The island of Oleg: events in Inferium

A moment of fear just before we were pushed from the ramp at the top of the Palace of Heaven has passed. We are just flying over the channel of Oleg Pedałując and talking to my companion about the arse of Mary, the old days and what I have we. We fly so 30 minutes, somewhere on the horizon is already drawing the shapes of the island of Oleg.

Suddenly somewhere north of us fired a blinding light. I heard only a loud cry, "Hold on!", and then hit a wave of a powerful explosion, and the Dragonfly frighteningly Zaskrzypiała and Chrupnęła. It hasn't passed even seconds and I've been flying down a significant air to smell the crap coming up from my pants. Although I had a parachute, I was so terrified that I couldn't move or think. At the moment I learned what would be my last thoughts and words before my death: "O whore!", nothing more than that.

Just an eye I as my companion flew to me. Like from nowhere in his hand appeared a blade, which in the blink of an eye seceded my parachute. Then he grabbed me and shouted straight to his ear: "It will hurt, hold on!".

I had my eyes closed. The first pain appeared in the left foot, later in the knee and pelvis. I pulled my hand back to supporting-chrupnęła like a matchup, after I opened my eyes, but only for a moment, just to see the earth, which is instantly approaching my face. Pain and time ceased, and I fell into nothingness.

The next dose of pain tore me out of lethargy. This is my companion who has adjusted my broken hand. Slowly coming to himself, I ask what happened…

Something happened in Inferium. Collect quickly because we can't stay there for too long. These are not friendly areas. Quite close to us are the ruins of a settlement that was destroyed in the mountain explosion. I hope we find a safe haven there. I am not going to go with you through open areas when you are in such a state. Collect your arse because I leave you here!

He gave me a shoulder and ran me. North-west of us still beat a bright glow, there was a thunder and a feeling of change occurring waves of cold and hot. Something happened there. My companion, however, seemed to keep calm and as if nothing had begun to spin a story about the land, just as it was in the habit.

Even twenty years ago it was a beautiful, flourishing land, and look at it now. Earth burnt so much that there are not even najwytrwalsze weeds growing here. Do you see the fumes that spowijają the sky in the north, south and west? They float from the volcanoes, who do not want to fall asleep, from the Trinity: Dygota, Oleg, and Polesusa. They destroyed that place. And in this hole, the permanent capital of the region Yungayed near its time. It disappeared within a few moments of falling into the ground.

We arrived at the place. Find here a hideout and do not wychylajmy it all night. Around the area I like to spin up these female demons – Chaosyci, bent on his fuc! Sleep and relax, tomorrow we have to reach Inferium.

I didn't sleep any time, though I tried. The pain disturbed me, every now and then I heard some noises in the area, and to that of the north still was the explosion sounds. This buzzing the sound that wwiercałed me into the skull. He was like the sound of snoring, it appeared at a moment when you had hoped that it disappeared.

Pale, the red glow began to float in the east giving a sign to the march.

In silence we gathered our things and przemarznięci we went north, towards Inferium. I saw anguish on the face of my companion. With minutes per minute thunders were getting clearer, and subsequent cold and heat waves hitting our bodies effectively hindered the march. At the end of the dark, the towers, the first one, the three and the fourth, appeared to us.

To the gate we come in darkness… hopefully we can go – wystękał my companion under my nose.

When we were already some five hundred meters away from the gates to the south we flare glow and we heard cheers. It's been a long time since I haven't run so fast and darłem as loud now. "Help!" and "Open the gate!". Fortunately, denied us and then immediately rzucono to the ground and przytknięto the blades to the neck. The situation required a quick explanation, and I couldn't stifle the words. Luckily my companion is spoke.

My name is Yakke Ehi Enfer, I arrive with the message for the marshal from the bank. Inferium Inferi inferial. And here is a letter of authentication from my supervisor.

Anger and horror in the eyes of the Guardian quickly changed into a deadly seriousness.

So.. indeed. However, I doubt that the Marshal will now have time to accept you. We have serious problems here…

At the moment a powerful eruption interrupted the statement of the Guardian knocking everyone on the ground.

Run to the nearest tower! Join any of the officers, you will have to help us!

Sprint Street. Narrow doors marked with runes. Run through narrow, steep stairs. We on Rogatą poczwarę, who was fortunately turned back to us, it was evident that geared up for some attack on someone on the front. Yakke without hesitation, he jumped his back, hammering the blade into the neck of the monsters and cutting upwards. The beast for a moment seemed to ignore the wound, but quickly changed his mind by falling to the ground under the influence of a second blow, which almost not off her head. Before us we saw Rosłego a man in heavy armour. The left side of the body covered with blood, which flowed from the holes in the armor, which probably arose through fangs. In the right hand he held, already quite awkwardly a great hammer shedding furious red sparks. The man breatheded with relief. He quickly introduced himself and issued an order:

I am the captain of the second turret. I don't know who you are and I have it now in Rzyci! If you want to live, then ride to the inner circle. JAAAZDAAA say, or heads you ukręcę!

And again ran putting himself in a designated place. We without a problem, because along the way we met a few people running in the same direction. On the spot someone pressed me to hand some old damaged sword and helmet on the head. I was barely able to catch my breath and heard another screams:

Barrier down! Open the Gate! And riding boys, Inferium Inferi inferial! Pohybel the demonic Dziwkom!

A crowd of soldiers shoved me through the gate. I didn't even have time to protest. But the view behind the gates took me breathtaking. In the middle of the great arena is a great portal sypiący all around Czerwonoczarne sparks, and every moment rozbrzmiewający the same annoying voice, which I heard earlier and exploding every moment with the measure swing another demon. From the towers towards the portal sypał a hail of arrows and various types of missiles hurled by mages. This harmidrem Unosiła a magical barrier that kept most of the poczwar from getting outside.

But I didn't have time to admire the views. A blow to the head from the small winged demon quickly called me to order. Machnąłem with a sword in retaliation wanting to beat the poczwarę, but the only thing that came is the air. I lost my balance, which was noticed by a demon who appeared some half-meter before me częstując me kick in the middle of the chest. Rejected a few meters away, the rest of the battle I watched from ground level fighting for breath. The earth is wet from the blood, I feel her taste in my mouth. From time to time I feel the kick of someone who stumbles on me. I look at fluttering in the air parts of the bodies of people torn by hellish beasts, for fire and lightning, for the mindless lack of fear of soldiers attacking demons overwhelming them two, or three times. I do not know how much there already lay, when the portal was silent.

After the fight, those who were able to walk checked whether those who were lying need help… or if anybody would be able to help them. I raised a person about a child's face with a features face indicating that it came from the far north. How to wpakowałeś kid-I thought. Zawlókł me to the hospital, which is located right next to the inner gate. There, the medic began to enumerate: broken ribs, cracked liver, broken hand, pierced lungs. Has a poor chance. I knew what this meant in terms of the battlefield. Such persons are only shortened by torments, so that they do not occupy a place in the hospital and do not marnowały time medics. I wanted to wykrzyknąć "give advice!", but zadławiłem your own blood. I:

, I experienced such things, and die from the hand of a medic who litościwie me.

Somewhere at the end of the room I heard a familiar voice. It was a Yakke. He ran up to a doctor who had already held a knife in his hand and threatened to die it urwie his head. Later, he added a few words that I didn't understand before. What he said had to act, because it was quickly transferred to a neighboring room for officers, where the shaman served as a doctor specializing in healing magic.

They laid me on one of the tables. My mind is already melting. I do not know why I focus on the metal runic symbols with in nasiąknięteing blood boards from an unknown tree. It swept me blissful nothingness that after a moment the pain could wake me up. I feel like a hand poking around in my belly moving the bones and burning the wounds. I want to scream, but I can't. After a while, everything changed. The hell has changed into pleasurable dementia. Yakke pulled me off the table and zawlókł to the barracks, where I finally got a chance to relax. I ask him what happened here.

The Demons carried out another attack. Did you not know that the Inferium fortress was built around the only stable portal to the demonic world? This happens on average once a month, but about a battle like this one I haven't heard. Enjoy that you have experienced. I'm going to talk to Marzałkiem, and you hurry to rest.

… I finally managed to fall asleep…

Soon, however, I was awoken by my companion and deliverer. We walk through the fortress passing through many wounded soldiers, Forge, workshop, Siewców features, barracks, Armory, and finally we came to the small black structure of the size of the royal outhouse. However, I was not flusheded by a wyrośniętego Czarciego hybrid with terrifying black eyes. Yakke entered, and I waited for him about an hour anxiously looking around and from time to time staring in getting that darker sky.

We must hurry, "he said; Our ship sails for a moment.

I wanted to ask what so long did when I waited for him, but I gave up. It wasn't the best time for such questions. I asked only:

Where now?

to the node. I have to deliver another shipment there.