Harmii Peninsula

StreetThe Harmii Peninsula lies in the southern continent. The country of Harmia, whose capital is the city of the same name, lies here. The coat of arms of this state are three yellow lightnings striking in blueing water against the backdrop of Bladoniebieskiego sky. This symbolizes the pairing of the country with magic. You have no leader. All decisions are made by citizens (only those with magical skills that have been certified by University of Magic Nilrema) using magic vote. Everything works thanks to a machine built by Nilrema many years ago. The mechanism picks up telepathic signals from the authorized mages to vote by displaying them in the Overseer's building. This is where three supervisors are responsible for controlling the accuracy of each vote and then obwieszczanie the results. This voting system works well because the citizens of that country often travel and cannot participate in the vote themselves. There are many places of interest in Harmia. In the central point of the city is the aforementioned University of Nilrema Magic, in which the wizards are trained. Only people who already have certain magical skills, both innate and trained, are accepted. Several houses of encounters and feelings arose on the wave of recent fashion trends. They are not brothels, as can be called, but highly specialized service facilities, which offer magically triggered changes in mood and experiencing exciting moments in the lives of others. In addition to these places, there are numerous laboratories, magical and alchemical, an artifact factory, a wine cellar, and a beryllium and sapphire mine. The main export goods are all sorts of magic items, artifacts, magic ointments and potions. The materials for the above product are mainly imported. In the country formed two factions, which divides the view of racial purity. The pure faction, as they call themselves, would like to banish all the unhumane, or at least bring them to the role of servants. The second faction bears the name of the society and they consider that they should not share creatures because of their race or origin as long as they possess magical abilities.
The town of Harmia is heavily reinforced, on the northern side, protecting the wall, and from the south, east and West is Okalane by the Harmii Mountains, which are also called Łzawymi Mountains due to their color and the usypisk of blue dust. In these usypiskach, Dragon Eye seekers (small ornamental stones, without magical properties) are often spinning, who use sit przetrząsają the ground. The Flora is quite rich here considering the infertility of the local soil. The valleys between the mountains are filled with ferns and the feet of the covered mountains are small conifers. The curiosity belongs here One tree-Paszcz great. This plant has a height of up to 7 meters. Its shady, green branches have no leaves, and only large containers filled with sticky and sweet liquid. The lure of birds and insects, and once wlecied into the middle, never gets out. Several times there were cats, squirrels, and once even a body, judging by the size of the gnome. Fauna is also quite rich here. In the valleys of commonly are lizards (about 1.5-2 meters long, 35kg weight), on the heads of which there are numerous glowing "rods", which lure various small animals. At the top of the food pyramid are large birds, similar to ostrich, with the difference that they have wings armed with claws. are not flights.
PanoramaNorth of the city there are large greenhouses in which with less or more success botanists try to grow plants required to produce magical mixed. Going further down the road to the north, you'll come across a training camp of battle mages. As the name suggests is a place about military profile in which the battle mages are trained. Only mages who have undergone appropriate psychological testing and have been given a recommendation from the Nilrema University are welcome here. However, this does not guarantee that the candidate will be accepted. Recruitment takes place only twice a year when selections are carried out to resow the most vulnerable candidates. Recruits are głodzeni, deprived of sleep, beaten, humiliation, their strength of body, spirit and magic are exploited to the limits of the possibilities. The selection lasts one week. The course itself is saddled with secrecy, so I am not allowed to write about it here.
In the west of the peninsula away from the lights of the city and other hustle is the astronomical Observatory, whose director is the White Bear-a very happy dwarf with too much weight and white beard.
By turning to the east you will come across the river of sleep, and just behind it a hanging forest. The convergence of names with that of the Baan Peninsula is not accidental. A few hundred years ago they were interconnected, and the guard Bay was not a bay but a lake of dreams. So in Baan, so here they stand the great monuments of the ancient rulers of these lands, which quietly look the bay. However, what differentiates the local hanging forest from the latter is its wealth. The fleece is full of berries, mushrooms, and levels. It runs full of foxes, hares, deer and squirrels. From all this wealth is used to the north of the Forest village Encleadus. It is the only place where fish and forest fruits are given.
By guiding your eyes back to the west you will see vast vine-growing, and north of them the village of Mimas, which serves mainly as a lodging for workers working on the aforementioned cultivation, in the hammer Brewery and in handling the ferry to the old marina. The atmosphere is not conducive to many of these kinds of towns. Ubiquitous SYF, brothels, thieves. Right behind the city stands a famous Noreii brewery. It is a large complex of buildings, silos and vats.
The border of the peninsula designates the Heron River, along with the Heron Lake, which is inhabited every day red egrets, and in the summer season there are Ostropłetwys to take place mating.
Soon I'll take you on a journey to the rest of this region.