Portals. They are a phenomenon that appeared after the explosion of the mountain. Their genesis is not yet known. They tend to open and close. Can lead to a wide variety of places. In several places using magic manages to maintain the stability of the portal, which enables fast travel. However, mages who support them charge terrible charges. From the rare part of the portals leads to other worlds, and some of these worlds are inhabited by very hostile beings. Some portals seem to lead to places from the past. Part of the study indicates that to some extent it is possible to influence the present.

Ethereal stones. They are a fairly common mineral found in the world of Taum, but very heavy in mining and working, and to the extreme fragility and ephemerality. Very often poorly machined stone rozsypuje in the dust losing its special properties. This mineral works in a certain way as a magical catalyst, supporting all the magical abilities of all creatures.

Time Guardian

is a legendary figure, there is no evidence of its existence. It is said that it is older than all gods. Recently, however, it seems to be poorly fulfilling its task as evidenced by the properties of some portals.


Gods are creatures in a sense outside the world, although sometimes you can meet their avatars. Their awakening began a new era, it took place 710 years ago.

Hellius – God the Sun. Afflicted comforter, giver and protector of life. Patron of the Order of the New World. He does not expect sacrifice, merely observing his commandments, in the case of their breaking very dour.

Pyrus – God of fire, destruction and purification. Brother Bejsona

Bejson – The Lesser God, his domain is earth, durability and stability. It is largely the opposite of his brother Pyrusa.

Colossus – God of Heaven, stars and night. The Patron of all assassins and thieves. The eternal enemy of Helliusa.

Sara – The goddess of water. He always finds his place in the world, inconstant in feelings and form. It is a patron of change and inventors.

An Aneth – God created by the collective will of the elves. It inhabits all plants and animals.

Nameless God-the first consciousness that emerged in the universe. The creator of the elves, humans, dwarves, and the first demons by which he was killed. His death contributed to the spill of magic throughout the world.

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