Sand wastelands

We continue our journey to the north, through the further estate Baste Ferie, which include the sand wastelands, Dragon Dunes, Ogrostory and the eastern part of the sand colossus.

After paying the next fee on this trail and crossing the stinky ribbon we start the next leg of the journey. The road we will follow winds just at the foot of the sand colossus leading to the dragon gates of Drahenau, and is called a hard road. It will be neither easy nor pleasant, the day embers pouring from the sky, and at night temperatures close to zero. For this winds so strong that hinder the normal journey.

The sand wastelands are almost perfectly flat up to the horizon. The earth is here cracked from the lack of water and hard as a stone. Here you can only notice the small mounds of golden ants, and in their area spinning Melfuries-the little and quite friendly people of creation, having on their backs the tabs, which serve them to protect from the sun and to hunt for ants, and this Thanks to the sticky slime that extracts them.

Somewhere on our right, in the east, just behind the horizon, which is obscured by countless whirlwinds of air tumanying The sand, the Dragon dunes conceal. It owes its name to Legends of ancient times, when in the water, on the ground and in the air you could see Dragons. Stories say that dragons that have felt that coming their time, were just here to die. Recently it was found that legends could have a lot to do with reality, because some bones were actually discovered here bulky. The news of this quickly spread across the lands by downloading here archaeologists, mages and dwarf artisans to get something for themselves.

Going further north on the hard road you reach the oasis, which controls the local warlord Ismak, who holds its hideout in nearby mountains. Some time ago, he fought for this place with a yellow built, but because none of the parties had a real chance to win, signed a system under which Ismak can conduct their business here and charge from travellers who want to relax here and Replenish the stock, but every month it is obliged to discharge the Crown tribute.

Further north there is almost nothing until the edge of the Forest of shadows, rivers any and Ogrostorów. Only wandering Nomad camps who do not feel any country are able to meet. They travel from place to place by completing supplies, trading and sometimes also robbing. Often these groups join convicts or fugitives who frequently move in the desert they relative security. Looking north-east you will see the peaks of Ogrostorów, where his refuge found ogres, which several generations back were a ulcer on the Drahenau, but under new leadership start slowly cywilizować, are even hired as a labour force At construction sites, or in other works requiring a huge might… but not too much reason.

We do not go north, but after a short stop at the oasis turn towards the sand colossus to save the way to the claw. After entering the ascent will be easier, but you have to be careful where you put your feet, the road to the bottom is long. Once you have a camp overnight, look at the patterns on the rocks. These mountains are made of thick sandstone decks interwoven by limestone ribbons, which, after the nature treated them, have created various fabulous paintings. In the distance you see two volcanoes called twins; One northern, the other Southern. There are those who believe that they arose from the halves of the mother of Dragons, when Pyrus tore it into two parts. They certainly believe in being members of the fanatical sect of the children of hose language who are trying to restore Partyshę to life. Rumour has it that they make a sacrifice in the volcanoes of people, so we're not getting close to them.

Tomorrow night we should already be on the border of the Forest of shadows, but we will not go down after the night…