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Residents – Playable races

Spopielenis are also called burned breeds that were created during the mountain explosion. They do not show many social behaviors, they do not join in the community. Usually settle in the remotes so that no one bothered them. They have large innate magical abilities, for this reason they are often invited to the court mages ' jobs, but usually do not accept these proposals. They do not have memories (or they claim) before the explosion of mountains, so it is possible to conclude that this was the time of their birth. They have humanoid silhouettes, sometimes you can see cavities in their bodies (frequent ear deficiencies, noses, rarely fingers, or other body cavities). Their wounds do not bleed, but they ignite with fire. Their skin seems to be constantly żarzyć. Many famous scholars are conducting research on them. By the followers of Pyrusa are regarded as his children, they themselves strongly deny it.

The Spopieleni are humans or elves, who at the time of the mountain explosion were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was very rare for them to keep memories of their previous lives. They seem to not get older.


The Giants are a race that was the distant northern territories of the continent, which were destroyed in the mountain explosion. They are a combination of people with bears, created by the elves. They did not want to wander far south settling on the first habitable terrain that they encountered creating small settlements, or occupying existing villages. Sometimes this meant confrontations with the natives. They are much bigger than the average person. Measuring about 2.2 m growth, they also have a very developed muscles.

Elves. Tall, slender characters, their skin is usually very clear. Old much slower than humans. They inhabit the infinite western forests, where they have their household. They do not like to interfere with things that do not affect them directly. The explosion of the mountains did not affect their territories, which made many other creatures trying to infiltrate their lands. Do not follow them gently. Most immigrants are immediately expelled, and in the case of recidivism hearing about such creatures are killed. They live in a large symbiosis with the forests they inhabit. They do not form houses (usually) like other races – trees are their shelters that stimulate and shape with their magic.

People are the most common intelligent race on the continent. They have many towns and villages. They are versatile and are engaged in various professions.

Dark Elves. They are derived from the Elven group, which abandoned the woods before the ages. Their skin has changed colour on the dark, as they can no longer derive from the forests of Życiodajnych power. Old almost on par with people.

Dwarves live in the north-eastern areas of today's continent except for the great Jaru. Several of their headquarters were devastated by a cataclysmic effect. Most, however, uchowała in more or less intact condition. Their cities have adopted large numbers of refugees, but their moods are becoming worse. These are quite low about a 1.5-1.6 m creature with a very KRĘPEJ body structure. Dwarves have achieved some skills in the processing of ethereal stones.


Residents – Others

Undead. They are the walking pile of meat which is guided by the lowest instincts or by the Lich or necromancer. The first undead were created by Necromancers with magic. About 300 years ago one of the Necromancerss created a disease that can infect the corpse or weak organism and change it in the undead. There are methods to change in the undead for life and keep the fullness of consciousness and mental powers. However, this requires long preparations and complicated treatments. Necromancers after such treatment are called Liszami. The main necromancer responsible for the creation of this breed was Netenok

Demons. They are ethereal chaotic characters that inhabit some places on the mainland. Many of them speak magic. Using the turmoil created by the mountain explosions they try to organize themselves and start fighting against all other beings. They cannot die, only their material shells can be destroyed.

Ethereal. They are a kind of magical characters who were born, or steel. The greatest magicians abandoned their existing forms in favor of etherealness to develop their skills. Their appearance varies depending on the magic they are related to.


Vampires do not live, nor are they dead. They were suspended somewhere between life and death. These are the children of the night. During the day hides in the basement. Spopieleni and Giants have inherent resistance to this ailment.

Likantropi are similar to vampires, they lost part of their own being in favor of something else. Unlike vampires, Likantropi live. The form usually changes only at night. However, the more experienced you are able to change whenever they want.

Ptakoludzie inhabit only the bird island. They are the intersection of people with the bird. The growths are similar to the dwarves, but they are a lot smuklejsi. Their lives revolve around hunting and wind cult. They avoid contact with strangers, but they are friendship.

The race of intelligent aquatic creatures, related with octopus. They have a silhouette close to the human, but with many differences. They do not have legs, but they move on four (or more) strong macks. There are no ordinary hands, on their back there are 8 (or more – to establish with the artist) The Mack Arms, which often break down, which makes them a little to the wings. 2 of these arms are much stronger, usually serve as hands. They do not have a clearly drawn neck. A head without nose, a very large snapdragon with no clear lips, filled with two rows of sharp, pointed teeth. There are two baggy pumps in the place of the ears to push the water to the gills (the mouth is located on the back, as a few small tubes that can change the direction giving the momentum). 2 pairs of eyes, black, empty.
Height 220-300cm, weight 100-200kg. Life expectancy of about 70 years.
Very agile in water and aggressive. Advanced technology. They can construct apparatuses that allow them to leave the water (2 domes covering the breathing apparatus on the head, and the tubes receiving water from the back. On the back of the machine that oxygenates this water). However, they usually avoid leaving the water, without dying for a long time.
They often adorn their bodies bone (or shells) jewellery or armor and tattoos.
It often happens to attack ships in all Western waters, which has begun several armed conflicts. This is the main reason why Oonapuis come out of the water to destroy coastal settlements.
Do not differentiate with respect to sex. Social structure similar to Mrówczej. The Queen Mother makes eggs and manages everything. The queens are characterized by several times longer lives, about 400 years.


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