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Below is an old description of the world. Part of its elements may have outdated. For more up-to-date information, see the subpages.

Western Islands. It was a collection of islands located in the west of the continent. They are inhabited by numerous small tribes, and the steep cliffs of the islands effectively odizolowały them. However, after the mountain's explosion, the seabed was wypiętrzoneed, causing a lot of unpleasant incidents with the looming creatures. This was largely a matter of cultural differences. The land of the Western islands is separated by razors from the mainland (a newly created mountain range with very sharp and soaring slopes. Some of the mountains seem to be tilted into one or the other side) and the dead reef. The lowland areas of this area are called bottoms. They are very fertile, which further attracts immigrants and lords willing to expand their territories. In many places you can find skeletons of sea creatures, big shells, smaller and larger forms of crystals (the largest in the west of the bird Rock).
The region is currently comprised of the following plateaus (formerly Islands): Sea Serpent, Stairs, Bird Rock, Hasia-Klot (formerly two separate islands Hasia and Klot) and a north belt consisting of 5 islands (DA-Nene, pin, da-ne, ka-ne, ka-Nene, The names of these islands can be explained as very far, far, close and very close.
In the middle part of the Hasia-Klot there is a lowering of the area, which both islands combined. Unfortunately, the mutual aversion of the tribes living in these islands has led to numerous battles over the past years.
Between the Hasia-Klot there are chimneys. These are still active geothermal chimneys spewing poisonous gases.
At the western end of the area is a giant rozpadlina called a scar.
In the southern extremities of the region many small settlements were created, which are collectively called a new opportunity. At the western end of the settlements began construction of the enhanced port node. The work is already very advanced.
South of the new opportunity is an extensive it with a depth reaching the knees or the waist.
On the western edge of the Dna is a long rozpadlina called a scar, partly filled with water.

The dreamy swamp is the area between the razors and the mountains of the world. There are only two villages: the Gray Knieja, which is situated on an elevation in the middle of the swamp and Glenn, a fishing village on the Gulf of Glenn. There is a father in the West Swamp. It is an old tree of souls. On the border of the swamp and the mountains of the world lies the city wall. It is a dwarven city carved out of the slope of the mountain. In the south of the region there are mounds – a place overrun by the undead and Pyramidion – once the temple of Pyrusa, however, taken over by the mages during the period when the gods slept.

The narrow plains are stretching from the Bay of Afa and Razor to the west across the entire latitude of the continent to great water in the east. In the east there is a nest (large fortified castle located on a small lift above the cliff. At its foothills is a port, and in the surrounding cliffs its nests have large eagles, which are here trained for military purposes. Further east is a good field – an agricultural settlement that lies above the turquoise lake. To the north of the lake there is a singing forest, which owes its name to the incessant songs that are played by the wind passing through the surrounding mountains. Guided further east we encounter the River Ana-the largest river on the mainland, with a calm current. Often you can meet on it rafts on which spławiane are raw materials extracted in the mountains. Above the ANA is a small village of agricultural-mining riverside. Many giants came to her. Just across the river there is a fort fist that guards the bridge. More South there is the newly formed city of Ul-Aum. A crown of formation connected by mountains, in the midst of which lies Lake jewel of the crown. From the lake is the River Narva (it has a strong current, it has several small waterfalls). At the stupas of the crown is not yet called a giant village. Nad Narva is a small year-Szmerolas and another settlement of refugees from the poured land-Nora. On the shore of large water from the mountains to the hive stretches fire heather (moorland). Ul is one of the oldest fortresses. The walls of the hive are no longer in good condition as they once did.

Divisions north of Drahenau. The White Forest took its name not only from the white trees in it growing, but also from the white webs wityched by white spiders from the heart of the forest itself. The pin was once a complicated astronomical observatory, and also a temple of the god of the sky of the Colossus. The PIN is a simple, high monument in the shape of a stud, surrounded by a number of boulders arranged in different patterns. Liri is a commercial settlement formed by the intersection of the claws, Drahenau and the path from the north. The rocks are an old mountain range stretching from the shores of any to large water. The rocks are Mickiewicz-a river with terribly strong current, there are numerous small waterfalls and a lot of rocks. From the thunder of water the river took its name. On the edge of the rocks near the river any there is an observatory – a small stronghold and the headquarters of scientists. Podzamcze is an agricultural village. Gates Drahenau are the world's second publicly accessible and stabilized portal. Colored trunks are coniferous woods. The trees here contain the bark mieniącąed with all colors. Mrucząca Góra is a large volcano, in its stupas lie the ruins of the former port city of the Untusk. Today, few people will be in this area by the Great cemetery. For several years the dead who were buried there begin to emerge, and in the surroundings downloaded many necromancers and Liszów zaciekawionych this phenomenon. Therefore, the settlement of Dun was abandoned.

Drahenau. Capital of the region. It is a great castle, which is a tightly braided urban building. From afar there are bright towers that look like the arrows that chase the sky. The towers took their names from their colors: Ruby, Emerald, Diamond. The castle is surrounded by high white walls, while the main gates guard two intertwined monuments of dragons. Legend has it that Drahenau took its name from the name of the Dragon Drahe, on which the ridge was built.

The Claw Peninsula. In the south of the peninsula is a powerful fortress claw. Surrounded by several districts of masonry, equipped with numerous catapults, he has custody over the canal Oleg, and the Sea of Tears. Walking Sands are desert. It was because of their reason that the nearby sea, the Sea of tears, was called. Strongly blowinged winds have conquered the dusty clouds that wyciskałyed the tears from the poor sea. Rumblor is a village of craftsmen. They use the nearby river to propel their machines, also use the surrounding small mines of iron and copper. The River Rumblor begins its run in the Claw line – a small mountain chain. The West Bank of the peninsula is determined by black cliffs (sharp, basalt). The sandy Colossus is a sandstone mountain, and the wind and water carved various fantastic patterns on their slopes. There are twins in this mountain chain, two active volcanoes. In the northern and western feet of the sand Colossus, the hills on which the Forest of Shadows is located are stretching. Legends proclaim that it was created at the site of the greatest battle of the world, and is constantly haunted by fallen soldiers. The largest peninsula is the AFA, originally a small fishing village, today one of the major ports. The inhabitants are mostly difficult to trade and craft.

During the mountain explosion, the part of the peninsula broke out forming an island separated from the rest of the mainland by a isthmus called knives (the name comes from the water protruding from the sharp rocks). There were two new fishing settlements on the island and the old marina. This island is called a peninsula nail or Ułamanym nail.

Sunken lands are areas lost as a result of an explosion of mountains. The largest area lies in the north of the continent beneath the ocean of storms.

Mountains of the world. It is a giant mountain formation in the north of the continent. In the north, on the border of the ocean storms are the claws-fjords. The main town of the area is the steel gates. It is a city surrounded by high pointed mountains, and in the south of a high steel wall. A steel road located in the ravine, paved with steel plates, leads to the steel gates. The three main mountains are: the Summit of the World (the largest of the famous mountains), the gloomy Titan (the top of this mountain is always treated with clouds, and its slopes are covered with black Tumalinem (mineral)) and Rubin (the sacred mountain of all dwarves, its top and heart is Great ruby size). The Temple of Bejsona is located at the Stupas summit of the world, it is an open place surrounded by columns, and in the central place is an altar. Orle Nest is a tiny village composed of several homes and shelters. From the west and east, the Orlego nests are lifted – the only way to get there. Kilgobbin is a small, newly formed fishing village. Lonely was once a small village cut from the outside world, today has to the rank of the great port, this is the place where the refugees gather from the sunken lands. The marina is another new fishing village, whose rank grows quickly through a nearby portal. The marina is currently being expanded, surrounded by a wall, slowly into the castle. The gates of the north are one of the few portals that managed to protect against nightfall. This is a connection to the Drahenau. The North Warden is strongly fortified built. In the past, he set the boundary between the lands of giants and the Dwarves ' lands. Today it is mainly the place where emigrants move on further journey. The road to the heart is a big hole in the land created during the mountain explosion. Dwarves have already examineded it – there is a cave system that stretches over the length of hundreds of kilometers. The royal mines on all sides are surrounded by mountains, the only connection to the world is provided by the port built there. The Temple of Pyrusa lies in the stupas of the Pyrus volcano (believed to be one of God's avatars). The temple is a great burning altar and many small lava lakes are being swept around. The Wolf Rock is a mountain on the southernmost part of the world's mountains. This mountain resembles the head of a Wyjącego wolf.

External worlds. These are small worlds behind portals. None of these worlds have any betrayal of being a higher intelligence. Only animals are present in the world of Aun and Traun. But in the world of Tris there are creatures reminiscent of demons that show a very high level of aggression.

Aun is a desert world, very hot. Only animals are natural inhabitants. Several expeditionary groups have established research camps here.

Traun is the second undiscovered world. The creatures of this world have many magical qualities, therefore the world is eagerly exploreded by various magicians. From previous studies, it has been determined that most of the rocks contain a unique mineral called the ethereal stone.

Tris. It is a world inhabited by demonopodobne beings named half-demons. They do not show a higher intelligence. Their behavior is purely destructive. There were only a few demonologues, who had hopes to deepen their knowledge of the demons. No one has ever heard of them. Last time there are more and more numerous half-demon passages through portals.

Southern Union. It is a pact between the three provinces: Harmią, Baan and the great spring. The pact aims to reduce the immigration of beings from the north to the Union's territory. The wall is built to help.

Anomaly is a place where strange things happen. Many laws of physics work in unforeseen ways. The nature of the anomaly is not exactly known. It is located in the west of the continent. In its interior there are great rocks out from the ground, which now drift in the air.

Titanium finger. It is a building of unknown origin, supposedly built by the gods themselves. The destiny of the building is also not entirely clear. It lies in the midst of the titanium sea.

Great is letting alone. It is a huge puszcza, bounded by the shores of any north, a great water in the east, a Great Wall in the south, and a cliff and a Ogrostory in the west. Two large rivers flow through it: The Beladonna and the river of life, both mild and wide. The only claim of this area is Galway, it guards the estuary of the Life River. The wooden cathedral is a grouping of trees that have merged into large living bows, creating a construction on the shape of a great cathedral. The mother is the largest known soul tree. The refugee camp was created when the emigrujące of creation encountered a great wall and were forced to retreat. It is a cluster of different creatures: Giants, humans, elves, dwarves.

Areas south of Drahenau. Just south of Drahenau, there are extensive meadows and fields. Further south there are sand wastelands (flat, sand desert, there is one oasis, and around it several merchant tents) and Dragon Dunes (dunes stop on a large steep cliff). The Dragon dunes are the bones of many ancient dragons. Recent times revolves around many dwarves-carry out research related to the ethereal stones and the Bones of dragons. Ogrostory are a small group of high mountains.

Green Sea. These are large green plains. There are three main rivers: the Smelly Ribbon (the smell takes from the surrounding sulfur mines), Klara and Komoleria. The Clare is guarded by a yellow fortress – a fort built even before the fall of the gods. It is surrounded by a magical aura, which prevents walls from corroding. At the bottom of the river is another fishing village Dębe. At the mouth of the stinking ribbon there is a green marina. Fishermen derive from it because of the sulphur contained in the water. On the way from the Yellow clan to the eye, a commercial settlement was created – it was not yet given a name. The "merchants" are catching to the people who have been detained in the wall and sell them to those who pay the most. The eastern area of the green Sea was destroyed by the falling stars, a few years before the mountain's explosion. This is another place of interest for dwarves, researchers and mages. There are many unheard minerals anywhere else.

The island of Oleg. Most of the island occupy an unfriendly, covered with volcanic dust of mountains. On the island there are three volcanoes: Dygot, Polesus, Oli, together called Trinity. On the island were built Inferium – a large fortress in the shape of two circles. The first inner circle surrounds the portal leading to Tris, to ensure that the semi-demons do not penetrate the freedom. The outer circle protects the warownię from outside attacks. Although it is a new stronghold, its walls are already bearing traces of damage, and this is because of several minor battles, in which the seedlings wanted to open their way to the portal.

The black spot is a small island built around a volcano – a source of ink. The whole island is covered with nasty sludge, which is still mined from the volcano.

Honey fields are a shared area between the Harmii and Baan countries. Honeymooners are spread over two peninsulas of the Harmii Peninsula and Baan. Between these peninsulas there is a bay of guardians, which look large statues of the ancient rulers of these lands (guards). On the Harmii Peninsula there is a hanging forest, its name from the fact that many trees are hanging from the cliffs above the bay of the guards. At the end of the peninsula is a powerful castle Harmia, on three sides is surrounded by mountains (these mountains are called Harmii Mountains, have blue streaks due to beryllium and sapphire dust. There are such villages as Mimas (there is a ferry connection with the old marina, Encleadus-a village known throughout the continent thanks to the hammer produced here (beer), further east is a large town called the common port. Odgrodzone is from the waters of the Shaft bay. To the north of the port is the Fort Pandora-this fort is guarding the western part of the wall.

On the Baan peninsula is a stronghold-the city of Baan, which, like Harmia cuddled is in the surrounding mountains, with the difference that the local mountains have an intensely red color thanks to the ubiquitous iron. North of Baan is the town of Tethys, and the next forest Phoede (serene deciduous, filled with hunted). On the way to the cracked mountain there is still the Fort Pan, guarding the eastern part of the wall and the small village of Dione, where the inhabitants are mostly difficult to breed pearls and jewelry.

The Great Wall stretches through the entire width of the continent. It was created to separate the southern Union from the rest of the continent. His western part was destroyed by an anomaly. To complete the gap in the defense of the built arch-the wall surrounding anomaly from the south. The eye is the only gate in masonry, it is strongly forbidden.

Cracked mountain is enormous, but not very high and steep mountain. During shortly after the fall of the gods, the mountain burst. The resulting Rozpadlisko was quickly manageded by the dwarves, who carveded the city in the slopes of gorges. There are many bridges connecting both edges. The resulting city was called the great spring. At the bottom is the largest dry dock on the mainland. The entrance to the city is guarded by numerous fire stations located in the slopes of the mountain and in the Rozpadlisku itself. The only way to the mainland is to guard strongly strengthened fortification.

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