North Claw Peninsula

The western part of the sand Colossus looks almost the same as the east, with the one visible at first glance the difference – there are plenty of holes that made Al Bull Wo, a great demonic worm that has arrived here quite recently by one of the portals to Tris. He destroyed the local fauna and flora, by the way of decorating the neighborhood with his guan, which is better vapours do not inhale, because it has strongly hallucinogens properties.

If you look south from here, somewhere on the last peaks there are farms Iktomisów – pająkopodobnych, small creatures. Despite the fact that they are well fed constantly spread their nets between the rocks, which are collected by the breeders. The threads of these nets are ideal for making light armour or other things that require high strength and lightness.

Enough of these short stories, already dawn. We have to get through a forest of shadows before dark. Szwędacze looking for a new body for the settlement wandering around nights are not the only threat here. There are still different varieties of well-known animals, like normal, but excruciatingly dangerous-ordinary deer can have mouth filled with teeth larger than in the shark, and eager to throw at everything you see. As if that was not enough in the center of the forest there are burial priests of one old cult on whose middle is the mausoleum. Little is known about it, because I do not know anyone living, who would come back from there to talk about what he saw. People, however, say that is filled with traps and the corridors are spinning vampires and other monsters. It is reportedly the seat of Emmanuel-the first vampire, the massacre of Helliusa.

We managed to cross the forest on time. The sun begins to hide for the horizon, and before us spreads the AFA. This is one of my favorite places – rich, but not enough to spoil people living here. The town is situated in snatch in Black cliffs, in a place where the land quite gently descends into the water… if this can be said about a slope about 25 degrees. The place is thriving thanks to the trade, because it lies on the trail between the common port, the nest, the Inferium and the newly formed node. An additional impulse for development is STACJONUJĄCA the fleet from the flag of the claw. Stationed here the soldiers perform on the occasion of the police function quickly pacificing the rogue antics. We in my favorite tavern, which is run by my former friend Byrpheros. Continue the way we tomorrow.

Do not take a lot of stock, our next goal-Rumblor is not far away, and on the way we will visit another friend of mine. Enjoy the view that stretches out from the black cliffs, but try not to look down, easily here the vertigo and fall from a few dozen meters for razor-sharp, basalt rocks. It's better to see upwards, and maybe you'll have the chance to spot some flying machine that is built in several caves here on the claw line. Stay here, I podejdę to the hut of my friend… hmm… that means once I was my friend, now I just look to him from time to time, because he simply pomieszały his senses. It is called the Prince of Mekunem and claims to have fought with the newcomers of the stars who looked like wild pigs. I will give him this bottle with medicine and come back.

That's just a stone's throw to Rumbloru. This is quite a specific place. There is no one over thirty years old. Apparently this has to do with a disease that affects only the inhabitants of this place, but I have heard about the fact that all those who are here belong to the cult of one of the PRADEMONÓWS, and all the elderly inhabitants give him their lives. Since there is no knowledge of the new generation, the settlement is not the best, but there is only a small sawmill, the ore factory, which is mined in many small mines on the claw line and a factor that pre-machined the grid Sourced from Iktomisów. We have to take some water, before us a trip through another desert.