Groups – Brotherhoods, congregations, clans, guilds etc.

The link map will probably change and expand over time.


Southern Union. It is a pact between the three provinces: Harmią, Baan and the great spring. The pact aims to reduce the immigration of beings from the north to the Union's territory. The wall is built to help.

Chaosyci are a grouping that brings together people with demonic or semi-demonic ancestry. They want to enslave in a magical way and then use the demons for their own purposes. At the present time are a small sect, but soon find new followers. Operate mainly in Inferium

The order of the New World is the order of Paladyńskim. They serve Helliusowi. comply with their code. They fight against the undead and demons. Their elite are untainted.

Sign of bone. It is a global secret society designed to spread the world's undying. In the head of this group stand powerful Lisze. They make it easier for anyone who is willing (or not) to move to the other side. They have the school structures of warriors, mages and assassins.

Merchants Bank. It operates across the continent lending loans well rokującymed to individuals. They are established in a common port. They do not have a power solution if necessary, but prefer more subtle pressure methods.

Butchers Cartel. A criminal group operating on the field of honey fields. Mainly deal with extortion.

University of Nilrema Magic. The university with many influential mages. It is located in the town of Harmii. It works to understood the development of magic.

Druids. Followers of nature. Do not engage in politics. Very honorable, ready to defend their values for the price of their own blood. Most of them can accept animal forms. In their ranks only have men with single przedstawicielkami of the beautiful sex.

Black Sun. A group of vampires and their followers gathered around Emmanuel.

Dryads. Creatures with feminine shapes borned by the forest. Closely related to nature.

Clan Ismaka. A clan of warriors with a camp in the sand giants. They have an oasis in the sand wasteland under their control. In their head is the warlord Ismak.

Slave hunters. The association of slave hunters without centralised authority or visible links between individual members. Typically, they work secretly. The only place where you do not have to fear condemnation is the city catchers WBaste Ferie.

Sower. It is a secret group of warlocks who attempt To take over the demonic powers.

Acolytes Partyshii. Fanatical followers of the dead Prademona Partyshii. Their camps are at the foot of the twins. They try to bring it back to life by redressing the bloody rituals.

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