty is an undetected fault after the jump. The dust damaged many modules, the condition of the crew deteriorated.


Intensive repair work is underway. We will probably be forced to crash on the planet.


We enter the atmosphere of the planet. It is possible that this is our last message.

33/03/13 # 2

A medium-successful landing. Many modules of the ship have been damaged, 2 crew members dead, 10 injured. The Scout probes have been shipped. The atmosphere of the planet is slightly different from what we expected. Breathing is very difficult, the amount of oxygen is low.


Third strength

It is a tactical game in a 3d environment. Tells the story of the crew of the ship Ratunek2, which crashes on the ground. The goal of the player is to create a tunnel connecting both worlds, or destroying all mankind. The game is played in a world of 1945, which is at the end of the Second World War. The player will be responsible for establishing the base at the place of shattering his ship, the expansion of an arsenal, research, and conducting missions in enemy territory.

The main elements of the game are:

  1. Tactical mode. It is the basic game mode in which the player performs missions. On the territory of the Mission is chosen by a flying vehicle, which can be shot down by Earthlings. The objectives of the Mission can, for example, be gathering materials, human abduction.
  2. World mode. In this mode, the player manages their missions. Selects which of them you want to choose. It also selects the ship's equipment and crew.
  3. Database management mode. The main raw material in the game is energy. It is mainly repaired by ship modules and constructed structures. Each building has its own cost of living. This mode also assigns tasks to your crew.
  4. R & D mode. The player after certain conditions (such as the conquest of Earth's weapons) can perform appropriate tests.
  5. Character mode and equipment. It is a mode responsible for the management of characters and their equipment. Here the player can upgrade their equipment, sell (smash into energy) them or generate new ones.

In the later phases of the game, the player has the opportunity to breed their characters, trying to grow as strong as possible individuals.

Player role

The player in tactical mode proves a division of aliens. During the mission fights with Ziemianami, performs quests, searches the world. In world map mode, it manages missions. The player also receives a base, which must manage, dispose energy, resources kosmiczymi (human), conduct research and develop their armament. For each mission, the player must prepare his team appropriately so he can meet the challenges.


This is the first thing a player sees after starting the right game. The first object you have is a wrecked spaceship. It has several basic modules:

  • 40 Crew seats
  • Energy reactor
  • Test laboratory
  • Workshop to produce equipment, improve construction
  • command center to improve crew performance and intelligence gathering
  • Energy storage Batteries

In the course of the game, the player will be able to upgrade the base of such constructs as:

  • Thermonuclear reactor producing large amounts of energy
  • Solar panels that produce energy only in a day
  • Shield generator, which protects the base from intruders and other Arakami
  • Defensive positions, i.e. stationary cannons, Defense points
  • A heavy weapons center in which you can construct and develop cyborgs, combat machines, weapons for flying vehicles and heavy infantry equipment.
  • PSI generator, allowing you to control the minds of people in the database.
  • Genetic laboratory, responsible for the genetic modification of the crew and for accelerating growth
  • Hospital, allowing for quicker recurring to injured crew health
  • Barracks magnifying the maximum number of controlled crews
  • Barracks for the detention of kidnapped people
  • The dock in which the flying vessels are constructed and improved
  • Habitat improving the performance of the crew and enabling it to reproduce
  • Training rooms where you can train your crew
  • Terraformer, which modifies the parameters of the planet
  • Podrzestrzenny Tunnel, after the end of its construction, the player wins the game

Access to the functions of each building will be available by selecting it directly or from the Action menu. The position of the structure and defensive elements will affect the fight when the player's base is attacked. Each of the buildings needs energy, depending on the values of the player's assigned buildings work with different performance. The crew also needs to function some energy, depending on it works with different effectiveness, change the chances of the disease, or other positive or negative events. Energy is obtained from reactors, solar panels, from the decomposing of acquired objects. Buildings need different number and qualification of the crew depending on the type. For example, in labotarorium you need scientists, in the workshop of Engineers, at the Commander's command center. Depending on the cast, these buildings work with varying degrees of effectiveness. Most buildings can be upgraded, which can improve its performance, or provide additional capabilities, e.g. a workshop can work on new types of weapons. Special items may be required for the improvement or operation of some buildings, e.g. Uranium is required to improve the reactor, and for some research in the lab, people will need a field generator to construct a disc generator. All these items will be earned during the mission. The place where the ship is shattered is random, it can have a minor impact on the game, eg the order of the emergence of the mission, the chance of discovering the base by humans and others. When a player's base position is found, it can be attacked by troops, bombardments, missiles, or nuclear strikes. In the case of a nuclear strike, which will not be able to fend off the shield generator the player loses. When a base is attacked by enemy troops, the player moves into tactical mode to defend himself.


World map Mode

The player has access to a world map, where he sees all the possible missions. After choosing either of them sees a chance to achieve the goal without being detected by humans. In the event that a vehicle is spotted there is a chance that the forces of the people will try to shoot them down with ground weapons or fighters. Depending on the skills of the pilot, the type of vehicle, the equipment, the weight of the crew with equipment there is a chance to: escape, damage or shoot down the vehicle. In the event of shooting down, the player moves into tactical mode, during which he must defend himself from attacking enemy branches and repair the ship. As the intelligence is carried out, the player receives information about reinforced/dangerous areas and the chance of detection is more accurate. Intelligence activities also affect the speed of new missions and the accuracy of the information. In this mode the player selects the vehicle to carry out the mission, selects his crew and equipment. The game takes into account day and night mode. If the player does not pause the game, the time is still flowing. During this time, studies, trainings, in general, most of the activities will require time in the game. In this mode, the player can check the current intelligence, e.g. if his activity on Earth has been noticed.

Different types of vehicles can carry different amounts of weapons, crew and equipment. These include fast reconnaissance vehicles, transports, fighters, combat vehicles. Having an adequate level of intelligence, the player will receive information about the movements of the people's troops and about possible skirmishes. If he wants, he will be able to attend.


R & D Mode

In this mode the player can conduct research on many things such as:

  • New technologies
  • Weapon upgrades
  • New weapons
  • New vehicles
  • Building upgrades and new buildings
  • Human research
  • Bio-Weapon Research
  • Research on training techniques
  • Genetic modification Research

Each test requires certain specific criteria and a specified amount of energy and time to be met. The amount of time can be reduced by planting laboratories with well-qualified scientists and ensuring their good condition. The amount of energy needed for testing can be reduced by repairing/improving the laboratory.


Character mode and equipment.

This is the mode in which the player manages all the crewmates. Assigns functions to them and advances them to the next levels. You can also modify your battle vehicles. This mode allows the player to modify and improve their equipment

The character System is based on this in the Fallout series.

The main character parameters are:

  • Force, affects load, HP, melee damage
  • Agility, affects action points, evades, initiative
  • Strength, influences HP, treatment rate, immunity
  • Perception, affects critical damage, detects enemies and objects
  • Intelligence, influences the speed of learning of characters and the scientific skills
  • PSI, affects mental skills
  • Charisma, affects the ability to command.

The secondary parameters, mostly due to the main parameters

  • Capacity
  • hp
  • Melee Damage
  • Action points
  • Initiative
  • Armor Class (Dodge)
  • Treatment rate
  • Damage resistance
  • Resistance to diseases and other factors
  • Critical Damage Chance
  • XP Bonus

In addition, the characters have skills such as:

  • Energy weapons
  • Light weapons
  • Heavy weapons
  • Treatment
  • First Aid
  • Melee combat (as well as melee weapons)
  • Throwing
  • Mechanics (Opening of locks, repair of equipment, disposal of traps)
  • Science
  • Stealth
  • Traps (detection and disposal)
  • Command
  • Scout
  • Control of Minds

Most of these parameters can be modified by the conditions in the database and on the planet, or by setting different amounts of energy for crew.

For this player every 2 levels will be able to choose one perk associated with his specialization.

The specializations for the crew with which the game begins are imposed from above. You can change them, but it costs a loss of several levels of experience. In the case of new crew members you can choose a specialisation.

The available specializations are:

  • Commander, improves crew performance
  • Scientist, conducts research
  • Psycho, specializes in controlling minds
  • Engineer, is engaged in the improvement and operation of devices
  • Medic, treatment
  • Scout, Silent Movement, scouting, Melee
  • Pilot, piloting ships flying
  • Soldiers who are additionally divided into: snipers, front, throwers

Each specialization is supported by other main statistics and has a different set of perks to choose from. You can select the crew of each specialization, and in some, it may even be required to successfully complete the mission.

Special types of characters/equipment are cyborgs and battle machines that always work with maximum efficiency. They are stronger and stronger than regular crewmen, but they are not promoted to higher levels, only system and hardware improvements.



The main type of equipment in the game is a weapon, which is divided into several types:

  • Firearms, pistols, submachine guns, various types of rifles
  • Heavy weapons, hard machine guns, missile launchers, flamethrowers, Wielolufowa weapons,
  • Energy weapons, plasma lasers, etc.
  • Special weapons, stuns, sagittal weapons, mind-assisted weapons
  • Throwing weapons, grenades, knives and more
  • Melee weapon, knives, gloves, sticks

Most of the weapons have several modes of operation, eg the rifle can shoot long or short series. A laser rifle can fire one long beam, the club a few smaller ones. The flamethrower can attack the target, or place a firewall. Some types of weapons have different types of ammunition, eg rocket launchers can shoot explosive missiles, or Kumulacyjnymi.

In addition to the standard weapon are different types of traps and mines.

There is also a variety of additional equipment, such as medical kits, adjuvants, handcuffs, scanners, buzzwords.

Another type of equipment is personal protection items. These types of items include: suits, armour, Zakłucacze psionic, ventilators, goggles, masks, dentures, aided armors.

Most weapons and equipment can be upgraded in the workshop for additional features such as: scopes, cooling modules, enlarged magazines/accumulators, silencers, laser sights, improved reload systems, shot stabilizers, discs Armored, energy scatterers. Such modifications can increase the weight of the item by substituting a profit, or modify slightly the parameters of the weapon (eg, the silencer reduces damage, range, and penetration in exchange for muting the shot).


Tactical mode.

is the main element of the game. It is summoned when a player starts a mission. He has at his disposal all the equipment he has taken on the mission. The vehicle that the player arrived at the place is not placed on the map.

The tactical mode would be similar to that of the UFO/SilentStorm/JA/. Maps must be large enough to allow the player to choose any approach path. Elements of the environment can be destroyed


Win and defeat

The conditions of failure are loss of base or all crewmen or completion of work on the virus by humans.

The basic condition of winning is the completion of the Podrzestrzennego tunnel in the 30-year-old. This will be a very difficult goal.

In the event of not reaching the basic goal, the aim of the game becomes to eliminate mankind. Every battle mission and special will be bulleted. The points you earn will be responsible for moving the Victory slider to the desired direction. Earthlings gain points for killing alien ships, attacking bases.


Technical progress of people, after encountering strangers.

People after the alien discovery begin research to help them eradicate them and use their technology. If alien bodies are intercepted, they conduct research that will enable them to better understand their anatomy, which will increase their chances of victory. If items are intercepted, they begin testing to adapt the alien technology to create new weapons. In the final stage of the game people begin to work on a virus that will be able to kill the aliens. Completing these works means the end of the game.


Difficulty settings.

The player will have the choice of modifying many elements of the game that will affect the overall scores of the final result.

Number of crewmen at the beginning of the game.

Energy Bonus

Test run time

The power of your opponents in tactical mode.

Number of enemies in tactical mode

Air Force Earthlings

Player base attack rate and attack power

Intelligence-gathering performance.

Speed of human research



After the genetic laboratory is built, the player has the opportunity to create a hybrid with humans. They have changed parameters relative to basic crewmen, but their main difference is that they have the human respiratory system.


Environment on Earth

The earthly environment differs from where the aliens came from. Contains reduced amount of oxygen and sulphur. Therefore, aliens are forced to use suits or breathing apparatus, or to reckon with appropriate penalties. During the terraformacji of the earth, these parameters change, so that later people are forced to use the breathing apparatus.


Mission types

There are many kinds missions in the game, not everyone has to finish the victory to push the game forward. In the event of a failed mission, it may be replaced by another. Example mission objectives:

  • Kidnapping of a man (scientist)
  • Gaining control of man and doing some action (speech on TV)
  • Gathering of materials (uranium, kidnapping of people)
  • Destruction of the object (destruction of the flight control centre)
  • Object protection
  • Object sabotage (water poisoning)
  • Takeover of the object (mine, oil platform)
  • Find information
  • Human elimination
  • Conduct of tests (anomaly)
  • Pacification Rebel
  • The reflection of the captives


Descriptions of crewmen specializations and strengths


The main parameter of the commander is the charisma, the secondary parameters of perception. Commanders placed in the headquarters give a bonus to all załogantom in the base. In tactical mode, they improve the group's operations through passive and active abilities. Exemplary perks: Supervisor – keeps the team running smoothly despite low morale; Loud voice – increases the range of the commander's impact.


The main parameter of the scientist is intelligence, the secondary is the perception. Their main task is to sit in the laboratory. They usually do not participate in combat activities, unless the type of mission requires it. In tactical mode, they can perform some degree in the function of a doctor or an engineer. Sample trumps: Laboratory rat – Doubles the effectiveness of the scientist in the laboratory; Scientific intuition – allows you to use human devices without any punishment.


The main parameter of Psycho is PSI, secondary intelligence. Placed in a generator the Dogs support its action, improve the operation of controlled people, reduce the risk of rebellion. Their special abilities are controlling minds. Acting on the enemy can temporarily take control of it, Oszołomić it, make it into a frenzy. Affecting an ally can protect against the loss of morale, panic. They can detect enemies well, even through walls, if they are nearby. Example trumps: Reaper of minds-allows the opponent to inflict wounds on their mind; Receiver thinks – allows you to detect hidden enemies more effectively (even through walls).


The main parameter of the engineer is intelligence, secondary is dexterity. The placed in the studio make it easier to work with, improve and repair your devices faster. In tactical mode, engineers can seize automatic devices, disarm traps, open closed doors. Exemplary advantages: Handyman-accelerates repair and modification of equipment; Spoils – it allows to inflict more damage on mechanical devices and inanimate objects.


The main parameter is perception, secondary dexterity. Placed in the hospital accelerate the treatment of crewmen. In the fight can treat others. Examples of strengths: healer – heals more effectively; Knowledge of anatomy – makes it easier to gain critical hits.


The main parameter is dexterity, secondary perception. You can send them on Scout missions to collect information and sabotage them. In the fight their specialty is to remain hidden and fight at short distance. Example Highlights: Perceptive – allows you to gather more information about your opponent. Lisek Chytrusek – Increases the chances of success of the Scouting mission.


The main parameter of the Scout is dexterity, secondary to perception. Their role is to steer aircraft vehicles. Example trumps: Ace-increases the chance to shoot down the enemy; The Mad Pilot – flies quickly and perilously, which can sometimes force an emergency landing.


The main parameter is perception, secondary dexterity. They specialize in distance fighting. Sample trumps: Sokol's eye – lets you better shoot at a distance. Predictive moves-avoids the enemy's dodging value.


The main parameter is strength, secondary dexterity. They specialize in handling heavy and automatic weapons. Examples of Advantages: rapid – allows you to fire more projectiles in one series; Steady hand-decreases the scattering of the shots in the series.


The main parameter is strength, secondary dexterity. They specialize in Miotaniu of different subjects and in melee combat. Player of the first league-increases the range of the throw. Big bum-increases explosions.

To select a specific asset the character must meet the relevant requirements, eg. Level, strength, shooting skills. In addition to the advantages assigned to specialization, there are many available for all, e.g.: A terrible appearance-reduces the morale of the enemy who has spotted the character; Agility – allows you to look around without issuing action points; Brutal – Increases melee damage.


Editor, custom Maps

The player will have the map editor, which will be able to share with other players. Sharing should be done through P2P. The editor will contain all the available items.

The player must be able to start such a mission in order to be tested and then evaluated. You will also be able to add it to your campaign. Map makers will need to determine the conditions of the mission.


Moves/positions and action points and other actions

In the game there are several modes of movement: crawling/lying, crouching/walking inclined, state/walking/running and flying. All of these positions affect the view range, the accuracy of the shot, and the volume of movement. The same chart as most games of this type.

Flying allows jetpacks, or later in the game, special suits. Jetpacks are heavy, when you use them you can not shoot, they are also very noisy. However, they allow you to move quickly and move over obstacles. After-hit flying targets are often falling and suffer heavy damage.

The characters can also climb, jump through the windows. Strong characters can wywarzać closed doors.

Each action of the character costs action points, unless you get an asset that tells you something else.

Battle Machines

The workshop can be used to produce battle machines such as cyborgs, combat machines or drones. Cyborgs can use weapons available for all other characters for their construction, are stronger and more stronger to standard damage. Do not advance, but you can upgrade them in the workshop. Battle machines are tracked vehicles with heavy weapons. Because of their design, their mobility is very limited. Drones are flying machines, they can be equipped with light weapons, grenades, or bombs. However, they are very susceptible to damage.

Relationships between character parameters, statistics, and skills.

Initial principal (strength, stamina) character statistics must be between 1 and 15. The statistics must not fall below 1.

Capacity. It is responsible for how much equipment can lift the figure. 25 Basic + 10 for each point of strength.

Life points. They are an expression of how much damage the figure can take before he dies. A character whose life has fallen into the range 0 to-20 loses consciousness. In this condition every turn loses 2hp. If it is not stabilized and its life points do not fall down to, or below the level-21 the figure dies. 50 Basic HP + 2 for each strength point and + 1 for each point of strength. The character gains every level of 2HP + 2 * strength + 1/2siły

Melee damage. It talks about the basic damage that a character can ask another character in melee combat. The damage is equal to the strength of the character, which is the level of Wyskuje + 1obrażeń for each point of strength above 7.

Action points. This is a number that determines the amount of action that a character can take in its turn. Basic number of PA is 15 + dexterity

Dodge. They affect the chance to avoid a blow, to evade the explosion. May reduce or eliminate damage altogether. Dodge = Dexterity.

Initiative. This affects who first starts the fight after going into turn mode. He is also responsible for the chance to break the opponent's action, unless the characters have any PA. Initiative = 1/2zręczność + perception

The rate of treatment. It affects how easy it is to heal our character and how much HP recovers over time. The HP Uleczonych Bonus is 100% + stamina%. The rate of self-treatment is every hour = stamina.

Damage resistance. This tells you about how much% of your character damage is reduced. This parameter is mainly modified by armor.

Resistance to poison. This tells you how much damage from poisons is reduced. (2 * strength)%

Respiratory performance. It is a współczynink that determines how long a character can stay in an unfavourable atmosphere without a wetsuit or breathing apparatus. It also determines after which time to stay in an unfavourable atmosphere will receive what penalties. The punishments in order are: reduction of accuracy > decrease in PA number by 1 > Reduction of dodging > reduction of Dodge, reduction of > initiative reduce the rate of treatment to > reduction of PA by 1 > Reduction in strength > decrease in PA number 1 > Decreased accuracy > reduced dexterity > reducing Max HP > by reducing PA number by 1 > Reducing all parameters by 3. The first symptom occurs after a time of 30minut + stamina, subsequent to occur every minute equal to the strength.

Basic chance for critical damage = 1/2 perception

Learning speed. Specifies the percentage bonus to the received XP. It is equal to 1% for every intelligence point above 7.

Morale. Determines how the situation on the battlefield affects the character. A character with low morale can panic, zaniemóc from fear. Characters with low morale are more susceptible to psionic attacks. Morale is raised in the presence of a swift commander, after taking appropriate specifics, or after a successful attack. Morale drops when the opponent has an advantage when the character is under fire when he has breathing problems or is injured. Robots do not have morale. The basic morale bonus is calculated using Formula 3x (PSI + INT + Lay)

Skill List:

  • Energy weapons. He is responsible for the use of energy weapons (lasers, plasma). The skill grows when shooting, handling and maintenance of energy weapons. Initial value = 20 + 2 * dexterity + perception
  • Firearms. He is responsible for the use of firearms (rifle pistols). The skill grows when firing, handling and maintenance of firearms. Initial value = 20 + 2 * dexterity + perception
  • Heavy weapons. He is responsible for the use of heavy weapons (hard guns, rocket launchers). The skill grows when shooting, handling and maintenance of heavy weapons. Initial value = 15 + 2 * dexterity + force
  • Treatment. It is responsible for the effectiveness of treatment of severe and critical injuries with advanced medical equipment. The ability to grow during treatment treatments and in hospital work. Initial value = 2INT + 1/2PERC + 1/2ZRĘ
  • First aid. Responds to the effectiveness of treating light injuries while fighting with bandages or other medical equipment. The skill grows when you use it or when you are working in a hospital. Base value = 10 + 2INT + 1/2PERC + 1/2ZRĘ
  • Melee (as well as melee weapons). is responsible for the effectiveness of melee combat with or without weapons. It also affects the chance to block enemy strikes. The skill grows when a character attacks, or is attacked in melee. Base value = 10 + 2 * Force + zrę
  • Throwing. Influences the accuracy and range of throw grenades, knives and other objects. The skill develops when the character casts various objects. Base value = 10 + 2 * Force + zrę
  • Mechanics. It is responsible for opening locks, repairing equipment, disposing of traps, taking control of devices. The skill is curled by using skills related to mechanics, or by working in a workshop. Base value = int * 2 + zrę
  • Science. It influences the ability to use foreign technologies and the operation of advanced equipment and the effectiveness of laboratory work. The skill develops while working in the laboratory, while handling foreign devices, and other mental work. Base VALUE = IND * 4 + per
  • Sneaking. It is a skill that allows you to move silently and hide from the eyes of enemies. This skill develops while sneaking on enemy terrain. Value basic = 4xzrę
  • Traps. It affects the skills of donning and detecting traps. The skill develops during the above mentioned actions. Initial value = zrę + per
  • Command. It affects the surrounding character accompanies giving them some bonuses depending on the level of command. With the development of skills increases and effects and bonuses. A high-command character can be placed in the command center. This skill grows while working in the command center and during the battle, when the character is the commander, and in the neighborhood are the Allies on which it reunites. Initial value = 4 * Char
  • Scout. It influences the discernment on the battlefield, allows you to determine certain information about the enemy (the number of HP, your weapon, the state), allows you to search for some difficult to find interesting places during the mission. This skill is also taken into account during the reconnaissance mission. The skill grows most during reconnaissance missions and slower during combat missions while observing opponents. Initial value = dexterity + perception
  • Control of minds. It is a skill by which a character can influence the positive way for allies and negative on opponents. allows e.g. Take control of your opponent or make panicked. Characters with low intelligence, PSI, morale, injured are easier to give up on this action. The skill develops when you use it or when you are working in a PSI generator. Initial value = 2xPSI + int

Scout missions and search missions.

To start the mission of zwiadowczą you must select a scout and a vehicle and then send them to any area of the world (limited vehicle coverage). After a while, the Scout will return with information about places worth visiting, or about interesting events. The chance of a dark scouting success is quite low, it can be increased by increasing scouting skills and by first gathering intelligence information. The first few missions the player receives through the automatic probes. The subsequent search requires the gathering of intelligence and information during the mission. For example, in the first mission the player may come across an article about Einstein. He learns where he can find and send a scout to find him there.

Genetic modifications

After the genetic laboratory has been built, the player has the possibility to modify the genetics of his crew. Each such modification costs time and energy. Examples of modifications may include: increased strength; Efficient breathing system (allows to ignore the influence of the atmosphere); Improvement of the visual organ (allows night vision as per day).


After breeding Habbitatu the player has the opportunity to reproduce his crewmen. As the aliens are obupłciowi, they can be crossed freely. Each such action excludes from action for some time both crewmen. The number of offspring varies from 1 to 3. The offspring inherits from the parents the main statistics, which are calculated by averaging each parameter and then reduced or increased by 15%. With a genetic laboratory, the player can manipulate the young's birth by choosing two basic stats that will receive an additional bonus. Offspring become adult after 10 years, unless the player builds a przyśpieszacz of growth that will shorten this time to only two.

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