Mountain explosion. This event happened 30 years ago. During the week nine of the ten known volcanoes erupted, causing major geopolitical changes. Many areas of the north have disappeared beneath the surface of water forcing many peoples to migrate. In the central part of the continent many areas were destroyed. All of this leads to many incidents between migrant peopless and Natives. The temperature of the globe has fallen in the last few years, which entailed smaller harvests and hunger. Southern Kingdoms United and built the Great Wall, odgradzając. This has not been seen with great approval and born many conflicts. After the event, various physical anomalies and opening and closing portals were observed in many places around the world. This is another thing that scientists are investigating differently.

And the awakening of the gods. The Dormition of the gods took place 3210 years ago. This term defines the total cessation of gods activity in the world. The cause is not known to the end, alleged that the gods have died, or have gone. This resulted in many religious conflicts. The followers of each of the gods accused each other of their disappearance. At that time, many ancient religions have to disappear, and new ones were created in their place. The Awakening of the gods was the back of the gods ' activity, and it happened 710 years ago. This caused the joy and the next fight, this time the followers of the old gods with the new. Several governmental blood of the gods descended to Earth to help their followers fight. The biggest carnage took place in Baan, where cut a bigger part of the population. The year of the Gods ' awakening began a new era.

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