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Emmanuel was sentenced to life from the moment of conception. He became the fruit of the love of the human woman and the Elven man. In those days of the elves, blood mixing was punished by the highest punishment – dendryfikacją * *. So it happened, the father of the child was killed during the week. It now powers the Great Wilderness Tree Army. Elven law does not apply to people, however. The mother was left to herself. For several nights, wandered trying to reach any civilization. He managed to reach Galway, where the local acolytes ensured her proper care.

After nine months, there was a solution for misfortune to the mother. The child was frail, pale, already at the beginning of the road deprived of both parents. Emmanuel was taken by Acolytes Helliusa, and was admitted as a herald of the growth of their worship. He was an extremely intelligent child, but physically weak, often also had * * *. At the age of three he knew most of the prayers, songs and rituals performed in honor of Helliusa. He never happened to break the law of his God. Probably his purity made him Hellius, God the Sun, The giver of light, chose him for his vessel * * * *. God himself spoke with his words.

For nearly 200 years Emmanuel spread believed he was travelling in the continent as an untainted city. But the mere benefit of his God's praise is not enough. He founded the first Paladyński order based in Galway. Rekrutował orphans like him someday. He shaped them, wpajał ideals, and faith in the Lord's light. His disciples were dedicated to him as his fatherss, whom he never possessed, and their number in the next hundred years grew to around hundred. Emmanuel wanted to broaden the limits of the faith to the lands of the elves.

He went along with his people, sure that the elves, seeing their glory, would happily accept Helliusa as their new lord. Nothing more wrong. The Elves ' hearts remember everything, they could not accept anything from a hybrid. Then something extraordinary happened. Emmanuel fell into anger with his bare hands, strangling three elders in the eyes of his students. They all died in a standstill, only one half-elf had gasped in an effort to catch a breath and control his rage. The air Zastygło, and the Sky rozświetlił a Thousand suns. Hellius himself appeared to banish Emmanuel from this world. He sentenced him to eternity without the possibility of watching the day sky. His and all his descendants.

Thus, the best servant of God the Sun has become its greatest enemy. The heart of Emmanuel was filled with sadness and anger. He felt he was betrayed by his master. Every attempt to escape the sun, to feel the warm touch of Helliusa again, ended up rozdzierającym pain. In despair he tried to kill, but unsuccessfully. He cursed his fate. Over the next few years, he lost his humanity, traveled across the continent, włóczyłed without purpose. Until he came across a certain necromancer. Animation fascinated him, he gave himself to the studio and research on it. He reached the Championship at lightning speed. In his poisonous revenge of the mind was born the idea of creating a disease uśmiercającej the heart of people, and pozbawiającej their light. Again, he collects an army like himself.

In the year of the Dormition of the gods, Hellius tried to stop him. Late. Emmanuel already had a strong fanatyczną army of children of the night, and his powers were already comparable to the divine. Przegnał the Lord of Light.

* It was about 2700 years before the advent of the new era.

* * Dendryfikacja It involves changing the organism into a tree, most often using magic Elves. The mind of a person who has undergone this process can take many hundreds of years. The person feels everything, but is unable to react. Kornik, a woodpecker, everything makes a pain. This process is irreversible, but under certain conditions there may be a change in spars.

Elves are very susceptible to illness when they are separated from their magic. The half-elves inherit this inconvenience greatly.

The people selected by Helliusa are called untainted. They receive many graces, such as Long life, healing powers and other priestly magics associated with the light.

Anonymous note found in Kultorium Galway


scribe Drahenau

Lesander the YoungerEmmanuel

Orle Nest is not a friendly place to live. The origins of this place reach many generations back, when several dwarves decided to streamline the expedition through the mountains. It should be remembered that in those days there was still a steel gate. So a group of dwarves coming from a wall town, along with their families decided to move here. They built elevators, first houses, a greenhouse, a blacksmith. The names of these families are Annarr, Jakko, Rókur and STIGR.

For many decades, the city has to today's dimensions in relative peace. But the dwarfs are greedy creatures, hungrys of gold and glory, they began to knuće and conspire to seize all power for themselves. Families of Annarr and Jakko quickly fell, and their members were expelled outside the city, Zaginęli, or fled themselves. Some of them settled at the stupas Nest forming slamsy, living in urine rain and dung. I think you did not think that dung those in advance is there? Down. However, they are still waiting for their chance to return.

The Rókur took care of the eastern lift, western STIGR. They are already a few generations, looking for alliances, the opportunity to take power and increase their influence. Recently, the Stigr family has changed its name to Eagles. Try to get along with the lords of the Wall city to receive some extra support.

It looks like a shortened history of Orlego Nest

Guardian of the past, great scribe Drahenau


I was there when the earth shook. Along with my brother zarzucaliśmy a network somewhere between Hasią and our village, when we an explosion of Red mountain. A moment later, a big thunder blew us on our feet. The water began to bubbling. We could not understand why the surrounding islands are beginning to grow. Then we hit a series of successive Huków. In the west from the Earth began to emerge the great mountains. There was also a Rathmin in the village. We immediately began to swim above that party, but something stopped us. The boat settled on the ground, so biegliśmy in the mud, and around us podskakiwały fish in the hope of finding some puddle. On the spot did not find anything, these new rocks destroyed everything.

Berta Fisherman's words written by Kertona scribe city wall

Hasia and Klot before the explosion of the mountains were two completely separate islands. In this archipelago they were the only islands that had easier access to the sea thanks to the beaches gently entering the water.

The beginning of the conflict sees about 100 years ago, when the rumored chieftain Hasii-the Aston mountain often visited a person on a neighboring island. This person was a Fawila-daughter of a shaman. After some of these visits, it turned out that dziewczę expected the child, and Aston can not admit it, because he already has a wife and a bunch of children. However, it is only a Fawili story and we have no confirmation of its veracity. Anyway, her pregnancy and her response sparked a fury at her father, who began the war guerrilla with Hasią. One night gathered a few people and przepłynęlied the sea by killing a few people in a dream and rousing two women in a dream. Such situations have occurred several times; Once Hasia, she chose to Klot, and vice versa. This led to the fact that the inhabitants of both islands were built on the beaches of palisade and watchtowers. For a period of time after the explosion of the mountains, there was a conflict escalation, as the islands merged into one. Only in the last two years through the mediators of the city walls. On the beaches, however, remained palisade reminiscent of a recent conflict.

It was a history of conflict Hasia – Klot

Guardian of the past, great scribe Drahenau


Demons, the ancient beings of chaos….

Today as we never have the opportunity to explore their nature thanks to Tris portals. From my guesses it follows that the semi-demons are closely related to the proper demons. The actions of the Demons seem in some way coordinated, which implies the thought of a certain hierarchy and intelligence.

Usually, opening the Tris portal precedes the emergence of several demons, and these probably give the half-demons the transition to the other side and hay destruction. It is also possible that the semi-demons in their mindless desire to destroy themselves see the opportunity to sow chaos and it lures them to pass through the portal. Yes, their relationship is obvious.

But I wonder how demons work. They have never worked in such a much-coordinated manner before. I suspect that there is a creature somewhere that has taken over the demons. Therefore, I gathered a group of Demonologues, willing to go to Tris area to conduct research.

Year 696, empty fields

Xavier, Demonologue

At the beginning the world was dark, and somewhere in the vacuum by the emptiness roamed the planet. In this space began to kondensować the energy from which it was made-the first, ancient power, undeveloped creator. It lasted in a state of suspension by eons, without purpose, without emotion. But once something has changed. He received a impulse that pushed him into action, he felt loneliness. Tore your arteries to form a separate consciousness from the gushing blood, someone with whom he could share time. It was the moment of the uprising of Helliusa, Pyrusa, Colossus and Sarah. Tired, and with his sweat formed the first stars, the first light appeared in space.
It was not his data to enjoy the presence of his creatures. He quickly left him delighted by his power, the world, having heads filled with ideas. Swept him great sadness and poured can tear. Of them were born the first elves, small and volatile characters with crystalline skin. He decided to create for them an ideal world, in return, waiting only admiration and reverence. He gave Elves three greatest gifts: Immortality, magic, and Freewill. The latter thing meant that they began to demand more, threaten, and when they did not receive what they wanted to have created a new god an Anetha. He suffered another defeat.
In anger he created people and dwarves. However, they proved to be very imperfect. They were easily angry and quickly began to devote their time to fights between themselves and not him. In the rush of frenzy he created six demons that were to destroy everything he created so far. Vaer-Do, Danielnen, Shyn-Ernex, Partysha, Kigra, Aina they inherited this great anger, turning against him, bursting it into six parts, and then set out to sow chaos.
The blood which poureded with each other by dying formed Lake. Over time, there appeared the first ethereal, who created there a temple called the Hidden Kingdom in honor of the one who gave them life.Prademon Danielnen Vaer-Do

Partysha called the mother of Dragons. The fourth of the oldest demons. She was the one who snatched her leg creator then devouring her. Her four powerful szponiaste legs carry her small body, which is embedded one hundred hose heads, and all shrouded in great leathery wings. Siała destroyed everywhere around him, which drew the attention of Pyrusa. He was so impressed with it, in how he purifies the world from the imperfect products he created that he had joined her. There has not been much time until the society has changed into passion, and from the passions were born the first dragons. However, the feeling did not last long. Partysha requested PYRUSA forces. Sometime during the next rapprochement attacked him bursting his bowels and wyłupując eye. After a few days the fight eventually subsideded with the forces, which Pyrus used without hesitation. Tore it in half, throwing her parts to the ground. There were two volcanoes, now called twins. Pyrusa formed his brother, Bejson, from part of the body.

For several years elves had a problem with the workforce. Most of them considered the most unworthy of such dignified creatures. Owle Culmano – One of the great priests decided to solve this problem with the help of magic and animals from the surrounding forests. With appropriate changes, he transformed bears from mindless beasts into strong and obedient slaves. The situation was stable until a certain incident. Aluen called the daughter of an Anetha visited room located from the great cathedral. While there was an accident, the result was that one of the machines Przygniotła Aluen preventing it from escaping. Grrashk – One of the slaves, breaking the law touched her when rescueded her. Elves gathered around the cathedral fell into anger seeing how this unworthy of life carries one of the highest placed people in their community. Must have suffered a penalty. It is closed in a suspended frame on a tree branch growing in the center of the settlement. He was kept there for 14 days, until the fateful night called by the Elves defeat, and by the giants of liberation. The stars and the moon were not seen, almost perfect darkness was illuminated by only a few lanterns. Aluen appeared under the cage along with several giants. Grrashk wished revenge as his brothers. A powerful roar was snatched from his chest calling for battle. On Earth the blood of the Elves and giants mixed to create puddles. In the morning Grrashk and his brothers and sisters withdrew, starting his trek to the north.Defender_

Somewhere in another world there are great Sharp mountains, and between them there are carpets from the clouds hiding what is below. The valley traverses six giants who do not subside in their wzniesieniom. They are built of large slabs of stones, which, despite the fact that they are separated by a few meters, seem perfectly fit to each other, by the way show the interior of the Colossus-full of pulsating energy. Many of the stones that make up the big body are adorned with different patterns that depict the lives of various characters that have influenced the fate of the universe in a significant way. From afar seem to move extremely slowly and chunky. To some extent this is true, because putting one step often takes them more than a minute, but what a step! At one stąpnięciem the distance of a few kilometers. Their size really does impress!

The Colossus is the guards and gardeners in his field. Carefully watch their kennels, guarding them from all intruders. What do they grow? Souls. There are all souls that exist in the universe, and the Giants care about them. They plant new ones, eat them, ripe, and throw away the sick who threaten the plantation. With their hollow, stationary, sculpted eyes.

Souls grow without a break as large, luminous bladess of grass that seem to not bother raging in the valley of the winds that ordinary man obdarłyby from the skin.


Magic is like a child. Often disobedient, doing things incomprehensible to the adult. On the other hand, if you are the parent of such a child, you love them, then and the child will do for you everything, and you even more for him.

This is probably the perfect summary of all our knowledge about magic. We know how to use it, but we can't understand it, nor do we know what it really is. For hundreds of years many magicians and scholars are trying to explore the nature of magic and nobody has yet managed to give a clear answer. Conjecture is many, but many of them have a common characteristic, i.e. they assume that power has a certain degree of self-awareness and awareness of our world, which manifestations doszukuje in its rather specific behavior. It is able to manifest the manifestations of his will, to haunt someone, and to guide his actions. But no one did not prove the end…

Magic also seems to be everywhere, although its distribution is not even. The greatest quantities are found in living organisms and where something violent happens – fire, lightning, earthquakes are usually sources of power.

The magic can be mastered through hard work, studies and exercises to learn to notice, feel and use. But these people are not able to match those that have been begottened by mages or Magiczkis, and those who cannot match those who have been chosen by magic. Unfortunately, children who have been chosen by the power of the mother's womb most often do not live birth. Their energy, which they cannot in any way, can literally tear through the mother's body.

Despite these many unknowns in a fairly good way we can control the magic, shape it according to our will, which probably for the rest of life you will have to focus using incantations and gestures. Maybe this zdolniejszym will manage the art of controlling magic only by means of thought.

Nilrema Speech for Pierwszorocznych.

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