Recommended sites

Links related to game creation

Tusonic Blog/devlog indie game developer.

Polygon site Scientific Circle of developers of games, which operates at the Polytechnic Warszwskiej.

SkillShot a page with job announcements directed to the game Delevoperów.

Mwin interesting portal on the theme of GameDev. It has a very extensive database of tutorials for Unity

Eng. Patrick’s Blog about game design. Here are some interesting articles. Unfortunately no new entries from May 2014.

Workshop GD Polish portal dedicated to gamedevowi along with the forum.

Mvire Blog containing tutorials for Unity5

Gamasutra powerful English speaking portal on Gamedevu topics Web site on the theme of game creation

A list of links with free game assets.

Other links recommended Blog containing game reviews and texts circulating around the themes of interesting players.

JavaStart Courses for Java

Madness of Little Emma Party Game Madness of Little Emma

StrefaMMO Świerzy portal about MMO games. Frequent updates of the portal, but still poorly developed forum

Gorwen Browser simulator space Empire.

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