Work abandoned because of an erroneous approach to the subject. Several elements of the world were in the second project * * * *

Some elements of this world can be found here: Fantasy world


This is the prototype of the first part of the story, through which I would like to conduct the player in his RPG game. We welcome any comments, specific to the substantive errors.

Click the image to enlarge. The map will be refilled with additional seats.


…. Stand up… Wake up….

You hear these words, but you can't see anything or move.

Finally, something changes, you open your eyes, and the light that surrounds you is blinding. You need a moment to get enough to yourself. Finally, your eyes used and the image becomes clearer and you see what's happening around you. You are lying on a big table in the middle of a huge round room. Blue, light-glowing orbs are hovering over you. Looking at the sides, you see strange machines, tubes, containers. When the shock passes you sit down, and then on the walls you see great moving images, they look a little like built with gears, and not painted. At the moment you looked at the biggest of them, this one speaks:

-Finally! You are the fifth. I created you.


First steps and words. * Tutorial and

In an interview with the image, you that you are the golem-a soulless creature built by the creator by means of magic and science. The image you see is the avatar of the one who created you. You that you are already the Fifth Golem, so your name is also taken: the fifth. Your creator tells you that your only goal is to execute his commands. After the conversation you get a manual to go to the power room, where you can make a better connection with the creator and use part of its power.

When you go to the Power room, the player sets the character parameters * * *

After completing these steps you are instructed to go to the armory, where you can select the corresponding equipment and spells.

Then you will be offered a room where you can try your skills on the unsuccessful experiments of your creator.

In the event that the way a player rozdysponowałs the character's parameters, he or she can go back to the power room to give it back * * *

When you are already satisfied with your equipment and character you are returning to the image to download further instructions.

You are sent to the first mission. Youed that he would have to take away the soul of the Spider Queen. As you do not own a soul, you will be able to swallow the soul of another creature by placing it in your body. You also get a small device with a big green button that you have to activate when the job is complete.

After that you get the command to enter a great thing that resembles a big jar with different tubes, wires and antenkami. Once you are in the middle all around begins to buzz and Blur. You feel as if something wsysało you somewhere.


Service time. * Tutorial II

You are moved to the vicinity of the cave where you have to find the Spider Queen. At the entrance to the cave you see plenty of animal bones and probably people and cobwebs…. Everywhere on the website. Once you have entered the cave you are attacking pretty big spiders, but they are not too dangerous, their bites do not pierce even your skin. You feel the power of your creator. Along the way you see a couple of half-living people in cocoons. For a moment wahałeś to off them or free them. But you feel that leaving them there would be no good. Several of which uwolniłeś after a while and so it rains, and their bodies come out hundreds of small spider. Grotesque view. In the depths of the cave you meet the Queen of spiders, but there is no chance of półboską form and falls after a quick fight. Pochylasz her to suck out her soul. You then become sluggish, you feel that you do not like this soul, and want to snatch it from your body. After completing the mission, activate the device you have received from the creator. Again, the air around you begins to buzz, everything starts to blur, and the device itself warms up almost to the Reds. You land before the face of the creator.

The voice from the image dictates that you spit the spider's soul into a container standing on the sidelines. When you do this, you see how machinery awakens to life and something happens… rather bad for this soul, you hear a terrible wailing.

However, no data is resting, the creator calls you to send you the next mission. This time you have to remind people in a village, who protects their collections, and to whom they are to submit tribute and build a temple. Once again, you enter the Słoikopodobnej machine and move to the center of some village.

You see some nasty-looking houses around you, all stinks. Behind your back runs the cat that chases the rat. But somewhere outside the village you can see the great building-the temple of your creator. Already after a few minutes around you begin to gather the folks, do not look at the friendships oriented. You approach someone who looks like a local leader and you're trying to convey a message from your master. This, however, is not too much to cooperate with, and asks you to take you where you came from. You warn them that if they don't do what you ask for, they'll have to convince them in a different, less cultural way. Then you get a heavy stone thrown somewhere in the back, but this rozsypuje in contact with your body. The folks start to catch everything they have at hand: scythes, circuits, knives, batons. They are afraid, but they already feel that they do not have much to lose. Everyone is throwing on you. You do not have the slightest problem with zaszlachtowaniem them, however, the fourth truncated head something happens. Opadasz with strength, great pain an your head. Now the villagers ' blows begin to ache, after a while you fall on the ground stunned another blow to the face. Półprzytomny you feel like you are picking up, stealing your equipment, armor, weapons. Later someone throws you on the car and carries somewhere… fall… you feel like you przysypuje the earth… you lose consciousness.



It hurts, everything hurts you. But I guess you're alive. With your eyes closed, you maca your body to make sure that everything is in place. You are in a hut, wooden walls cover the moss. The sun falls through a hole in the roof, just in your eyes; Blinding you, but it is also pleasantly warm. When lightly moved dostrzegłeś that someone else is indoors. The woman looks very old, however, her moves are very agile, almost dancing, poking something around the hearth and quietly humming some words. She had to hear how you moved, because she instantly turned into your side. He walks up to you, places some kilogram on you and begins a conversation.

In an interview with this you, he is pustelniczką residing in the depths of a dark forest. How her snowy found you in a shallow grave right next to the Forest Road. After you have given the date, you know that it's been two months since the events in the village. Her name is Mendra.

When you tried to stand up your foot went to something furry… Snowy turned out to be a wielgachnym wolf, with white-and-blue fur. He did not even pay attention to the fact that he nadepnąłeśed him. The woman, however, quickly usadza you back on bed, you wypoczywał. You fall asleep again.

After a few days, when you've recovered a little force, a woman is going with you for a short walk. Then you talk about what you happened, about who you are, what you did, the sudden loss of strength. Mendra in thanks for the interview teaches you the basics of brewing herbs and producing potions. You can see that he rarely has the opportunity to talk to someone.

After a few days, he asks you for a little favor, so that you have chosen two places to collect some specific ingredients for a potion. Just in case it gives you your best cleaver to the meat… so in case.

So you embark on to the first place from the list: Dudniących caves, where you have to collect golden moss. After reaching the place actually turns out that the cave pounding. After a few minutes you, in her midst is asleep huge bear and simply snores. I guess I've just been eating up, because in the air you can feel the smell of blood. Just before his nose, you see the moss, which the witch was about. Luckily you were able to collect it and not wake up sleeper. Taking away from the cave, you notice that he sleeps in some things… maybe it's worth going back later?

Another place to visit is the Black Oak, also called the heart of the forest. Here you have to collect a little living water. After arriving at the place you see the Great oak. It stands in a small pond, so that its roots tangleed even above the water. When you start approaching, you see that the nearby trees begin to emerge the spirits, zerkają you suspiciously. Finally, a few of them swoops to you, they seem to obwąchiwać you. They ask: Who Are you? The moment you opened your lips, wanting to respond began to flee screaming: soulless!

Slightly about you decide to continue to go towards the oak side to grab the water. At some point you stop, something does not fit here. Przyklękasz, carefully check the ground in front of you. Intuition will Not was you, dostrzegłeś a trap. Clever mechanism for opening zapadnię. Not having a great choice carefully continue your way towards the tree. After a few minutes you are already over the water. Fill bladder and return home. The spirits constantly watched you, some even followed for some time after you, but kept a great distance from you shouting some insults.

Once you've been in the hut area, you meet a witch with Milusiem. Waiting for you. Mendra After a quick question whether you're all calling you to the center of the hut. There he asks you one more ingredient for her potions: your blood. With light fear, you let the witch yourself a bit to drop her. It cuts you wrist in such a way that you did not even feel. When it's over, you're doing some wobbly steps and you sit down in a chair in a corner to have a look at what will happen now. The witch begins to stir all the ingredients in the kociołku above the hearth. Humming the words, similar to those when you first saw it. It lasted about 20 minutes, meanwhile, something a few times buchnęło from the boiler in an effective way. The resulting decoction is transferred to two bottles. One gives you and the other stops for you. It tells you that this concoction can help you find your soul. It doesn't seem to be as much talkative as before. In a few words allows you to stop your cleaver, and it throws a few shiny pebbles. It also draws an old map of the area, which shows you the gray Knieję-a small town on the edge of a dark forest. He says you are there with starost. After which begins to goad you to the March,


Grey Knieja

After a few days of March you reach the gates of gray Knieji in the end. It turns out, however, that her gates are closed to all strangers because of raging in the plague area. Two Osiłkowatych guards are forcing you to leave. You will have to look for another way to the center. You decide to circumvent the town around. The walls seem to have a lot of years and a few battles behind them, but despite this you do not see any place in which you could climb. Even if you want to do this, a large number of guards are sufficiently deterrent to not try.

Wandering around the area you hit the houses of villagers, in one of them you manage to get some information. You that once a week a trader arrives with the delivery of food to the city.

Waiting 2 days in the vicinity of the road in the end you see a merchant, accompanied by four guards, and 5 cars. For each of the cars were pinned two horses, and wagons piling boxes, drums and sacks of provisions. The horses did not take lightly. You manage to stop the merchant and talk to him.

You are trying to convince him to smuggled you to the city, but this is expected to sowitej payment for such a service. Unfortunately, you do not have too much with you, so you offer him Cleaver, who got from the witch and a few pebbles. The Fat man turns his nose into your offer, but you see how to view the pebbles until she began to fly drool. It is a pity that Mendra did not tell you exactly what the pebbles were.

When you cross the city gates, you stealthily look from the barrel to which the merchant wpakował you. You see pulling rows of bunk, identical townhouses, however, all windows are closed. Sometimes you only see someone zerkającego from behind the slightly repealed door. You start to hurt Gnaty, the car still jumps on a cobbled street. Finally, after a few minutes, one of the guards dumps the barrel with you inside one of the side streets. It could do it gently.

Now you need to find thehead. You, however, that you look worse than the local beggars. Happiness, however, smiles at you. In the window hangs clean pants and shirt, still still moist after washing. Not many thinking you steal them. You'll quickly see the town Hall on the main street. It does not look too splendid, apart from the great emblem, it is very much distinguished from the surrounding townhouses. But you are not flushed to the center, and the guard guarding the door has gained doubt about you and decided to arrest you. After reflecting on that, this was not strange. The town is not large, the gates are closed, and you're here the only new face.

This way you land a dungeon of the city guards. You have only been informed that tomorrow will be the commander to hear you. Night falls, and you are trying to delete on a wooden bunk, under something to once was a blanket.

In the middle of the night, a Loud rumble awakens, and a huge animal, like a wolf, falls into the dungeon Corridor. Within a fraction of a second, the guardian of the guarding target lies on the ground watching his own guts. I guess I haven't understood what happened. The beast also tries to get and you, luckily the lattices will withstand and do not let it inside. Finally forgives and calms down, it seems even croak. He takes part from what has been after the guard and disappears behind the door. For your luck, the beast only took the upper part of the bazooka, and the keys kept in the trouser pocket. You are able to lean, catch it behind the foot, and push it to the bars of your cell.

You're waiting for a few minutes listening to the neighborhood already safe. Carefully open the grating. Leaving the cell almost poślizgnąłeś on fresh blood. Constantly looking at the sides, fleeing to the street, and then towards the well. You have to wash. The rest of the night you spend under tree growing some 150 meters from the entrance to the Watchtower.

In the morning you approach the place of the event, where have already gather a pretty big concourse onlookers. Przedzierasz through the crowd to talk to the commander of the City guard. Quickly, however, you will be knocked down to Earth by guards. You ask for a call, the commander reluctantly, but decides to listen to you. You go off the beaten track, where you tell him how things happened. You that what attacked you and the guard is likantrop and it was not the first such accident, and raging epidemic is just a fairy tale. Enter the commander in a small layout: you try to solve the issue of attacks Likantropów, and he will arrange your vision with starost.

The mayor has its own house on a hill in the north of the city. From afar it was evident that he was neglected. In the garden of the bushes, a few windows killed planks. At the door "welcomes" you the son of Starosta. He wasn't too polite. After a long conversation, reveals to you that his father had been kidnapped half a year ago by Likantropów, and he was hiding this fact, telling everyone about his illness.


Searching for clues

You embark on a long journey through the surrounding cities. You that they often come to likantropów attacks. What is interesting to them closer to the capital, the more relationships about such events. You were able to find out that there is a large temple of the creator in Drahenau. It's worth taking a look.

* In this act, the player mainly focuses on searching for information, looking for clues, character development, performs tasks loosely related to the main thread, learns more about the world around him *



You reach the Drahenau, the capital of the region. Already a great distance from the castle over trees can be seen the tops of its towers. Along the the you travel every now and then you can see the rich stalls and inns. All are very friendly attitudes, even patrolmaning the area of soldiers. When you reach the edge of the Woods your eyes show off a vast połacia of cereal crops. In the distance behind them you can see the hut tightly Oplatające castle. And behind them white the walls of Drahenau. The entrances of the city Guard two great monuments of dragons enhancements with each other and surrounding the whole gates. Inside the city there is a flawless order, cobbled streets adorn here well-groomed zielniki. The perfectly straight path leads to the soaring towers located in the centre of the castle. There are a total of eight, glued to each other, seem to chase toward heaven. Time to get the language! You move to the largest inn in the area with a rather interesting name: Spies, Dziewki and beer. It sounds almost like a promise of what you can count in the middle. Dziewek and beer are certainly not missing. In several powerful halls there are about a hundred guests, all of them drink, dance and arguing. You get to one of the long tables to hear exactly what the locals are interested in. People seem unnaturally pleased, people are little complaining, and if you've had it on some trees obscuring them with a view from the window, or things of that type. After a few minutes the man came to you, quite nikczemnej stature. Previously, you saw him sitting somewhere under the wall, together with several others, did not grzeszącymi the beauty of Zakapiorami. Those who are no longer visible, unless they have gone. The individual who approached you did not come up, in a few short sentences stated that he could have an interest to you and would like to meet you in the Harbour district. After that, quickly ulotnił to przemykając among other guests. Time to get to know this city…

Your steps are directed to the great Temple of the creator, located near the towers. Her walls are white, and the extra sparkle adds a light that bounces off the golden embellishments. At the inner door you will welcome two naked Akolitki and invite you to the inside. After walking a few meters, your eyes show the main hall. In the central place of the room is a great monument of the wolf standing on two paws, and at its base stands the altar. The priest mamroczącying over the altar tries to look like you are ignored. But you can see that your presence is bothering him. After some time it does not withstand and asks you… May not ask… Rather, askingly shouts: What are you looking for a stranger? After explaining to the priest that you are looking for a few missing people, this becomes even more snippy and aggressive. "asks" you to leave the temple as soon as possible, bluntly explaining that you are not welcome here.

Here will be a place for more side quests, getting to know the city * * *

Today you have had a few strange meetings during the day. You met a few people on the street that missing in the villages and towns you've visited recently. None of them, however, did not want to talk to you, quickly fled and disappear somewhere in the side streets. You also noticed that the eyes of passers often looked on you… With such penetrating, łapczywym eyes.

It's evening. You are going towards the port district where you had to meet with Kurduplem from the inn. His home is no different from the rest… maybe just the fact that it stinks more. The door opened before missed knock. Apparently they couldn't wait. After a grueling conversation full of many questions, they go into things. It is about providing a lady to the distant city of Galway. You only as much as you need, nothing more I don't want to tell you. You embark on the same night. The city is quiet, too quiet as on this size city. After a few minutes you come to a narrow bridge. This is called not without reason. It is long for about two kilometers and wide by two meters, so that the two armed barely fits side by side. The view from the bridge is breathtaking. The lights dismissing the city tangle in the water with the light of the stars. No data is you long to enjoy the peace of tranquility. At the edge of the bridge the road Zagradza you a branch of guard. Arrested you and your new companion at the command of Lord Overseer. The branch commander is unable to provide you with more information, everything you have to know the next day. So, again, you beat the bridge, this time the view does not seem so nice; The sky begins to brighten up from the rising sun. After crossing the gate and after defeating several corners: Rumble! One of the guards falls knocked down a shot with a dwarven shotgun. The guards Uskoczyli on the sides looking for a shelter. On the back in your direction, there are four people, one of them you get from the bar, was with Kurduplem. In their hands they hold swords, but not some ordinary ones, until kipią from anger and magic. The other five guards begin to piercingly screaming, their eyes are passing blood, their hands change in the claws, and the skin covers the fur. Likantropi! One fell to a smooth cut before he had yet to transform. Two successive wolves fall on the ground after a quick exchange of punches. The third, the white Mane jumped somewhere sideways to the buildings, to wgnieść a moment to the ground of one of the attackers, however, did not rejoice too long, because after a fraction of a second threw in your side… jumped, and you can not even move chained to the car…  Again, Zawyła dwarven the cannon by punching a hole of the size of the pumpkin dorodnej in his back, and a few liters of flakes were dropped on you, mixed with fur… The last of the Wolves managed to escape somewhere in the battle of turmoil. When it all calms you have a moment to take a look at these people. It is the same team that greeted you in the Port district. It looks like they were tracking you, and when they saw what was going on, they prepared an ambush. On the surface is not safe, it quickly brings you to the underworld, there will be a moment to talk. After going down to the Obieracie canals the direction to the city center. This time the whole team seems to be more talkative. By the way, you that the city is one of the great nests of likantropów, along with Lord Overseer at the forefront. There are few real people here, and even they are in some hands with wolves. Kurdupel, even presented: Ital Majo, called Short. From him you also who is the girl he wanted to send you. It's Aria, the only known case of a person who has been pogryziona, survived and hasn't changed in Likantropa. You had to bring it to Maga Residingl Galway, who had investigated it and could possibly create an antidote to this disease. Unfortunately, the whole intricate plan to Życi. From the top there are sounds of great commotion, bells beat the alarm, and the trumpets trumpet. No one living will leave the city. The only chance is to try to reach the Lord Supervisor and catch him… or kill them depending on the situation. Don't hesitate to attack, most wolves are busy searching the city, so guards shouldn't be as numerous as usual.

Canals come to the tower complex in the center of the city, where the Lord overseer is located. Just as Podejrzewaliście the complex was almost empty. You managed to slip through a few floors unnoticed. The Problem began when arrived the door marked with many strange signs. When one of your comrades tried to open them, the door wyssałyed them with a soul and his body fell. Before anyone could react to the Aria pushed door. She felt nothing threatened her. Do you do because of her ailments? There was not much time to analyse this situation, as there were guard rooms right behind the door. It was an elite formation, they quickly changed their forms and rushed to your side. A quick move pulled a few bottless from behind and threw them in front of you. These erupted covering most of the room and the Unfortunate Wolves fire. Two of the wolves, however, have this attack and in the blink of an eye were already at you. In the eyes of the companion carrying the cannon was seen horror, he wanted to shout, but the great paw Likantropa clobbered him the whole face. Lifted it into the air and pushing him head to the wall he crushed her, at the same moment the second of your group slashed the wolf so that tripe with Chlustem struck the floor. The last of the Wolves saw what was going on quickly jumped over the burning floor and retreated to the Lord Overseer's chamber. You can hear a loud cry, which after a while turns into a loud roar and whine. The door of the chamber opens with a bang. The great likantrop barely squeezed, marking the floor with a deep scratches. After a while, it is already known that it is the Lord Overseer – a ruler medallion rests on his chest. From the outside, you whine many wolves that rushing with help. There is not much time. After a series of rapid exchange of blows Likantrop lies on the ground forced to return to his human form. Other wolves, which in Dum time had to reach the place, do not approach-are afraid to provoke you to kill the Lord Overseer. You to the Lord's Chamber. There it przesłuchujecie. You from him that he was tasked with preparing the army from the creator, who dwells up at night. Does not know exactly what it is. But he heard that one of the creator was destroyed some time ago, it is possible that it has a relationship.

After hearing, you are wondering how to get out. You are surrounded by wolves, on their own territory. Seeing your restlessness short until you rejoice in the murder. Pulls out the coil from the pocket. It tells you to get close and then breaks the seal, and the air around you is starting to boil. After a while you are already out of town.

We can't stay here, we need to get to Galway as soon as possible….



Description of the world and its elements.

The creator is human or other creatures that have mastered the magic, and in particular the magic of creation at the highest level. They are usually considered gods. They are very narcystyczni, ordinary people use as tools.

Golems are creatures deprived of the soul, called to live by some other being, usually the creator. More advanced golems have their own will and can store the souls of other creatures. Golems can draw extra power from their creator.

Souls are something tangible. Some characters can steal or kill souls without damaging the body. Most of the beings have weak souls, which usually melt after the death of the body, or after separating it from the body. While strong souls are able to survive a long time without any body. Sometimes they find a different body, usually killing a body inhabiting it.

Workas is a larger variety of wolf, which we all know well. They come from the mountains of the far north. They usually have white fur with a light blue tint. Snowy, the Mendry Witch, belongs to this breed.

Mendra is a witch. It is difficult to determine exactly how many years, because its appearance and length of life is constantly changing with magic and potions. It is very possible that in the distant past was stworzycielką, but it is not known why it is no longer. It comes from the distant north, where she took the Milusia. He currently lives in a dark forest.

The dark forest lies on the sea of sleep. Its surface is approximately 1500km square meters. Its name comes from the Dark oaks, which are most here. In the center of the forest is a black oak, also called the heart of the forest. It grows on the lake, whose water has some magical properties. There are few people in the forest, because of the numerous legends that are talking about the many monsters that inhabit it.

The grey Knieja is a town on the edge of a dark forest that up in the walls of the former fort. It is surrounded by an old niszczejącym wall, which still remembers the times of Heaven's demons. At the head of the city became the mayor, which was recently kidnapped by Likantropów. Population is about 2.5 K. The architecture is a little different, it is mostly identical townhouses, which were built in the same period. The town is surrounded by meadows, marshes and farmlands.

Likantropia is a transformational skill in the wolf. It is a source of disease transmitted by the saliva of infected beings. A person who is infected according to his or her own strength (physical and spirit) is permanently altered in the wolf, or may be transformed at his own volition. The sources of this disease are examined in the experiment of one of the creator, but this is not a confirmed information. A special kind of likantropi use the druids. Their transformations are based on magic.

The town of Drahenau is the capital of the region of the same name. It lies on the Gulf of the dragon. The central point of the city are connected with each other towering faith. The city is surrounded by strong walls. The Drahenau is divided into the District of Faith (the center of the city), the Port district (in the south of the bay), the eastern and Western districts (residential areas) and the terraces (a large complex of connected buildings and halls, mainly shops, Craftsmen, libraries and others). The management of the city is dealt with by the Senior Council, under the supervision of the Lord Supervisor. The city counts about 20k inhabitants. Legend has it that Drahenau took its name from the name of the Dragon Drahe, on which the ridge was built.

State-town Drahenau. Its borders mark: in the north the Cutest river, in the east the Sea of Sleep and the Straits of winds, to the south of the Great Wall and Mickiewicz, to the west of the Mountain of Swords. Drahenau is a free state that is headed by the Lord overseer. Drahenau is adjacent to the Great Kingdom of Lii, which surrounds them from the north and from the west, there are two large islands in the east to Lii. To the south of Drahenau are destroyed fields. The main cities and settlements of the region, arranged by size are: Drahenau, Gutter, Trim, wind cliffs, stone steps and gray Knieja. A large part of the northern part of the country occupies a dark forest and quiet marshes. For this reason, the north is not densely populated or managed. The central and south-eastern part is the most welcoming, there are large open areas, which are crossed by numerous tranquil rivers. Often you will encounter small settlements composed of 10-20 houses. The main sources of state income are cereal growing, fishing, rzemieślnictwo and Raitu mines.

Destroyed fields are a region destroyed during demon times. After defeating the Demons, they failed to re-populate these areas because of the ubiquitous sulfur.

Raitu is a mineral that, after suitable treatment, can interact with souls. It is extremely rare and expensive raw material used mainly by magicians and the creator.

Magic comes mainly from the soul, which makes most mages are already born with magical predispositions. Magic is a skill that allows you to influence the world around us, using various techniques.

Demons ' time was a 230-year war between humans and demons. It started 433 years ago, just after the rain of meteorites, which struck the southern part of Drahenau (today destroyed the field). Demons took a large part of the region to reduce their expansion was built a great Wall, which combines Mickiewicz with strait winds. At the beginning of the war, the Demons had a great advantage and no one returned from them. Only after about 140 years, the creator was able to develop appropriate armor and weapons to fight them. In the great battle of the ruins of the White City managed to break down the main forces of demons. For another 90 years, Urządzano smaller expeditions to knock out the other demons.


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